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Raman Ayanamsha views

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Date: 3 October 2013 10:49
Subject: Re: [SoHamsa] Friend detected with HIV+. Help needed for future of her daughter


Dear Shri Krishna Joshi
That New Dr Raman Ayanamsha came into being much after he had written many of his books. Therefore it did create some sort of confusion. Especially the book 'Notable Horoscopes' had to be revised and charts changed to match the new ayanamsha called Dr Raman ayanamsha.
Principles taught in his books are very traditional and there is nothing wrong in learning these principles which are so correct. There is so much to learn from his books. He does not waste the readers time in writing about long winding train trips etc, and just sticks to the point.
These books are very good for beginners and I have always recommended them. Especially Astrology for Beginners, Hindu Astrology Book and How to Judge a Horoscope is an all time great.
I fond memory of a great teacher
Sanjay Rath
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Subject: Re: [SoHamsa] Friend detected with HIV+. Help needed for future of her daughter

Namasthay !
I think Late Mr. B V Raman ji was using some different ayanamsha then why we must take guidance from those calculations.
Hari Om !
Krishna Joshi
(South India)
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Subject: RE: [SoHamsa] Friend detected with HIV+. Help needed for future of her daughter
om gurave namaḥ
Dear Paddy
Leap years have no impact on the weekday as these progress continuously on a daily basis. The calculation of weekday is a very simple vedic astrology calculation and you can learn this from Dr B V Raman's books. It is reckoned from the beginning of Kali Yuga. It has nothing to do with Gregorian Calendar.
For the same example, day before yesterday was Bhadrapada Krishna Dwitiya and the second day of Pitri Paksha. The Panchanga is
Vaara: Shani vaara
Tithi : K2
…and so on … which in the gregorian Calendar is 21 September 2013 AFTER SUNRISE at Delhi…else
21 Sep 2013 before sunrise is Friday …shukra vaara
…now for this vaara, see Dr Raman's calculation in one of those beginner books please
With Kind Regards
Sanjay Rath
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Sent: 21 September 2013 18:48
Subject: Re: [SoHamsa] Friend detected with HIV+. Help needed for future of her daughter
Dear Sanjay ji,

You have used gulika here in your analysis, I would like to know how this gulika is calculated.
Why I ask this question - Not only for Gulika but also for some other calculations Vara
i.e. the weekday is taken into consideration

Since you belong to a parampara
- how good does the concept of weekday falling on a particular date fits into your parampara teachings
That also applies to any weekday based calculation / analysis - that forms part of "Hindu" (a k a "Vedic" astrology)

e.g. today is 21-SEP-2013 - Its Saturday

There is nothing Vedic/ Hindu - basis of 21-SEP-2013 falling on SATURDAY
or is it ?

this 21-SEP-2013 - Saturday combination is a result of inserted leap year days and hence if purely accidental,
I am not sure since when the leap year calculations are being followed systematically and hence 21-SEP-2013 being Saturday
seems to be pure co-incidence - a result of calculations or miscalculations that have crept into the Gregorian Calendar system.

There seems to be nothing Vedic or Hindu basis of weekday linking to particular date
I also believe that it might have crept into the system in the medieval time after the arrival of Europeans into India.

isn't linking of a date to vara (weekday) purely accidental
(nothing to do with celestial bodies or their motion)

I find it hard to digest any calculation based on vara or vara lords
since there is no way you can confirm
- today is SATURDAY based on looking into motion of celestial bodies

VARA / WEEDAY based analysis is being used by Kerala Astrologers,
I see it in your book -"Varga Chakra" , PAGE 40

Do you really think -
There is something astrological /scientific in 21-SEP-2013 being Saturday?
or its just accidental?

I apologsie in advance due to my limited knowledge.
But I really need the answer to the question.

Best Regards,
Justifying a past event/Happening is easy.
Predicting the future is not so easy

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Subject: Re: [SoHamsa] Friend detected with HIV+. Help needed for future of her daughter
Date: Friday, September 20, 2013, 5:28 PM

Dear MD
Gulika is in 12H (feet) with debilitated retro Saturn
in severe affliction
with the debilitated Sun in 6H (fingers/palm). Ketu has rasi
drsti on both and
shows the mistake. Rahu+Moon in Aquarius are also
aspecting both Sat+un by rasi
The poison (Gulika) is in Asvini naksatra (Ke) and will
go through germs
and such infections. Ketu also indicates the needle which is
likely to have
pierced her finger/palm or feet.
Event is likely in Merc-Sat-Ketu between 19 Feb to 27
Apr, 2013.
Venus is lagnesha and is debilitated with nicabhanga
from Merc exalted
10L Sat is debilitated ...
8L Jup is with deb Ven and exalt Merc ...
All health factors are quite weak. Recitation of the
Bhagavat Gita is a
good remedy + eating yoghurt for breakfast every morning +
wearing 5 diamond
ring in right hand ring finger
Best Wishes
Sanjay Rath
P.S. Can you check when she got to know about the



Sent: Wednesday, September 11, 2013 3:22

Subject: [SoHamsa] Friend detected with HIV+.
Help needed for future
of her daughter

Following is the chart of my unfortunate friend, who
was detected with
D.O.B : October 21, 1969
Time : 20:09 pm
Place : Mumbai, India
She is a pathology lab assistant in a government
hospital and probably was
contracted through a needle infection.
She is worried about the future of her only daughter.

Can the experts through some light on the exact reason
to happen

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