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karaka tithi and karaka yoga

From: Narasimha P.V.R. Rao <>
Date: Sun, Mar 30, 2008 at 9:54 PM
Subject: [vedic-astrology] Re: New features Of J hora

Namaste Sir,

Hoping you don't mind, I am cc'ing the reply to some yahoogroups for the benefit of all.

(1) Chara atma karaka (AK) is like Sun and chara amatya karaka (AmK) is like Moon. The tithi and yoga are normally found based on the longitude differential and sum, i.e. (Moon-Sun) and (Moon+Sun), respectively. If we use AmK and AK longitudes instead of Moon and Sun longitudes to find tithi and yoga, we get karaka tithi and karaka yoga.

(2) These tables are for research purposes. If you click on the menu item "What's all this?" in that "MIscellany" >> "Laghu Parasari" view, you will get the following:

"By adding the longitudes of various bodies and lagnas, years of some important events can be obtained.\nCounting of various amsas is also possible. These methods are basically like simple progression techniques. These calculations are given to facilitate research."

Best regards,
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From: swami
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Subject: New features Of J hora

Dear Sri Narasimha Rao ji,

Among some of the changes I wish to know,

1. What is new addition called Karaka Tithi and Karaka yoga.

2. Among old items, Can I know the application of displayed item Titled " Laghu parashari "Tab under Miscellany, here items are ASC-SUN to ASC-GLK.

With regard,

Thanking for invaluable gift of J Hora.


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Autism example and remedy

From: Narasimha P.V.R. Rao
Date: Mon, Mar 31, 2008 at 3:03 AM
Subject: [sohamsa] Autism example and remedy

Namaste Gnaneswar ji,
Here are my views.
Lagna lord is in sarpa drekkana. Mars is in lagna in sarpa drekkana and in gandanta. Pranapada lagna is afflicted by Mandi and Gulika. The 4th lord of learning is afflicted by the 8th lord Rahu.
Siddhamsa chart (D-24) shows one's learning and important in seeing autism. In D-24, lagna is afflicted by 8th lord Sun. Lagna has a paapa kartati (malefic scissors) from Saturn and Mercury in 2nd and Rahu and Ketu in 12th (please note that Mercury is a natural malefic when with a natural malefic). Lagna being afflicted by 8th lord and having paapa kartari from 4 natural malefics is quite a bad thing for the development of learning ability. This is a serious problem in the chart.
Moola dasa shows the root cause of what is happening now - which previous karmas are giving fruits now. Till Sept 2008, dasas of Mercury and Sun run. Ideally Moola dasa is judged from D-60, but I am not sure if D-60 lagna is accurate or not. So I will leave that. However, Mercury and Sun are in Utpaata shashtyamsa. Utpaata means a calamity. Moola dasa of a planet in utpaata shashtyamsa can give serious problems. Jupiter's Moola dasa starts in Sept 2008 and it should be better.
In D-24, aspect of yogakaraka Venus on lagna is the saving grace. Venus can save this person. Also, Venus is the 4th lord of learning in rasi and is the karyesha for D-24. Thus, I believe that Venus is the key to solving this problem. Venus or goddess Mahalakshmi can be propitiated.
If you can take a sankalpam in his name and read Sree Sooktam 16 times everyday (takes an hour) for 2 years without break, it is my expectation that the problem may be fixed to a great extent. Read the first 15 verses, skip the rest and read the final verse "Om Mahadevyai cha vidmahe...prachodayat". So there should be 16 verses in all. Repeat the 16 verses 16 times. Don't read in haste and read with a reasonable speed so that there is enough time to pronounce each letter. Read loud at first and start reading mentally after some practice.
If you follow my advice, it is a good idea to give me some dakshine to not incur karmik debt and to get the best from my advice. Go to a nearby temple and make a small donation to the temple (whatever you can afford) in my name (PVR Narasimha Rao). There is no need to send me any proof or receipt.
Best regards,
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Dear Rao Ji

There is no any objection from my side to make it public.

Gnaneswar G

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To: Gardas Gnaneshwar <>
Sent: Sunday, 30 March, 2008 11:59:09 AM

Is this data confidential or can I send the reply tomorrow to the yahoogroups so that others can also benefit? I like doing work publicly, so that more people can benefit from my thoughts and help others later on.
Best regards,
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Sent: Saturday, March 29, 2008 11:43 PM

Dear Rao Ji,
Please spare some time form your valuable/busy schedule and have a look on my son's chart who is suffering from Autism/speechless and behavoiur problems.
And let us know what remedies can help us to bring him in to normal life.
I learnt little bit about Dasa Maha Vidya from my Late Guru for a short time. I want to know is there any such type of propiation on this problem/aspect. The problem He is suffering is due to our past bad Karma or else.
Hence requesting you to look at this chart and guide us for betterment of his life.
My Son:
Name: Nagarjun
DOB: 26th Sep 1998
TOB : 01:50 AM
POB: Hyderabad AP India
My details:
DOB: 5th Sep 1970
TOB: 05:31 AM
POB: Chityala (Nalgonda, AP)

Gnaneswar G

An Article on 'Heart Disease'

From: Gopal Goel <>
Date: Sun, Mar 30, 2008 at 8:15 PM
Subject: [sohamsa] An Article on 'Heart Disease'

Dear Friends,
Some time back, I had written an article on 'Heart Disease'
This artcle is attached for the benefit of my friends:

Heart Disease and Its Causes

By G. K. Goel

The heart is a four-chambered Electro-muscular pump designed to circulate the blood around the whole body continuously, without even a pause, till the end of life, Infect, it is a pair of pumps placed side by side. The heart is positioned in the chest just over the lower side of the left loave of he lungs.

The first situated on the right side of the heart. This pump recoves bood from the body through the veins and ills right ventricle of the heart and then pumps right blood to lungs. The second pump on the left recovers purified bood back fro the lungs and fills the left ventricle of the heart and then pumps the blood to the body. Four valves control these functions.

The blood supply to the heart muscle (the myocardium) itself is provided by special arteries, called CORONARY arteries.

The function of the heart is controlled and regulated by electrical impulses, originating in the sinus node, structure embedded in the heart muscle. Nearly 72 impulses are passed every minute through myocardium, this generates equal number of heartbeats. In this process, heart muscle develops pressure (blood-pressure) which is responsible for the flow of blood in the body.

The nature has created another mechanical pumps (two in number) which are situated in each of the calf muscles of the legs. These pumping systems is only operative when a person is walking, running of performing some specific exercises and help the heart in accelerating the flow of blood supply in the body. These pumps do not operate when body is in resting mode.

This is the broad on which heart helps to maintain the circulation of blood in the body.


(1) Congenital Heart Diseases.

(a) The child may born with some defects in the heart like: abnormality in aortic and Pulmonary valves, deformation in both or either of the ventricles (general both ventricles are connected by a hole) etc.

(b) Abnormalities caused during pregnancy like defects arising out during formation of account of drugs taken by mother etc.

(c) On account of infects. German measles, rhecmatic fever etc.

(2) Disease of the Valves

On account of rheumatic fever. Claudication of valves etc., the flow of blood becomes restricted. This results in High blood pressure and related diseases of the heart.

(3) Coronary heart Disease

On account of several factors, the gradual narrowing of coronary arteries of excessive deposits of fats inside the walls of arteries occur. This results in the reduced supply of blood to heart muscle and myocardial infarction may result, which is called "Heat Attack".

(4) Cardiac muscle disease

On account of infection, high blood pressure, congenital diseases etc. the heart muscle becomes weak and diseased. These are called as Cardio-myopathic.

(5) Disturbance in Heart's electrical system

As healthy car engine cannot run without proper electrical system, similarly a healthy heart can perform properly if its electric system is sending proper and timely impulse. Many problems arise on account of mall functioning of heart's electrical system.

This is a broad and layman's view about the possible causes of heart disease. This may help to identify astrological reasons for specific heart diseases in broader prospective.



(a) The Fourth House: The Fourth House indicates the heart of the native. Mind is also the seat of the fourth house. Heart and mind are very closely associated with each other.

(b) Lord of the Fourth House : The second important significator of the heart is the Lord of fourth House. This is in accordance with the basic principal of predictive astrology.

(c) Moon : The Moon is Natural ruler as well as signficator of fourth house. Moon is also significator of mind, thus Moon becomes important signficator of the heart.

(d) Sign Cancer : Moon is the ruler of sign Cancer. This sign plays important Role as significators of heart.

(c) Nakshatra ANURADHA : Anuradha is Heart of the KALAPURUSHA (Lord Vishnu). Thus this Nakshatra acts as significator of Heart.



a) The SUN : Sun is the significator of the heart disease. When malefire influences operate on the Sun, heart diseases may be indicated. This also depends on other adverse indications such as malefie Dasas and transits. This is not important factor for the disease of the heart.

b) SIGN LEO : Sun being its natural associate, any affliction to this sign may promote heart disease.

c) The Fifth House : The fifth house is the natural seat of sign Leo and its Lord Sun. Affliction to this house becomes a strong factor in promoting heart disease, further, this is the house of intellect which has a direct bearing on the well being of the heart muscle as well as its functioning. On account of this reason, some authorities have even advocated that real seat of heart is fifth house in comparison with fourth house. However, as heart is more akin to watery element (then five), we feel it is more appropriate that forth house should be considered the prime seat of the heart. The fifth house either help in the growth and well being of the heart or if fifth house is afflicted it promotes the disease of the heart. The fifth house is a Marka house for heart muscle being second house from fourth house.

d) The Lord of the Fifth House : For reasons explained in SI. No. C above, the Lord of the fifth house acts as a Marka to heart muscle as well as if afflicted promotes heart disease.


(A) 2nd DREKKANA: In case, ascendant falls in the 2nd Drekkana of the rising sign, the fifth and the ninth houses in rashi chart become the indicator of Right and left sides of the heart muscle respectively. In the case, any affliction to those houses indicates the strong possibility of heart disease depending upon the type of malefic influences operating on these houses.

(B) SIGN AQUARIUS : In chapter 1 sloka 8 of srihatlatak varah mihira identified Aquarius as "HIRDYAROGA". The placement of SUN in this sign does not augur well for heart.

(C) The Eleventh House: Eleventh House is the natural seat of sign Aquarius. This is the house of fulfilment of desire, which has a strong bearing both on mind and Intellect. The two Calf-muscles of both legs are also signified by eleventh house and sign Aquarius. Thus, this house becomes one of the strong significator for heart disease. This house is eighth from the forth house. Any affliction to the fifth and eleventh house axis may cause heart disease.

(D) Nakshatra MAGHA (Leo 0 degree - 13 degree 20') (Yavan jatak)

An afflicted planet in this Nakshatra may cause sudden shock and pollution to the heart. Kept is the ruler of this Nakshatra and triggers accidents and sudden events.

(E) Nakshatra Purva Phalguni (Leo 13 degree 20' to 26 degree 40') (Yavan Jatak)

This star has a strong signification over heart and generates swelling of heart Muscles..

(F) DHANISTA - Last two charan (Aquarius 0 degree - 6 degree 40')

This star may trigger sudden failure of heart and carries the influence of sign Aquarius and Mars.

(G) SHATAVHISHA (AQUARIUS 6 degree 40' -20 degree)

This star rules over Electricity, which is vital for proper and regular functioning of the heart.. Both Rahu and Hershel rule over Electricity and are the co-rulers of sign Aquarius. This star rules Rheumatic heart disease, high blood pressure, palpitation and other mall-functioning in the heart on account of its electrical system. Both Rahu and Hershel play vital Role for such problems in the heart.

(H) Poorva Bhadarpad -First three Quarters: (Aquarius 20 degree to 30 degree) This rules over the irregularities in function, swelling and dilation of heart muscle. The Jupiter is the Ruler of this star and represents expansions, swelling, dilation etc when afflicted.

Indication for prevention of heart disease

1. In case Fourth house, its Lord, its Karka Moon, sign Cancer and Nakshatra Anuradha are in auspicious influence, the heart would be strong and would resist any indications and yoga(s) which may exist in the birth chart for the disease of heart. These are summarised as under:

(A) If Moon and Lord of the fourth house are:

i. In their Exaltation, Mooltrikona and own rashi(s).

ii. Conjunet, hammed or/and aspected by benefie planets.

iii.. Placed in good bhavas-kendra and trikona (it would be better if both from Ascendant and fourth house)

iv. Moving towards their exaltation sign.

v. Vargottama, exaltation or own Navmasas.

vi. With six or more in their own Astak Vargas and more than 32 bindus in Sarva Astakvarga.

vii. Dispositor of these planets are similarly in auspicious influence.

viii. These planets have acquired requisite Shad-Bala and vimshopak strength.

ix. Placed in auspicious Shashtiyamsa (60th part of the rashi)

These are indications for strong and healthy heart.

(B) On the contrary, the following factors will promote illness, if Moon and lord of forth house are:

(1) In their debilitation or enemy sign

(2) Placement in 6th, 8th or/and 12th house from Ascendant and fourth house

(3) Hemmed by Malefics.

(4) Conjunction or aspect of Melefics (Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and lords of 6th 8th and 12th house)

(5) Relationship (Sambandh) with the Lords of 6th, 8th and 12th Lords from forth as Well as ascendant.

(6) Melefics in 6,8 and 12 or 5 or 9th houses from fourth house.

(7) Relationship with significators of diseases of heart..

(8) Placement of planets in debilitation, Enemy and malefic Navmasa or in the Navamasa of rashis falling in tril: Bhavas

(9) Planets with 3 or less Bindus in their own respective Astakvarga and 22 or less Bindus sarvastal Vargas.

(10) Bhavas, their Lords and Karka do not have requisite Shad-Bala and Vimshopak Strength

(11) Placed in inauspicious Shashtiyamsa.

(12) Fourth house and Cancer Rashi are occupied. Aspected or hemmed by Malefics.

Indication of Cardiac Illness.

The following points are to be examined:

I. Affliction to SUN: this is by far the most important factor in causing cardiac illness Affliction from Saturn causes palpitation and shivering of heart. Ketu causes pain in the heart. Mars causes problem of blood circulation. Sun's debilitation and relationship with 6, 8th and 12th houses or their Lords promotes heart disease.

II. Affliction to fifth house and 11th house and their Lords.

III. Affliction to sign Leo and Aquarius.

IV. Affliction to Lagna and its Lord. - This also promotes diseases.

V. Affliction to fourth and fifth houses from Moon and Sun respectively.

VI. In the main Dasa of a malefic planet, if antardasa lord is retrograde and situated in fifth house from Lagna or Sun, promotes Cardiac illness.

VII. In the presence of sufficient affliction, the Dasa of planets associating with SUN, the 5th house, the 5th lord leads to Cardiac illness.

VIII. Affiliction to seventh house from Moon or Darapada (Jaimini sutra 4.1.2). Any melific in seventh house will affliction and provide melefic argala on fifth house.

IX. In the basic scheme, Lagna is the house of health, sixth is for disease, 8th for death, 2nd and 7th are Marka houses nand 12th is the house of decay. The ninth house is for growth and 11th house for recovery. When we consider similar scheme from house of heart i.e. the fourth house, the fourth house is for health of the heart, Ninth house is for its disease, 11th is for its death, 3rd for decay, 5th and 10th act as its Marka, 12th for growth and 2nd house from Lagna is for recovery of heart from disease. This gives some interesting information with regard to heart disease. 9th, 11th 12th and 2nd houses from Lagna are common in both schemes. Thus 9th house may promote growth of the whole body but at the cost of heart. Similarly 11th house may promote recovery of the body from other illnesses but may adversely harm the heart. 12th house may weaken the body but may contribute to the health of the heart. 2nd house may help from the recovery of heart from the of disease but may sometimes be fata to the native on account other reasons. These are the contradictions which Doctors and native face in life in actual practice. The astrologer should be very careful while assessing the recovery of a particular organ of the body.

All these factors are to be properly weighed before reaching a prediction on the recovery of the Native from the illness.

When main Karka's heart are strong and in good influence like fourth house, Moon, Lord of the fourth house, sign Cancer, and star Anuradha, the heart would be strong. If these factors are WEAK AND AFFLICTED the heart would be weak and liable to contact disease. On the other hand, if Karkas for promoting disease of the heart are in benefic influence, they would not promote disease. If thee are afflicted they would certainly promote disease even if heart Muscle and its function both are in healthy condition both the above factors, the Karkas of heart and its disease are afflicted the disease in the heart would be of serious nature.

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Regarding Parasara's Drigdasa (Re: JH71 Drigdasa change - to Narasimhaji)

From: Narasimha PVR Rao <>
Date: Thu, Mar 27, 2008 at 7:30 PM
Subject: Regarding Parasara's Drigdasa (Re: JH71 Drigdasa change - to Narasimhaji)

Dear Sundeep,

>I still think both algorithms should be
> shown and attributed in JH 7.1, while only the one of your choice
> should be recommended.

By any chance, are you thinking that I replaced one version of drigdasa with another, i.e. deleted the old version from JHora?

If so, that is not true. Click the options button when displaying drigdasa. Both the algorithms are available in JHora 7.1 and labeled appropriately. You can choose either of them. Of course, my choice (Parasara's version) is the default.

> You have made some change
> that makes Parasara's Drigdasa show up differently. It was not a bug
> in your software, but a *change in the algorithm*.

I did NOT make any "change" in "Parasara's drigdasa". In fact, "Parasara's drigdasa" was not even available in JHora until now. There was a "drigdasa" available in previous JHora, which was based on Sanjay's teachings that were repeated by several SJC teachers including me. But those teachings were NOT based on Parasara's teachings. The drigdasa Sanjay taught was based on his memory of the interpretation of one CRYPTIC line of Jaimini by his elders.

In JHora 7.1, drigdasa as taught by Parasara was added for the first time. This is an *addition* and not a "change".

In JHora 7.03, there was only one drigdasa and it was just called "Drigdasa". Now that there are two versions, proper labeling is needed. The old drigdasa from JHora 7.03 was renamed as "Drigdasa (taught by SJC teachers in 1998-2007)". Sanjay, I and Robert and perhaps other SJC teachers taught it in books and articles in this time period and hence the name. The newly added version based on a translation of Parasara's unambiguous verses was named as "Drigdasa taught by Parasara".

If Parasara's verses were ambiguous and my translation was different from Santhanam's (or someone else's), I would have marked the variations by our names. Given that Parasara's verses are unambiguous and all translators I have seen so far translated the same way (including my own translation), I see absolutely no need to add my name in the dasa.

* * *

Just some background...

A few years back, I stumbled on the verses on drigdasa in BPHS. I noticed that sthira dasa years were used instead of chara dasa years and the direction of reckoning aspects was determined differently. Thus, dasa calculation differs from Sanjay's teaching based on Jaimini's cryptic line.

When I brought the differences to Sanjay's attention, he told me that he did not study this dasa in that much detail and that it was one of the many dasas on which he took down notes from his uncle on one afternoon. He said there *could* be mistakes and Parasara's version could be correct.

I was still not fully satisfied. As there was no ambiguity in the verses, I was confident that the calculations were right. But I could not find any more consistent results than with Sanjay's version. I knew there was some missing link that still needed to be discovered. I put it on the hold (just as so many other issues are, even now).

One day, it came in a flash. When Narayana dasa starts from 7th house, we take the 7th from dasa sign as progressed lagna. Similarly, if drigdasa which starts from the 9th house is the progression of the 9th house, the the 5th house from dasa sign must be the progressed lagna!

Once I applied that idea, this dasa worked fantastically in every spiritualist chart I tried. It works impeccably and with amazing consistency.

In my first article in Jyotish Digest on drigdasa, I explained how Jaimini's cryptic line could also be interpreted to mean the same thing Parasara taught. Thus, it is likely that what we taught earlier is simply wrong and this is the correct thing.

There are a lot of things we teach, which do not work very consistently. I consider Tithi pravesha and Parasara's drigdasa the most consistent and near-perfect techniques that I had the previlege of teaching. Most other techniques I know are quite imperfect and need corrections. I am confident that there are errors in even simple building blocks like chara karaka calculation.

I re-iterate - my contribution is in finding one core principle related to the judgment of this drigdasa and the calculations themselves are clear from BPHS. In fact, even my contribution in terms of judgment is a minor one. Now that I know it, it seems quite obvious and straight-forward and I wonder why I had to wait for a couple of years to get it!

If you are genuinely interested in drigdasa and in timing spiritual matters, please read my articles on Parasara's drigdasa in the last two issues of Jyotish Digest. If Sanjay ji agrees, I'd love to put the articles in PDF format on the web. Let us see.

Best regards,
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---- vedicastrostudent <> wrote:
> Dear Narasimhaji,
> Thanks for informing me about the default language setting!
> Regarding your comment:
> "Regarding drigdasa, I disagree. There is no need to add my name. My
> contribution in the 2008 articles is in the judgment rules of the
> dasa and not in the calculations. JHora gives calculations and not
> judgments. The calculations are exactly as interpreted by Santhanam
> in his translation of BPHS and, in fact, I expect anybody to
> translate the same way. If somebody else in future interprets
> Parasara differently and that interpretation is added to JHora, then
> we can think of qualifiers/adjectives to the name. For now, there is
> no need for any additional qualifiers/adjectives apart from
> Parasara's name."
> I remain unconvinced. For a layperson like myself, the entire
> judgement + calculation is a black box. You have made some change
> that makes Parasara's Drigdasa show up differently. It was not a bug
> in your software, but a *change in the algorithm*. That change:
> (a) Was a non-obvious one, because hundreds of astrologers, many of
> them excellent, including yourself, were unable to detect any
> problem from 1999-2007, either in its theory or in its results(!!).
> It is not as if the change is minor - in my case, it changes the
> dasas significantly, I am assuming it does so in many other cases as
> well. So this change is NOT a fine tuning, but has major impact.
> (b) Required you to present your change at a conference and get the
> assent of your peers and gurus before you brought it into your
> software.
> Both of the above, in any other field, would *require* that you
> label this change as significant and identify it distinctly. By
> simply "sliding" it in, it looks like it is a bug fix or an
> optimization and it is neither of the two, but a significant
> algorithmic change of major impact.
> As always, this is JMHO. I still think both algorithms should be
> shown and attributed in JH 7.1, while only the one of your choice
> should be recommended.
> Thanks,
> Sundeep

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Vimalananda and Aghora Books (Re: On Akbar)

> Narasimhaji,
> Thanks for informative post. Could you please tell me how to get
> Aghora Series by Swami Vimalananda and his biography?
> Thanks and Regards,
> Kumar Ghanta

From: Narasimha P.V.R. Rao <>
Date: Tue, Mar 4, 2008 at 9:21 AM
Subject: [vedic-wisdom] Vimalananda and Aghora Books (Re: On Akbar)

Namaste Kumar ji,

Vimalananda did not write the books. He was a yogi who lived his life freely and shunned publicity. Even people close to him did not know about his abilities and very few knew what he was capable of. He gave a lot of freewheeling talks to Robert Svoboda on many aspects of spirituality and made the latter take down notes. He asked him to publish them after he left the body. Thus, the books were published after Vimalananda left the world. He did not want any attention while living.

In my humble opinion, these books are a divinely inspired work and
Vimalananda was someone who experienced the highest states of consciousness. He must be a reborn rishi. However, I must warn you that these books may shock some of you and put you off.

Most religious practices maintain some level of external purity. Even though we say that "all is Brahman", we treat different objects differently and consider some objects as "pure" and some as "impure".

In aghora, the faith in the internal purity of everything is so high that
external purity is de-emphasized and seemingly gross and disgusting things are practiced, just so that one overcomes aversion and attraction for things and sees all as one (Brahman). The path of aghora is not for everyone. A very high level of internal purity is required for success in it. Without it, one should not attempt it, because one is guaranteed to fall.

There is no doubt that these are fantastic books that are directly inspired by Mother Smashaana Taaraa. I recommend them to every spiritual seeker who is curious about tantric practices, with the cautionary word that you should be prepared to be shocked.

Here are the links in Amazon:

(1) "Aghora, At the Left Hand of God" by Robert E Svoboda

(2) "Aghora II: Kundalini" by Robert E Svoboda

(3) "Aghora III: The Law of Karma" by Robert E Svoboda

The first book is awe-inspiring and tends to catch the imagination with its magical tales. It is a popular book. The second book is even more insightful and full of genuine knowledge. There is a lot of nonsense on Kundalini out there and this is the most genuine book. The third book is the least popular of the series, but perhaps the best. Overall, these books have a lot of deep knowledge in coded form, provided one overcomes the initial shock and gets a sense of what aghora is all about.

Vimalananda had a darshan of Smashaana Taaraa when he was 20 or 21 and kept seeing Her almost every night. He basically learnt about everything from Her directly.

Best regards,
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From: "kumar_gh_2000" <>
To: <>
Sent: Sunday, March 02, 2008 10:43 PM
Subject: [vedic-wisdom] On Akbar (Re: Boycott 'Jodhaa Akbar' | Participate
in awareness drive)

> --- In, "Narasimha P.V.R. Rao" <pvr@...>
> wrote:
>> Namaskaram anna,
>> I saw this movie and I cannot help responding.
>> It is true that Hindus and sanatana dharma suffered badly at the
> hands of Muslim invaders (and other invaders), but it is wrong to
> take out that anger on Akbar. Some people cannot see beyond a man's
> name and religion and hence cannot recognize when a great celestial
> being is born in a different religion.
>> Swami Vimalananda, the Aghori yogi mentioned in the "Aghora" series
> books, is somebody who achieved the highest states of consciousness.
> He received a lot of knowledge directly from Mother Tara.
> Accordinging to him, Akbar and Jodha were the re-incarnation of
> Samyukta and Rajput King Prithviraj Chouhan. As Prithviraj, he
> repelled so many Muslim invaders at the border of India. When Muslims
> finally conquered India, he was reborn as one of them and put breaks
> on their aggression and changed their ways.
>> In that age, Muslim invaders engaged in barbarism, destroyed
> temples, libraries and other relics of native religion and culture.
> They beheaded Hindus who refused to convert, they raped Hindu women
> and they beheaded defeated kings. They just tried to wipe out the
> native religion and culture and replace with theirs. Akbar slowed
> down the barbarism and aggression and promoted tolerance and
> integration. He stopped the forced conversions, rapes and beheadings
> of Hindus. He stopped the destruction of temples and libraries. He
> talked about respecting other religions while following one's own
> religion. He even took on the mighty Muslim clerics when he abolished
> a special tax on Hindus based on religion. He was a man of great
> character, conviction and principles and was utterly fearless. He had
> affinity for Rajputs and was even born in a Rajput family and spent
> early years there. He displayed the samskaras and instincts of a
> refined and cultured Rajput more than those a of Mughal king - he was
> so unlike his grandfather Babar, father Humayun and step-brother
> Adham.
>> He used to offer arghyas to Sun in the morning and then participate
> in a Zoroastrian fire ritual of Farsis (similar to our homam) and
> then do a namaz with Muslim clerics. Such tolerance was unheard of
> from any other Muslim ruler in those days (or perhaps even today!).
> Towards the end of his life, he even started his own religion, which
> was based on his realization and is quite noble. He was a spiritually
> elevated soul. Irrespective of the religion one follows, one deserves
> our respect and admiration if one embodies the spirit of sanatana
> dharma in one's thoughts and actions.
>> Akbar was a true hero - a being who came down from a higher loka to
> fulfil a certain mission with the blessings of rishis. His
> contribution to the safekeeping of sanatana dharma is not to be
> judged from what harm his fellow Muslims inflicted on sanatana
> dharma. His contribution is to be judged from what *more* harm to
> sanatana dharma he helped *avoid*. If he had not come, I have no
> doubt that sanatana dharma would have suffered much much more than it
> did. That was not the wish of rishis and that is why they sent
> somebody to alter the course and minimize the harm. It is unfortunate
> that those who see the goodness of emperor Ashoka and king Shivaji
> cannot see the goodness of Akbar simply because he was a Muslim.
>> It is unfortunate that some Hindus are equating Akbar with the
> other cruel and barbaric Muslim kings. Who should be (was) a friend
> of Hindus is being portrayed as an enemy and being shot down.
> Instead, we should promote his story and inspire more people to be
> like him. He was a great inspirational figure then and should be now
> too.
>> The epic movie "Jodha Albar" is a very good movie about one of the
> greatest and most dharmik emperors of India. The director and actor
> did justice to a man of great character that Akbar was. I am sad
> about the mud-slinging that some of my fellow Hindus are engaging in.
> Please do not assassinate the character of Akbar.
>> If you want, please make movies of the same caliber and cinematic
> excellence on great Hindu heroes such as Chatrapati Shivaji,
> Prithviraj Chouhan, Sri Krishnadeva Raya, Vikramarka, Salivahana,
> Ashoka, Jnaaneshwar, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Shankaracharya,
> Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Vivekananda, Ramana Maharshi etc. But there
> is no need to denigrate a fine movie made on Akbar.
>> These are my 2 cents on the fire over Jodha Akbar.
>> Best regards,
>> Narasimha
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>> ----- Original Message -----
>> Namaskar
>> This is an awareness drive to awake people to boycott
> movie 'Jodhaa Akbar'.
>> The movie Jodhaa Akbar is a vile, vicious, and covert attempt by
> a mischievous producer/director from Bollywood (Mumbai) to make quick
> bucks by denigrating and vilifying the Hindu (Rajput) people. Sonia's
> (Antonia Maino) Congress government promtly banned 'Da Vinci Code'
> movie after Christians' protest, but this Secular (?) government is
> so insensitive about Hindus protest about 'Jodhaa-Akbar' !
>> Visit - to -
>> a.. Know true story of Cruel Akbar and Jodhaabai
>> b.. Know the people behind this conspiracy (The movie crew)
>> c.. View glimpses of protests
>> Send this mail to your friends for creating awareness and
> protecting self-respect.
>> Shameful Hindus who throng to watch Jodhaa-Akbar, a film which
> glorifies Hindu hater Cruel Akbar, are worthy of getting killed by
> Terrorists!

Brihaspati Gayatri, Vishwamitra/Gaathina Rishi Rig Veda 6.62.6