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Daily Worship for Jyotishas


While agreeing to this, we are of the view that each individual member should adhere to these guidelines inside the premises of the Center and should gradually move towards self-purification. The students of Jyotish will be given a specific mantra and can add the Maha mantra to their daily japa.

The following are provided for daily practice: -

Wake up and worship your family deity or alternatively, Sri Jagannath with the Dwadasakshari Mantra " OM NAMO BHAGAVATE VASUDEVAYA" as He is the head of Vasudeva Kutumba. This world is one family and should be viewed as such under all circumstances for proper spiritual growth.
Take a bath and worship Sri Ganga Mata while bathing chant " HAR HAR GANGE"
Perform daily Pooja of the following deities:

This practice will take about one hour and it is advisable to start this at 6 AM daily. Do not get up immediately after the pooja. Do a Shanti Mantra or a Bhajan of your Ista devata.
The rituals should be kept at a minimum: Panch Upachar of the Ista devata only. Offer water, ghee lamp, incense, and naivedya (food), flower & sandal paste.
Meditate on the ekakshar mantra of Sri Vishnu/ Krishna " SHRIM" for 15 minutes before starting the pooja.
A block diagram on the Sankhya Shastra is enclosed for your perusal.

With best wishes,

Sanjay Rath



Sri Jagannath Vedic Center

31 March 1999 22:24:07

Jyotish Scope

Monday, September 22, 2008


Original Copy

© Sanjay Rath

Self-realisation and the search for the Ultimate Truth are described as Adhyatma Yoga. Karma Yogi's always strive for perfection in whatever they do and it is this perfection which is a manifestation of Divinity for the Lord is perfect. Maharishi Parasara advises the use of the Vimsamsa (D – 20 chart) for examining Upasana (worship). However, we are not attempting to examine individual spiritual development, but instead, are trying to identify the karma (action or deeds) through which this will manifest. The Dasamsa (one-tenth division) which delves into the karma of the horoscope, is an important tool to examine the extent and direction of the Adhyatma Yoga (action for spiritual attainments).

The proverb " Every Saint has a past and every sinner a future " aptly describes the scope to include every individual horoscope. However, such a vast scope would make the study cumbersome and in order to make the study more meaningful it is necessary to restrict the scope to those horoscopes where religiosity is the predominant feature.

2. The Arthatrikona and the 4th & 7th houses determine profession. Aspects on the tenth, and the Mokshtrikona (4th, 8th & 12th) should also be considered. Ketu, being the natural Mokshkarak is the Karyesha. Ketu influenced by Saturn produces a Tapasvi or one who will strive for spiritual attainments. This could be by conjunction / aspect or by the placement of Ketu in Capricorn Dasamsa which is ruled by Saturn and is also the natural karma house. The sun indicates temples, institution and produces leadership qualities while Jupiter the divine Teacher and rules Dhi (intelligence). The readers may like to have a copy of Dr. BV Raman's " Notable Horoscope " in hand for ready reference. The charts used in this article are corrected to Chitrapaksh Ayanamsa.


Chart 1 is the Dasamsa of Lord Krishna (Sri Vishnu Avatar). Mokshkarak Ketu is in Capricorn with the Sun indicating Adhyatma Yoga of a very high order more so since this receives the aspect of its dispositor Saturn from the fifth bhava (also indicates the building of temples and institutions by the followers). Since this yoga occurs in the seventh bhava, Sri Krishna expounded the philosophy of universal love. This fact is also supported by the placement of the lagnesh (moon) in the 12th bhava (Moksh) with Venus (Karaka of Love) indicating perfect understanding of the subject and its purity as well. Graha Malika Yoga covers the 9th house (Dharma) to Lagna (Throne) confirming his political ascendancy for the sake of Dharma. Since Mars is the initiator, this political rise to be the ruler of Mathura and later Dwarka would be through battles. Within this MALIKA YOGA, There is DHARMAKARMADIPA PARIVARTAN YOGA between the ninth & tenth lords Mars and Jupiter confirming that the actions of Sri Krishna would be for the establishment of Dharma. Since this Yogakaraka Mars is also the 5th lord in the 9th house, the most Holy Srimad Bhagavat Gita was expounded at the battlefield of Kurukshetra. Rahu in Lagna gives an astute political mind, but in Cancer, this shall always be used for noble purposes. The tenth house placement of Jupiter both as the 9th Lord (Sri Vishnu) gives Him the spotless reputation of being an incarnation of Sri Vishnu.

Rahu causes papargala on the tenth Guru and its placement in Lagna indicates that some persons will either doubt his being an Avatar or even his very existence. The reasons for such doubts can be seen from the houses aspected by Rahu. For example, Rahu aspects the 7th and king Sisupala's doubts / enmity were due to the love marriage of Sri Krishna with Rukmini. This papargala is fully obstructed by the Sun & Ketu indicating that such doubts will be removed by the Tapaobala (spiritual strength) of the lord. Another example is seen in the aspect of Rahu on the 5th house and 5th lord Mars in the 9th house in that the Bhagavat Gita starts with the dejection and delusion of the greatest Archer Arjuna and this is removed by the lord subsequently.


Chart – 2 is the Dasamsa of Jesus Christ the founder of Christianity. Mokshkarak Ketu is in Makar flanked by the luminaries as the dispositor Saturn goes to the 9th house indicating a high level of Adhyatma yoga. Since Ketu is in the 5th bhava, the philosophy is centered on universal compassion. A GuruMangal Yoga is in the 10th aspected by the compassionate moon from the 4th house. This lunar aspect tends to exalt Jupiter and debilitate Mars indicating his firm faith on Ahimsa (non-violence). The Parivartan yoga (exchange of signs) between 8th lord Mars and 10th lord Mercury indicate the hostile environment in which he preached Ahimsa as well as his crucification and death by a spear (Mars). The subsequent resurrection is also due to the Parivartan yoga involving the lagna lord Mercury. The Sun & Venus in the 6th bhava fail to determine political career due to the Parivartan yoga of Venus with Saturn which also aspects them in the philosophical Aquarius.

Jupiter in the 10th bhava determines karma. This has the papargala of Rahu in the 11th bhava indicating betrayal by close friends and colleagues. The dispositor of Rahu is the Moon in the 4th showing his divine compassion even for these evil people. However, the argala of Rahu is fully obstructed by 5th lord (followers) Saturn who did not spare these evil doers.

Chart – 3 is the Dasamsa of Guru Nanak Dev the founder of Sikhism. Ketu the Mokshkarak is in Makar in the arthatrikana with the 10th lord Mercury. Lagnesh Guru is in the 10th aspected by the Sani–Chandra yoga in the fourth house. The aspect of the compassionate Moon from Pisces tends to exalt Jupiter and it was during Guru dasa that he traveled and preached the doctrine of Faith (Pisces) in God. The aspect of Saturn tends to debilitate Jupiter and caused imprisonment by Babar. The Gajakesari yoga prevailed and Guru Nanak was able to convert Babar into a benevolent ruler. Later during Saturn dasa, he settled down with family. It is noteworthy that a single Jupiter in the 10th in dignity can give lasting fame and an excellent reputation. The fifth lord Mars is debilitated in the 8th (inheritance) with Rahu causing papargala on Guru which is partly obstructed by Venus. The fifth is aspected by the ninth lord Sun causing unobstructed argala on Guru as well as Mars. Thus the legacy of becoming the next Guru of the Sikhs was not inherited by his Son (Mars) and instead by his faithful pupil (Sun)


Spiritual Pisces rises in the Dasamsa of Sai Baba of Shirdi (Chart – 4) while mokshkarak Ketu is in Makar in the 11th bhava indicating universal Brotherhood to be the main them of his philosophy. A Bhadra Mahapurush yoga of Mercury influences the lagna & 10th lord Jupiter and during Mercury dasa the Saint had many followers and wide popularity. Saturn in the third and Mars in the 6th made him extraordinarily brave and it is recorded that he was friendly to a wild tiger that visited him at the village occasionally. However, Saturn dasa would have been very difficult due to its aspect on the 5th and 9th houses thereby depriving recognition of merits (on followers) and great poverty. Rahu in the 5th bhava indicate followers from all faiths.

Spiritual Pisces also rises in the dasamsa of Ramakrishna Paramhamsa (Chart – 5) and Ketu is in the 11th in Makar indicating a philosophy of universal brotherhood. The Adhyatma yoga is very strong due to the 12th house (Moksh) placement of lagna & 10th lord Jupiter with 12th lord Saturn in philosophical Aquarius. The conjunction of Venus with Ketu indicates patriotism in religion and he played a vital role in the moral awakening of the Indians who found inner strength to fight for freedom. This yoga also made him respect women, in general and he even looked upon his wife as a manifestation of the Divine Mother. The Parivartan yoga between the Mercury and Moon produces a Rajyoga and also Sarswati yoga. This gave a very high level of intelligence as well as very erudite followers (5th Bhava) and a complete understanding of the Vedas leading to Vedanta. Rahu in the 5th shows followers from all faiths. The 5th is also aspected by Yogakaraka Mars from Aries in conjunction with the exalted Sun. this shows the founding of the Ramakrishna Mission by Swami Vivekananda his ardent disciple.


Chart–6 is the Dasamsa of Aurobindo Ghose. Mystic Scorpio rises with Parivartan yoga between the Moon & Saturn indicating a philosopher of outstanding genius and since the 9th bhava is involved, the subject is religion and spiritualism. The exalted Ketu in the second showing spiritualism dominates the arthatrikona. However, Mars in the 6th bhava in trine to the Sun gave a job in the Baroda service initially. The potent Grahamalika yoga covers the Mokshtrikona indicating that the spiritual path shall being under the difficult circumstances of captivity (Rahu in the starting 8th bhava). This was followed by his vision of lord Krishna (Parivartan yoga between Saturn and 9th lord Moon – incidentally, the exalted Moon rises in the lagna of Sri Krishna with Saturn in the 7th bhava.) The Sun in swakshetra in 10th bhava in trine to Ketu shows the founding of Auroville at Pondicherry.

During Rahu dasa he produced some of the finest literary gems. Since Rahu is exalted and unaspected, it gives the results of its dispositor Mercury in the 5th house. This gives a natural flair for writing and, deep poetic vein as well as poetic abilities are seen in the aspect of Venus on Mercury in the 5th house. Like Ramakrishna Paramhamsa, he played a vital role in the moral upliftment of Indians. Further, since both Mercury and Venus are debilitated, the writings are melancholic about the state of India (pre – independence) and portray a bright future (post – independence) due to the Neechabhanga of both planets caused by the Gajakesari yogi Jupiter. Beside, Jupiter is in the terminal bhava of the Grahamalika yoga indicating the Goals of the native. Incidentally, his birthday does coincide with that of Indian Independence. Does this ring a bell for Numerologists? This termination of the yoga in the house of Moksh by Jupiter attempts to explain the ' glow ' over his body for more than a week after his death, which is otherwise, beyond human comprehension.

Some astrologers opine that Grahamalika yoga occurs when all the nine planets are involved. Technically, this is impossible for a Panch / Shast Malika yoga (i.e. covering 5/6 signs in a row) since either Rahu / Ketu would be out of it. The divisional charts where this yoga occurs are the focus of the natives' life. People born with this yoga in the dasamsa have a definite purpose to achieve and this yoga shall predominate over every other combination. For example in the dasamsa of Smt. Indira Gandhi, Shasta Grahamalika yoga occurs from the 8th bhava (legacy) to the lagna (throne). She was destined to inherit the political legacy of her father and be the longest serving P.M. of India. As enunciated above, the circumstances under which the path shall begin.

The Dasamsa of Jagadguru Adi Sankara (Chart – 7) has Ketu and the Sun in the Arthatrikona indicating religiosity and the founding of institution to propagate his Advaita philosophy. The lagnesh joins Rahu (Rudra) in the 12th while the 10th lord Saturn is also in the Mokshtrikona in the 4th house. Gajakesari yoga dominates the 5th house showing extraordinary I.Q. and brilliant poetic skills. His composition of hymns & slokas are perfect in meter and the sheer volume of his works in a very small lifetime is unparalleled in the world. This yoga also gave loyal disciples (5th house) who, when summoned, with blind faith (Jupiter in Pisces) walked over a river (Moon) as Lotus blossoms (Jupiter) sprang under his feet.

The potent Grahamalika yoga covers the Moksh Trikona from the 4th bhava to the 8th bhava. The terminal bhava is Sagittarius (Dharma) with Mercury (writing, speech) as the 5th lord (knowledge) and the dispositor of the luminaries (enlightenment) in the 8th house (Mysticism, Spiritualism) and in so many words, attempts to describe his goals. The starting of the Grahamalika yoga is from Saturn (rules Capricorn – Crocodile) in the 4th house (Mother). It is said that Adi Sankara obtained permission from his mother to become a sanyasi when a crocodile was tugging at his legs in the river. Another feature is the Sun in the second bhava Sun aspected by its dispositor Mercury showing extraordinary debating skills and the 5th lordship shows the defeated debaters becoming his followers


In the Dasamsa of Sri Tyagaraja (Chart – 8), Ketu flanked by the luminaries dominates the arthtrikona showing that he was a Saint first and that music was his medium of expression. Panch Grahamalika yoga covers the Kamatrikona from the 3rd house Mercury (Singing) to the 7th bhava. The terminal bhava here is Sagittarius (Dharma) with the Moon (Poetry, Emotions) as the second lord (Voice, Singing) and shows his composition of hymns and devotional songs. The aspect of Venus from lagna on the 7th house Moon is a specific combination for proficiency in poetry, and is also found in the dasamsa of Rabindranath Tagore.


Chart 9 & 10 are the Dasamsa's of two Shankaracharya's who have headed the Math's (Religious Institutions) founded by Adi Sankara. Both of them have spiritual Pisces rising with Rahu (Rudra) and ascendant & tenth lord Jupiter in the 4th house (a mokshtrikona and a quadrant), involved in the DHARMAKARMADIPA YOGA with 9th lord Mars. Incidentally, in the dasamsa of Adi Sankara, the 5th house is aspected by Jupiter from Pisces showing that the planets influencing the 5th bhava in the dasamsa of influential leaders will also influence the lagna bhava of followers. In both charts, the Sun (ruling leadership & institutions) has unobstructed argala on Jupiter showing the headship of institutions while the aspect / conjunction of Saturn on the 10th house and the Sun confirms these to be religious institutions.

However, the difference in the charts shows the way individual karma would manifest. While chart – 9 has Saturn aspecting Ketu indicating focus on individual spiritual development, chart – 10 has Mercury in the 5th bhava as the dispositor Moon is in the 10th bhava indicating focus on literary activities and knowledge.


Chart – 11 is the Dasamsa of a temple priest. The arthtrikona has exalted Ketu in the second and Venus in the 6th indicating singing of hymns & slokas as service. The 9th bhava Moon in Cancer aspected by Jupiter and Saturn indicates the deity (Sri Krishna). Grahamalika yoga covers the Kamatrikona from one Upachaya to another (11th to 3rd) and different kind of Adhyatma yoga results by the Sun (Temple) in the initiating bhava and debilitated Jupiter in Makar in the terminal bhava. To overcome the desire for wealth shall be the greatest challenges for such yoga.


Chart – 12 is the Dasamsa of Dr. BV Raman, the learned editor of A.M. Both Lagna lord Venus and tenth lord Saturn is in mokshtrikona. Grahamalika yoga covers the mokshtrikona from the 4th bhava to the 8th bhava. The terminal house is Sagittarius (Dharma) with exalted Ketu (Moksh emancipation / undying fame) and Mercury (Writing, Speech, Astrology) as the 5th lord (Knowledge) in the 8th bhava (Spiritualism, Occult Studies) prophesizes the predestined goal of becoming the most eminent astrologer of modern times. This also indicates inheritance of knowledge from grandfather. The initiator is lagnesh Venus in the 4th indicating that he belonged to a family of astrologers. The Parivartan yoga of Venus & Sun indicates the Astrological Magazine as an institution to initiate the Grahamalika yoga, and its rise under his able leadership.

Jupiter, the significator for intuition, is involved in a powerful Parivartan yoga with Mars, occupies mystic Scorpio, and is a part of the Grahamalika yoga and aspects lagna. During Guru dasa, he achieved worldwide repute due to accurate predictions on the course of the Second World War. The debilitated Sun in the arthtrikona is a powerful Rajyoga, but the aspect of debilitated 10th lord Saturn converts this to the headship of a quasi – religious institution (The A.M.)

Chart – 13 is the Dasamsa of Sri Ramanuja. Readers may not the similarities with the Rasi & dasamsa of Adi Sankara and that he was a brilliant philosopher who preached Vishist Advaita philosophy. Besides the Sun & Ketu, the Mercury is also in Arthtrikona as Jupiter is in lagna confirming his astrological skills. He is the author of ' Bhavartha Ratnakara ' an astrological gem that is now available in English from the pen of Dr. B.V.Raman.


Chart – 14 is the Dasamsa of Mahatma Gandhi. Mars and Venus in the 6th house Gemini determined initial profession as a lawyer. However, the debilitated Sun in the 10th bhava is a sure shot yoga for politics. He led the struggle for Indian Independence. The mokshkarak Ketu is in Makar with Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury indicating a very high order of Adhyatma yoga. Jupiter indicates intelligence while Mercury shows his writing skills (he edited a newspaper). Since this adhyatma yoga occurs in lagna, he expounded the unique path of SATYAGRAHA as the means to freedom and politics (Lagna is the throne – significator Sun). He dressed like a fakir and even met the Queen of England in that goal a sign of a true saint.

Readers may analyze charts in the above lines. In this article, I have attempted to highlight the importance of the dasamsa and the Shodasavarga charts and it is hoped that this will prove to be an important tool for detailed astrological analysis.


  • Sri Krishna 19.7.3228 BC; 1ag 1s18.06; Moon 1s15.48; Mars 2s29.12;Venus 3s11.00;Rahu 3s14.30; Sun 4s17.54; Jup 4s27.00; Merc 5s0.54; Sat 7s12.48; Ayanamsa + 48.46
  • JESUS CHRIST 25.12.7 BC;1ag 5s14.05; Rahu 6s29.11; Ven 7s21.37; Sun 8s6.35; Merc 8s14.34; Mars 10s13.05;Sat 11s20.23; Jup 11s21.53; Moon 11s5.17; Ayanamsa + 4.03
  • GURU NANAK 8.11.1470 ( OS ) ; Moon 1s6.51; Sat 1s7.39; Ketu 2s22.21; Leg 4s15.00; Jup 5s13.03; Ven 6s4.33; Mars 6s29.57; Sun 7s9.03; Merc 7s20.57; Ayanamsa 16.27;
  • SAI BABA 18.5.1837; Rahu Os9.57; Sun 1s5.48; Ven 1s5.49; Merc 1s26.34; Jup 3s19.22; Mars 4s2.18;Sat ( R ) 6s21.11; Moon 6s14.02; Lag 7s26.18; Ayanamsa 21.35
  • RAMAKRISHNA 18.2.1836; Ketu 1s2.54; Jup 2s24.34; Sat ( R ) 6s13.44; Mars 9s21.43; Lag 10s3.27; Merc 10s15.07; Moon 10s21.49; Sun 10s6.53; Ven 11s8.03; Ayanamasa 21.32
  • A. GHOSE 15.8.1872; Rahu 1s16.39; Mars 3s5.25; Jup 3s21.37; Lag 3s25.17;Sun 4s0.22; Merc 4s23.32; Ven 4s8.34;Sat 8s23.37;Moon 8s5.46; Ayanamsa 22.02
  • ADI SANKARA 25.3.44 BC; Sun 0s8.12; Ven 0s3.00; Merc 0s24.06; Rahu 1s11.13; Moon 2s9.12; Lag 3s9.00; Sat 8s25.30; Jup 10s3.36; Mars 11s2.36; Ayanamsa
  • TYAGARAJA 4.5.1767; Sun 0s21.43; Ven 1s19.31; Sat 1s27.37; Mars 2s2.43; Lag 3s23.34; Moon 3s5.15; Ketu 3s12.51; Jup 4s21.48; Merc 11s28.55; Ayanamsa 20.35
  • PARAMACHARYA 20.5.1894; Sun 1s5.42; Merc 1s14.54; Jup 1s16.47; Lag 4s22.40; Ketu 5s13.12; Sat ( R ) 5s23.28; Moon 7s12.58; Mars 10s13.53; Ven 11s20.47;
  • JAGADGURU 13.11.1917; Jup ( R ) 1s15.52; Ketu 2s10.57; Sat 3s21.41; Mars 4s13.00; Sun 6s27.27; Moon 6s8.18; Merc 7s2.58; Lag 7s26.47; Ven 8s13.51; Ayanamsa 22.41
  • PRIEST 11.1.1894; Jup 0s29.09; Lag 2s17.03; Ketu 5s22.16; Sat 6s2.22; Mars 7s14.46; Merc 8s17.58; Sun 8s28.57; Moon 10s16.46; Ven 10s8.56; Ayanamsa 22.21
  • 12. DR. B. V. RAMAN 8.8.1912; Moon 1s24.58; Sat 1s10.12; Sun 3s23.01; Ven 4s2.17; Merc 4s14.25; Mars 4s21.24; Ketu 5s22.49; Jup 7s13.02; Lag 10s10.09; AYANAMSA 22.36
  • RAMANUJA 4.41017; Sun 0s10.02; Ven 0s15.06; Merc 0s22.59; Rahu 1s12.12; Moon 2s12.20; Jup 2s1.30; Lag 3s10.33; Mars 3s29.54; Sat 8s18.48; Ayanamsa10.10
  • M. K. GANDHI 2.10.1869; Jup 0s29.00; Moon 3s28.35; Rahu 3s12.11; Sun 5s16.57; Mars 6s26.14; Ven 6s24.28; Merc 6s11.44; Lag 6s11.49; Sat 7s18.32; Ayanamsa 22.00

On longevity & remedies

Respected Guruji,

I am a regular reader of the site and I have gained immensely.But for the first time I am writing. My brother is clinically ill. In yonger
age he was sufferng from rheumatism. Then he statred developing vision defect. Now in last4 years he suffered from kidney problem. On 19th
sep doctor after regular chechk up have given him 1 years time. He has 1 daughter 3 yr old & his wife is a housewife. I am worried
about his health & longevity. Please do tell me does he really have a short life and if some remedies could help to solve the problem.

DOB: 1st June 1969
TOB: 6:32 pm
POB: Delhi


From: Pt.Sanjay Rath
Date: 2008/9/21

om gurave namah

Dear Shivani

The Moon in Gandaanta needs to be handled asap along with the following –

1. Guru in shula daçä rashi can protect (Jeeva mantra)

2. Ätmakäraka Rähu also needs activation as Shri Pashupati Lingam (Pashupata astra and mantra)

The Nara chakra of yur brother is as follows -

Nara Chakra

Janma Nakñatra












Fore head


Pürva Äsäòha

Right trunk





Uttara Äsäòha

Left trunk




















Pürva Phälguëé



Pürva bhädrapada



Uttara Phälguëé

Lips and chin


Uttara bhädrapada

Right thigh



Right hand



Left thigh



Left hand















Upper feet









Note: His birth is on Sunday and the Utpäta Nakshatra are

Pata Nakñatra





Sign 1

Sign 2





Pürva Äsäòha


Uttara Äsäòha







There are no planets in Utpäta etc nakshatra but the Moon as lord of the Amsha paata is in Moola Gandaanta showing that when the danger comes the Shravana nakshatra defect will show on the body i.e. as per the Nara chakra this is the *EYES* . The rapid deterioration of the vision is a confirmation of the drastic effect of the gandaanta.

Now look at the Vimçottari dasha –

Vimsottari Dasa (started from Moon):

Moon MD: 2001-08-28 - 2011-08-29

Antardasas in this MD:

Moon: 2001-08-28 - 2002-06-27

Mars: 2002-06-27 - 2003-01-26

Rah: 2003-01-26 - 2004-07-28

Jup: 2004-07-28 - 2005-11-27

Sat: 2005-11-27 - 2007-06-27

Merc: 2007-06-27 - 2008-11-27

Ket: 2008-11-27 - 2009-06-27

Ven: 2009-06-27 - 2011-02-24

Sun: 2011-02-24 - 2011-08-29

Moon dasha started in 2001 and this has shown the start of the serious Gandaanta effetcs although the other diseases and constant ill health from childhood is the confirmation of this effect . The Gandannta is in the first Leaf of the 8-petal lotus and affects the native himself.

The details of the Gandaanta Puja has been explained by Parashara in BPHS. Other Jyotish Guru's can also fill you in this. Resolve and do this for your brother. The shula dasha shows that Lord Shiva can save him and it is up to you all to invoke the grace of the Lord.

First thing to do –

Go to and ask Neetu to give a nice 11 mukhi rudraksha (nepal, light colour) in silver setting for brother.

Ask him to worship Lord Shiva with the mantra *om namah shivaaya mahaarudraaya ram mam yam sah* 1008 times and wear this on Tuesday morning.

The rest will follow after that and you should be able to reverse the doctors verdict.

Shivani be strong and fight this...

With best wishes,

Sanjay Rath

Chatudasi birth

From: vinayak tandle

Dear Gurujans

Please elaborate why there is anger of shiva on Chaturdasi birth. Shivlinga Pradikshina to be done half or full & the reason if pradikshina has to be done half.

Vinayak P Tandle
From: Pt.Sanjay Rath &
Date: 2008/9/21

om gurave namah

Dear Vinayaka

Technically this tithi is ruled by Venus and Chandra loses his senses and goes to the house of Guru Brihaspati as a false shishya on Krishna Chaturdasi and later abducts Tärä on Amavasya. This tithi symbolizes all the cheating and falsity one does towards a guru – siksha or diksha guru and this is normally indicated as the darker side of the Asura guru Shukra (Venus).

Lord Shiva is the protector of all the gurus and is the Paramesthi guru Himself ...see Shiva Puraana for details of panchashari dikshaa for more details.

Guru, praatpara guru, parama guru and parameshthi guru are the four levels.

Chandra gets cursed by Lord Shiva due to this terrible sin of cheating the Guru of all the devas and consequently this tithi carries the sin showing that one born on Krishna Chaturdashi has the sin of cheating a guru in a past incarnation. So in this life they will naturally have to be very careful and not repeat the same mistake. They should atone for the sin and the best remedy is the Shri Somanatha Puja as taught by Shri Krishna.

Somanatha is the laaTa of Lord Shiva and the highest jyotirlingam

Full Shiva Lingam pradakshina is prohibited as one crosses the shakti line (normally facing east or north) inside the temple, so this an be done outside the temple.

Recitation of 1 crore panchakshari mantra is a very good remedy. I believe in japa in Kali yuga

With best wishes,

Sanjay Rath

15B Gangaram Hospital Road, Delhi, India 110060,,

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Simple Question on abilities from Navamsa

Dear Jyotishas,

I know that trines in Navamsa gives abilities, but how exactly does a
graha which is in exaltation, but NOT in trines, influence the
abilities? For e.g. say a person has Mars, Rahu and Saturn in trines
so he is logical/decisive (Mars), philosophical/scheming (Rahu),
traditional/persevering (Saturn), right? But lets take 2 variations
(still concentrating only on Navamsa): in one case, there is Jupiter
in exaltation in a dusthana e.g. 8th house. In another case, there is
Jupiter in debilitation in a dusthana e.g. 8th house. In each case,
how will these two possibilities affect his
traditional nature?

Just trying to really understand how planets in non-trines ALSO
(secondarily? if at all?) affect the abilities..



From: Lakshmi Kary
Date: 2008/9/18

Hare Rama Krishna
Dear Sundeep,
Please see these posts below.resource for specific houses is Jaimini Sutras- Sanjay Rath.

Make sure you know the difference between lagnamsa and karakamsa. Also , navamsa can be used for rectification. What type of person are you referring to?

If Jupiter is in Karakamsa or Lagnamsa it is very different than in the 8th house, therefrom. See JS for further thoughts.
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From Sanjay and Sarajits site etc
Parasara recognized the difference between Karakamsa (soul) and the Lagnamsa (body) and uses the term "Swamsa" to describe both when common rules are present.

The Lagnamsa represent that which is readily available or easily achieved whereas the karakamsa represent the desire of the soul. If both of them conjoin, the stage is set for self-actualization. Instead if they are in sadastaka (mutually 6/8th) life can be a bed of thorns. Similarly consider other karakas from the bhavas.

If there are only benefics in karakamsa and lagnamsa and aspected only by benefics, the native will surely enjoy Rajayoga. Similarly benefics in Swamsa or in its quadrants or trines and devoid of malefics, the native will surely be prosperous and knowledgeable. Mixed planets give mixed results.

  1. Aries: trouble from rats, cats etc.
  2. Taurus: Troubles/ Happiness from quadrupeds (cow/ bulls etc.)
  3. Gemini: Itches, skin infection and over weight problems.
  4. Cancer: Trouble from watery diseases, hydrophobia and leprosy.
  5. Leo: Danger from dogs, tiger and other such canines.
  6. Virgo: Trouble from fire, weight problems, skin infections.
  7. Libra: Trouble from Trade and business.
  8. Scorpio: Watery diseases, danger of reptiles, and snakes, shortage of mother's milk.
  9. Sagittarius: Danger of accidents and fall from height.
  10. Capricorn: Danger from aquatic creatures, birds and spirits besides skin problem and/or psychic disorders.
  11. Aquarius: Construction of lakes, tanks, garden, roads, temples etc.
  12. Pisces: Law abiding, religious and righteous person. Parasara adds that the karakamsa in Pisces indicates Moksha.

Note: Various kinds of problem have been indicated by planets occupying specific Navamsas. These problems arise in the life of the person if the Atmakaraka is afflicted. Physical problems are indicated by the Navamsa of the lord of the badhakasthana.

Effect of Planets in Swamsa
  1. The sun in swamsa makes the native a keen government/ political worker and good at social service.
  2. The full Moon and Venus in Swamsa give all luxuries of life and an educationist is produced. According to Parasara presence of full moon and aspect of Venus on it also gives the same result.
  3. Mars in Swamsa gives expertise in metallurgy or in arms and warfare or in matters related to fire.
  4. Mercury in Swamsa gives business acumen and produces a skilled trader or weaver, sculptor or one well versed in social and legal norms.
  5. Jupiter in Swamsa makes a Karmayogi who will excel in any field due to his intelligence or one interested in philosophy and religion or a priest.
  6. Venus in Swamsa indicates a government or political official or a passionate person who is virile up to a hundred years (indicate bureaucracy).
  7. Saturn in Swamsa gives success in any line of activity and consequential fame
  8. Rahu in Swamsa produces a Bowman or a thief. He may earn by dacoity or by cheating or maybe capable of handling very poisonous and dangerous chemicals, medicines etc or an expert in metals/ manufacturing activities.
  9. Ketu in Swamsa indicates one who will earn through elephants (trucks and heavy vehicles) or maybe a thief or a swindler. This may also indicate watch repairing or delicate machines or computers.
  10. Moon in Swamsa aspected by Venus: Capability to deal with liquids and chemicals.
  11. Mercury aspecting Moon in Swamsa: Produces a doctor or work related to medicine.

Note: The various vocations listed above may be more applied to the lagnamsa than the karakamsa as karakamsa indicate the desire of the soul whereas the lagnamsa indicate the actual karma of the body. Though these indicate the vocation with D-10 we can say with certainty the actual vocation.

Some more indications:
  1. Sun and Rahu joining swamsa indicate death due to snake venom. If benefic aspect the combination this will not happen. Rather the native will be a doctor handling poisonous drugs and curing venom afflictions. A malefic's aspect would cause death.
  2. Mars alone aspecting/ joining the aforesaid combination indicates a person who will burn the houses of others. Parasara opines that mars aspect on the combination in karakamsa indicates that the person will burn his own house or that of others.
  3. Venus aspect the Rahu & Sun combination will produces fire fighter or the fire won't occur at all.
  4. Jupiter aspect the Rahu & Sun combination indicates one who will set fire to his own house or that of his neighbour.
  5. If Saturn and Rahu are in Swamsa, the Native is either a seller or consumer of betel leaves and other aphrodisiacs.
  6. The moon in the fourth from swamsa produces a sailor. The aspect of Venus confirms this.
  7. Gulika in Swamsa makes the native consume poison or poison others. If Mars conjoin/ aspect Gulika, the native sells or administers these drugs while Jupiter in such place indicate self- consumption. The aspect of Venus or Sun cures the evil or prevents it from occurrence.
  8. Moon aspecting or joining Gulika in swamsa indicates theft or receipt of stolen wealth.
  9. Mercury aspecting/ joining Gulika in swamsa indicate hydrocele and similar diseases of the private pats.
  10. Ketu aspecting/ joining swamsa results in a perforation of the eardrums or other ear ailments.
  11. Venus aspecting/ joining Ketu in swamsa produces asceticism and religious leanings. He may be initiated into a religious order.
  12. Both Mercury and Venus aspecting Ketu indicates a mimic or a talkative person or one born to a maidservant / concubine. Parasara adds that the child may belong to a female remarried.
  13. Saturn aspecting the Venus and Ketu in Swamsa produces a Tapaswi or a servant.
  14. Saturn alone aspecting Ketu in swamsa indicates that the native is a fraud in the garb of a sanyasi.
  15. If the Sun & Venus aspect/ conjoin karakamsa, royal assignment (government/ political office) is surely indicated.

2nd From Swamsa
  1. Venus or Mars in the 2nd from swamsa produces passion and illicit relationships.
  2. Venus or Mars joining/ aspecting the second makes him passionate till the en of life. The influence is milder in case the second is owned by Venus or Mars and strongest if both of these planets in the 2nd owned by anyone of them. Ketu associating such combination destroys the passion.
  3. Jupiter joining/ aspecting the 2nd makes the native excessively passionate and sensuous (provided Venus/Mars also influence)
  4. Rahu joining/ aspecting the 2nd cause the Native to destroy all his wealth on account of his unbridles passion and licentious nature (provided Mars/ Venus also influences).
Note: Jupiter is expansive in Nature. It intensifies the influence of the other planets.

3rd House:

  1. Malefics in the 3rd indicate courage or valour whereas benefics indicate cowardice.
  2. Malefics in the 3rd and 6th make a good farmer or living through agriculture. This also indicates working in the air forces.
  3. Jupiter in the ninth indicates a big landlord or a distinguished personality.
  4. Venus: artistic skill.
  5. Mercury: Writer
  6. Mars: Capable of carrying firearms and weapons.

Sixth has to do with service (toil)

4th from Swamsa

  1. Moon & Venus Joining/ aspecting the 4th from swamsa give a palatial residence.
  2. Exalted planet in fourth will also give big residential house.
  3. If Saturn and Rahu are in the fourth, stones, rocks and such materials are used.
  4. Mars and Ketu in the fourth indicate use of clay and bricks.
  5. Jupiter in 4th indicates that the house made up of wood.
  6. Sun in the 4th gives a house of thatched straw or grass.
  7. Moon in 4th aspected by Venus: Leucoderma or Leprosy (if heavily afflicted).
  8. Mars aspects the Moon in the 4th: White leprosy.
  9. Ketu aspecting the Moon in the 4th: Bluish Leprosy.

4th/ 5th from Swamsa:

  1. Rahu and Mars are in the fourth or fifth from Swamsa, Tuberculosis is indicated. Moon aspects/joins the combination confirms it.
  2. Mars in 4th/5th: Boils, Ulcers, Cuts, Gangrene.
  3. Ketu in 4th/5th: Glandular ailments (like Thyroid) or water borne diseases like dysentery, typhoid etc.
  4. Rahu and Gulika in the 4th/5th: Affliction from dangerous poison.; Doctor handling such poison. The aspect od mercury or Venus indicate medical knowledge; Jupiter indicate consumption of poison; Aspect of Mars indicates giving/ selling such drugs/ poisons. The aspect of Sun gives death through snake venom.

5th from Swamsa:

  1. Saturn (alone) in 5th: Archer.
  2. Ketu (alone) in 5th: Abilities to make watches, precision equipment/ light engineering/ electronic goods).
  3. Mercury (alone) in 5th: Ascetic, member of a religious order or one who uses a walking stick.
  4. Rahu (alone) in 5th: Metallurgist (or heavy engineering).
  5. Sun (alone): Swordsman (or one who carries a blade/ knife)
  6. Mars (alone): Lancer (or a spear wielder).
  7. Moon & Jupiter in swamsa/ 5th: Excellent author.
  8. Venus in 1st/ 5th with the Moon from swamsa: Author but of less capability.
  9. Mercury in similar position with Moon: Author of even lesser capability.

Note: The number of natural benefics in the swamsa or 5th house will determine the capabilities of the author. The presence of the Moon (Mind) is the primary factor. Jupiter, Venus & Mercury give writing abilities, but in a decreasing order.

1st/ 5th from Swamsa

  1. Venus in 1st/ 5th: Indicate a poet, an eloquent speaker or a knowledgeable critic.
  2. Jupiter 1si/5th indicate a genius having knowledge in various branches and a great author.. However it does not give eloquence. It Jupiter does indicate a grammarian, knowledge of religious scriptures (like Vedas, Bible, Quoran etc) and a philosopher & Vedantist.
  3. Saturn in the 1st/5th makes a man in an assembly or a gathering. Such person will shy away from the limelight.
  4. Mercury in the 1st / 5th indicates a mimansaka or involvement in interpretation of texts/ available literature etc.
  5. A logician is indicated by Mars in the 1st/ 5th. Parasara indicate legal knowledge and jurisprudence.
  6. Moon in the 1st/ 5th gives knowledge of the Sankhya and Yoga philosophies besides history (rhetoric & Music) or produces a singer.
  7. The sun in the 1st/ 5th gives knowledge of the Vedas and Bhagavat Gita. Parasara says that sun in 5th gives knowledge of Music and Vedanta.
  8. Ketu in the 1st/ 5th gives Mathematical ability. This is important for astrology as well. If Jupiter associates, this knowledge is obtained by inheritance and the teaching are fully digested. Rahu indicates capabilities of research and Mathematics.
  9. Jupiter joining/ aspecting the above planets in the 1st/5th will give all round knowledge, both traditional and modern and proficiency in at least one branch.

Note: The combinations from 16 to 27 are also applicable to the 2nd house. Parasara opines that the combinations are also applicable ot 2nd / 3rd house besides 1st / 5th. He also opines that these results are also to be seen from the lord of swamsa. These results in the bhava will be temporary while in the Navamsa they wil be pronounced. The point is to confirm results from both Navamsa Lagna and karakamsa. While the result from Navamsa Lagna will be pronounced, those from Karakamsa (indicating the desire of the soul) may manifest only during specific periods. It is the mismatch between Navamsa Lagna and the Karakamsa that leaves many desires unfulfilled thereby causing rebirth.

7th house:
  1. Jupiter and Moon in 7th: Gives good looking and fair complexioned spouse.
  2. Rahu: Brings a widow or widower in marriage.
  3. Saturn: Brings older (than normally expected) person in marriage or the spouse could be religious (more ritualistic) or of poor health.
  4. Mars: Spouse having deformed or defective limbs.
  5. Sun: Spouse is favoured and protected by family. Spouse is learned, She will be confined to domestic chores. If Sun is debilitated then she may have clandestine relationship with elder members of the family (may not be true under benefic influence).
  6. Mercury: Talented and young spouse. She will be conversant with fine arts.
  7. Moon: First mating will be in the open or an uncovered place. The influence of planets will indicate the following place-
Sun- Garden
Mars- A wall or such construction
Mercury- Park or playground
Jupiter - Temple
Venus - Bathroom or Bedroom
Saturn & Rahu - Tavern or some dirty place etc.
Note: The place of mating is seen from the 10th of 7th (spouse) i.e., 4th. Similarly the place of illicit sex (2nd) is seen from 10th from 2nd i.e., 11th. The exaltation etc, aspects and signs involved should also be considered.

9th from Swamsa
  1. Benefics in the 9th from swamsa make one righteous, honest, truthful and faithful/ devoted to teachers and elders. Malefics associated with the ninth will produce opposite qualities like dishonesty, faithlessness and unrighteousness.
  2. If Saturn and Rahu are in the 9th house, the native betrays his elders and preceptors.
  3. Sun and Jupiter in the 9th will make the native confidant (or faithful) of his elders and teachers.
  4. Parasara says Venus and Mars in the 9th from Karakamsa indicate that the lover (having illicit relationship with the native) will die. Mercury and Moon in the 9th will cause imprisonment due to the illicit relationship. Jupiter alone in the 9th indicates excessive passion and sex.

10th from Swamsa
  1. Mercury conjoining/ aspecting the 10th from swamsa indicate results like Saturn (Success in any line of activity and consequential fame). This indicates skill and fame and is good for fortunes as well, as Mercury is a natural benefic. Besides, like Saturn, it tends to promote a traditional vocation.
  2. Beneficial aspects/ conjunctions on the 10th from swamsa produce stable fortunes. Malefics cause fluctuation in fortunes. Parasara opines that the combination will no only give stable fortunes but also make the native serious, strong (fixity of purpose) and intelligent. Malefics will not only harm the business/ career but also deny filial bliss. Mercury and Venus gives success in trade/ career and produce great works. The Sun, Moon & Jupiter so related to the tenth will give Rajayoga (Very high Status and achievements)
  3. The Sun in the 10th from Karakamsa aspected by Jupiter produces a cowherd or milkman (or one associated in some manner with animal husbandry). This is contrast with Parasara who mentions Rajayoga.

12th from swamsa:
  1. Benefics: take the soul to the auspicious world (of the departed) after death. The five benefics indicate five auspicious world as follows:
Jupiter- Svah; Mercury- Janah; Moon- Manah; Venus- Tapah; Sun- Satya.
  1. Parasara opines that Malefics in the 12th indicate expenses on unlawful and bad activities while benefics give legitimate expenses.
  2. Ketu: Final emancipation. Others opine that benefics in the swamsa gives moksha. Parasara says" If exalted planets or planets in own sign or natural benefics are placed in the 12th house from Karakamsa, the soul transmigrates to a beneficial world after death. If Ketu is so placed and only aspected by or joined by benefics, final emancipation (from the cycle of rebirth) shall be obtained.
  3. If Ketu is in the 4th or 12th from Karakamsa, final emancipation will be granted. During the dasa of Rahu in 10th (i.e., Ketu in 4th), the native goes on a pilgrimage and has a symbolic dip in sacred waters to wash his sins. If such placement of nodes occur from swamsa, they lead him towards emancipation. Parasara says- if Ketu is in the 12th from karakamsa in Aries or Sagittarius conjoined or aspected by benefics, the native is led towards emancipation.
  4. Malefics in 4th/12th: No deliverance from the cycle of rebirth. Sun is not considered malefic here, as it is a natural significator of Dharma.
  5. Devotion (mostly seen from 12th of Karakamsa)
Sun and Ketu- Devotee of Siva
Moon- Gouri
Venus- Lakshmi, Native will be prosperous.
Mars- Skanda (Subramanya, Kartikeya)
Mercury/ Saturn- Visnu
Jupiter- Samba Siva
Rahu- Tamasi (destroyer of darkness) or Durga.
Ketu- Ganapati or Skanda
  1. Saturn in the 12th in a malefic sign shows inclination for black magic, devilish worship and spirits.
  2. Venus in the 12th in malefic sign: Same as Saturn.
  3. The religiosity are also to be examined from the 6th from the Amatyakaraka

Malefics in Trine from Swamsa
  1. Two malefics in trine (1/5/9): The native gains expertise in spells (Mantra) and occult knowledge. At least one malefic gives knowledge of Mantra, two indicates knowledge of mantras and their usage while more malefic give knowledge of Yantras and Tantra.
  2. The malefics in trines aspected by other malefics: Expertise in black magic.
  3. Malefics in trines aspected by benefics: Expertise in white magic.

Note: If the combination of malefics is in trine from Lagnamsa then the native will make his living out of knowledge whereas if the combination occur from Karakamsa, the magic is very strong.

Other Combinations:
  1. Ketu in the second aspected by malefics produces stammering and other speech defects. According to Parasara Ketu in the 2nd / 3rd from swamsa causes speech defects. If malefics aspects, these defects are pronounced. Pt. Sanjay Rath says that Ketu in the 3rd won't produce speech defects unless there is a malefic in the swamsa causing papakartari yoga of 2nd.
  2. Malefics simultaneously in the 2nd and 8th house from Lagna, Arudha Lagna and swamsa cause Kemadruma Yoga (utter poverty). If the yoga is from Lagna or Lagnamsa then the effect will be felt throughout life whereas from Arudha Lagna it indicates financial down turn or fall. The yoga from Karakamsa indicates one who will detest wealth and may become a renunciate. Moon's aspect on the yoga will intensify it.
  3. The results will manifest during the dasa of the sign (or planets) concerned.

Note: The argals or dristi of the sign/ planet whose dasa is operative should also be examined as well as the various yoga and Vargas


A post from Sanjay-

Om namo bhagavate vasudevaya::
Dear Ramdas raoji
One level is the abilities and the other is the desire for achievement. The Karakamsa is the native as viewed from the 'soul' . Here even malefic planets in trines tend to behave like benefics. For example if malefic planets are in trines to karakamsa the native knows mantra and shastra. Knowing mantra and shastra is a very good thing and shows that even these malefics are making him spiritual. After all it is the nature of the atma, the true spiritual being.
The Lagnamsa is the abilities that matter in the physical world. Now compare the two and find out what kind of a life awaits the person and how much of spirituality or self actualisation is awaiting him.
dear Partha,
Nice points again..this is for all Jyotisa from Hyd class etc.
In future do not jump into the navamsa without first studying the rasi chart, else even blind and lame people will seem like great sportsmen. In your chart where is the parakrama required to be an archer? Compare this to the chart of Rishi raj where the AL has warrior Mars with the Sun (light weapons like guns, bows i.e. can fire at objects at a long distance with the sharp sight of the sun). With this Rahu is in the 6th from AL will make him a good warrior.
So with this basic parameter look at the navamsa to check the level to which he will rise in these directions. There are four planets in the fifth house from the navamsa lagna...the dominant trine showing abilities. Moon can make him a singer and the Moon is exalted, Ketu can make him good in computers but it is debilitated, while Jupiter can make him very learned while saturn makes him a good archer or one following the tradition. There are so many things. Of these planets, Saturn is also the lord of the navamsa lagna (Svamsa) and 2nd house as well (indicating source of income). Given the high level of parakrama in the chart it is unlikely that such a saturn would make him a shastri and instead would make him an archer.
Now look at Mars in the second from Svamsa aspecting these four planets and saturn aspecting Mars in return. this Mars saturn exchange of glance is seen in the charts of boxers and those who battle...remember my story about the 'red' and 'blue' underwear that the boxers use.
So this shows good abilities as an archer. Now does this promise success? Is the atmakaraka involved? Can he make all thos esacrifices that are required to be an achiever? Well they are all in the sign of the AK and the AK is aspecting the lagnamsa. but AK is in the 8th house as well. Fortunately it is Venus in the 8th that also aspects a friendly lagna else it would have been disastrous for health.
Moon in the 7th from AL promises fame during the lifetime.
In this manner we see the lagnamsa giving the result. Now if we study the karakamsa, none of the planets are in trines to AK in Leo, so this fellow will not have any time for mantra shastra, so how can saturn make him a traditional shastri if he does not read the shastra!! The ninth lord from karakamsa is Mars and the dharma of yuddha will be learnt and adopted well for life. Worship of Narasimha or Hanumanji will bring him a lot of success. can easily add the rest.
With best regards,
Sanjay Rath
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Karakamsa is composed of two words - (1) 'karaka' referring to the atmakaraka specifically and other charakaraka (temporal signficators) as well and (2) 'amsa' referring to the navamsa and other divisional charts. Karakamsa refers to the navamsa (and/or other divisional charts) where the atmakaraka is placed and such a sign is treated as the karakamsa-lagna or seat of the real self, the soul and the first house for determining all things connected to deep inner desires and creation cause itself.
The sign/navamsa occupied by the ätmakäraka gives us a clue as to the desire of the ätma and the nature of the ätmakäraka gives us vital information about the nature of the ätma, its spiritual development etc. Some of my experiences are listed below:

Brihaspati Gayatri, Vishwamitra/Gaathina Rishi Rig Veda 6.62.6