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Chandrahari /Lahiri Ayanamshas - PVR Narasimha View

Namaste Pradeep and others,

> I will study some more charts and post them at a later period.I
> request scholars of this group to give their valuable comments.
> Narasimha ji could you kindly express your views on this.Your
> experience and experiments will be in a better position for objective
> comments.

Well, Sri Chandra Hari has kindly sent me a lot of material. I have only gone through half of it and plan to go through the remaining material also. I will reserve my final judgment until I read all the material. Here are some preliminary thoughts.

At this time, I just want to say one thing. One's logic is only as good as the weakest link in it. For example, one may make excellent and logical statements about Jyotish and also make excellent and logical statements about Tantra, but the link may be a weak link. One not paying enough attention may get carried away by all the wonderful exposition and think "wow, what a beautiful theory about Tantra and Jyotish" without realizing that the link given is a feeble one. Let me take the following example.

> We know about Mooladhara,Moola nakshathra(root) and the name Rashi
> -Chakra.ChandraHari has been able to reconcile all into the True
> -siderial -Zodiac -''RahuSikhiMooladhara Chakram or Rashi

I cannot understand the link between Mooladhara and Moola star, except a similarity in names. Mooladhara chakra and the higher six chakras correspond to the seven urdhva lokas (Bhuh, Bhuvah, ... Satya). The lower seven chakras correspond to the seven adholokas (Atala, Vitala, ... Patala). Thus, you would expect one half of the zodiac to be the urdhva lokas and one half to be adholokas. You would expect Mooladhara chakra to be half the way thru the zodiac.

If the head of the Kala Purusha is in Aries, that's where you'd expect his Sahasrara chakra. If the throat of the Kala Purusha is in Ge, that's where you'd expect his Visuddhi chakra. And, you'd expect the Mooladhara chakra of Kalapurusha at 180 deg point of the zodiac. Why is it expected at Moola???

The region 0-180 deg contains chakras from Sahasrara to Mooladhara and the remaining 180 deg contains lower chakras (which lie in thighs, knees, ankles, feet etc).

In a lot of material sent by Sri Chandra Hari, I found a lot of brilliant exposition joined by extremely weak links where you are expected to make a jump in thinking without convincing logic.

To me, it is clear that Mooladhara chakra of Kaala Purusha is at 180 deg and NOT at 240 deg.

This is my preliminary reaction and I will give a more conclusive view after I finish reading the material.

May Jupiter's light shine on us,

Navamsa Reading

Namaste Pradeep,

I forgot to make one point yesterday.

You used my chart and explained a known event using Chandra Hari ayanamsa:

> I tried to take Shri Narasimhas chart and study some events as given
> in his website.''In 1987, I stood state first in Intermediate (higher
> secondary school)exams in the state of AP in India with a record
> aggregate of the decade and with 300 on 300 in mathematics. I went to
> India's prestigeous Indian Institute of Technology in Madras (now
> known as Chennai).''
> It was Saturn/Sun period as per C.Hari Ayanamsha.Saturn is the 5th
> lord attaining neechabhanga.Sun is the main planet causing
> neechabhanaga(as sun is the planet that gets exlated in aries and is
> in a kendra from lagna).

One can use whatever ayanamsa one wants and come up with beautiful explanations of already known events. But the fact remains that the only astrologer who predicted the event beforehand used Lahiri ayanamsa and Saturn-Moon antardasa!

My father used rasi and navamsa charts, Vimsottari dasa and transits and confidently predicted that I would have excellent success academically in 1987. In fact, when I wanted to take EAMCET engineering entrance test for engg colleges in my AP state (as a backup in case I don't succeed in IIT entrance test), my father was adament that it would be a waste of money, time and energy and that I would surely make it to IIT. He saw May-July 1987 as an excellent period of academic success and getting into engg. He thought I was crazy to think that I may not make it to IIT.

He predicted my going abroad in 1991 and getting married in 1993. He predicted to my sister (and not to me so as to not influence my decisions) that I would come back to India in mid-1993 and leave India again in the second half of 1994.

My father made several accurate predictions about my past, ahead of the events, using dasas and antardasas of Vimsottari dasa computed using Lahiri ayanamsa and transits.

Thus, it is unfair to project as though Vimsottari dasa as per Lahiri ayanamsa does not work in my chart.

May Jupiter's light shine on us,

Namaste Pandit ji,

I will try to write what I remember.

My father uses rasi and navamsa charts only. To my father, navamsa is not just the chart of seeing dharma and marriage. To him, it is the chart of fortune and blessings. He sees navamsa for all events. He uses navamsa as a separate chart (just like Dr Raman did).

Moon is in Gemini navamsa with Venus. Gemini is the 10th house in rasi chart and Venus is the 9th lord. Thus, Moon promises luck and name in society. Moon aspects Jupiter in Sg and gives Gaja-Kesari yoga. Sg is the 4th house of education in rasi chart and Jupiter is the 4th lord. Thus, Moon brings luck to education and gets name.

Moon is in Ge navamsa and Ge is the 10th house. Mars is the 10th lord from Moon in rasi chart and is the dispositor of the 10th lord from lagna. Thus, Mars is an important planet for career and shows engineering. In navamsa, Mars aspects Moon in Ge and gives Chandra-Mangala yoga. So my father concluded that Moon antardasa would give me professional education in engineering.

At the time IIT results were to be declared (morning of 1987 June 1), dasa lord Saturn was transiting in Sc rasi (10th from Moon in natal rasi) and Aq navamsa (10th from lagna in natal navamsa). He was in the nakshatra of Mercury (10th lord in rasi). Mars too joined Saturn in navamsa transit (10th lord from Moon in natal rasi). Moreover Saturn was in own navamsa in the 10th house from navamsa lagna. So my father concluded that something important to engineering career would happen.

Antardasa lord Moon was to transit in own sign in the 6th house on that day and transit over dasa lord in navamsa. So my father simply could not understand why I would not succeed on that day in securing admission to IIT and thought I was foolish to pursue backup plans.

Also, from dasa lord Saturn, Moon is in the 11th house in both natal rasi and natal navamsa. So it was to be a period of gains. But Moon is the 12th lord from Saturn in navamsa. So he could give a displacement in the southeasten direction shown by Moon (in vaastu). So my father thought I could move from Nagarjuna Sagar to Madras. Mars is a yoga karaka from Saturn in navamsa (Le) and occupies the 5th house and gives a raja yoga with Jupiter. So my father concluded that Mars dasa would bring success in engineering education. In Mars antardasa, I indeed moved to the top of my class at IIT and stayed there almost till the end before slipping to the second place.

Saturn is the 9th lord in navamsa and Sun is in it. Rahu is the karaka. Sun is the 12th lord in 7th in rasi too. So my father expected me to go abroad in Saturn-Rahu-Sun pratyantardasa. Of course, he used Savana years (360d). If you use Savana years, you'll see that the date I left India (1991 Aug 15) does happened to be in that pratyantardasa.

BTW, when my father was here in 1998, I gave him a challenge which he accepted. I gave him 10 rasi charts and 10 dasamsa charts (without matching them) and asked him to guess the careers of those people. He hadn't used charts other than rasi and navamsa until then and I told him to use dasamsa chart as though it was a rasi chart. Just as I expected, he got 9/10 correct with dasamsa and only 7/10 with rasi. He conceded that dasamsa could be useful and was glad that I was seriously pursuing the teachings of Parasara.

One last word on my father: He is a very spiritual person and a great devotee of Lakshmi and Narayana. He was at his peak especially in 1980's and I saw him make many brilliant predictions. He has excellent vaagbala and made many predictions that certainly cannot be made based on astrology alone. For example, he once wrote an article in 1980s on upcoming state elections in AP (in a local literary/cultural magazine called "Sree Vani"). He predicted in writing that NTR's party and allies would together get 216 or 234 seats (out of 294). He identified two possible numbers. NTR and allies not only won as he predicted, but they got exactly 234 seats! How can one ever predict such things with astrology?? It is more than astrology...

May Jupiter's light shine on us,

Kunda rectification

Dear Vijay and others,

Rectification using Kunda was taught with examples in the first few chapters of Pt Sanjay Rath's excellent book "Crux of Vedic Astrology: Timing of Events". This is such an excellent book that even the most learned scholars will find something or the other in the book that they don't know.

You can also find the longitude of "Kunda" given in JHora software.

WARNING: Read below only if you are interested in my honest personal view on Kunda. I am not looking for an argument on this contentious issue. I am mentioning my views only to benefit those who care for my views.

* * *

I personally don't think much of Kunda method of rectification. If you think logically, you too will realize that it cannot be correct. Definitely, there is something amiss with our current understanding of it.

Most rectification methods divide time into various quanta. Human birth can occur in some quanta and cannot occur in some quanta. But these quanta are so large in some methods that it is just absurd. Kunda is one such method.

Lagna changes sign once in every 120 min on average. So Kunda changes sign once in every 120/81=1.48 min.

This results in a 1.48 min window when birth can occur and a 4.44 min window when birth cannot occur. This will be followed by a 1.48 min window when birth can occur and then a 4.44 min window when birth cannot occur.

We have instances when twins were born 3 minutes apart. We even have instances when triplets or quadruplets or pentuplets or sextuplets were born onc every 2-3 minutes.

If you are told that twins were born at 1:03 pm and 1:05 pm, you may have to change those times to 1:03, 1:08 or 1:02, 1:03. The way I look at it, it is just absurd.

The quanta of time used in any genuine rectification methods must be much smaller than 1.48 and 4.44 min. The tattva and antara tattva method seems more reasonable to me.

May Jupiter's light shine on us,

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Assessing finances through Hora chart (BV Raman Hora Chart)

Sri Raman Suprajarama

I spoke on "Assessing finances through Hora chart" on August 15, 2005 when Raman Jayanthi was observed. This is a new method of casting the Hora chart. The same has been uploaded at our website

I request the esteemed readers to kindly send their observations.

Om Tat Sat,
Raman Suprajarama

The correct mapping for the special hora chart is as follows:

Rasi Position <15 degrees >= 15 degrees
Aries Scorpio Capricorn
Taurus Taurus Pisces
Gemini Virgo Aries
Cancer Cancer Libra
Leo Leo Gemini
Virgo Gemini Cancer
Libra Libra Leo
Scorpio Aries Virgo
Sagittarius Pisces Taurus
Capricorn Capricorn Scorpio
Aquarius Aquarius Sagittarius
Pisces Sagittarius Aquarius

Warm regards,

Raman Suprajarama

I am glad that my paper has created considerable interest. The very fact that there was more than 200 downloads within 24 hrs has given me considerable satisfaction. Below is my reply to all emails. I use Raman Ayanamsa and there could be some differences in the co-ordinates to that when calculated using Lahiri Ayanamsa. Further, the Ayanamsa I use takes the
year of coincidence as 397 (Raman value) but calculations are done with slightly different figures. The value I use deviates by about 6-8 minutes from the value calculated by Jagannatha Hora.

Dear Mr. Rath,

The first person to give this out in public was Narasimha Rao and you have done an excellent paper on it as well. However there is some discrepancy in the table given by you. For example, in tha table you have given for Aries the first hora which is surya hora is ruled by Mars-Scorpio (correct as it is day sign) but then you show Capricorn as the night sign. Kindly clarify.

The variation that I have given differs from other variations of the Hora chart found in Jagannatha Hora Software. I think Narasimha Rao presented a version known as Kashinatha Hora which is found in Jagannatha Hora Software which is quite different to what I have presented.

The idea behind the chart is as follows:

1) Divide the signs into Day strong Signs and Night strong Signs

2) The first half of an odd sign is ruled by the lord of that sign and the planets go to the Day sign of this planet

3) The second half of an odd sign is ruled by the lord of the 11th from that sign and the planet belongs to the Night sign of this planet

4) In an even sign, the first half is ruled by the lord of that sign and the planet belongs to the Night sign of this planet

5) The second half on the even sign is ruled by the lord of 11th from that sign and belongs to the Day sign of this planet

There is one exception here. For Sun and Moon, there are no separate day and night signs. For Moon, both day and night signs are Cancer and for Sun, both day and night signs are Leo.


This is the chart I have in my database. The chart was given to me by a close friend. Details are as follows:
Aishwarya Rai
Nov 1, 1973, 4:05 am at Mangalore.

Dr. Raman's birth details are August 8, 1912, Bangalore. For the current chart I have used the rectified time (19.43 hrs). The birth details of the rest cannot be provided due to obvious reasons. I use Raman Ayanamsa. More details can be found at the top of this email.

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Kendra(Quadrants) From Arudha

Respected Gurujis and Learned Members of Group,

Can anybody plz enlighten me of implication of UL being 4th from AL or any link to learn various positions of UL from AL.

Thanking in Advance.

Shaziya Khan

|| Om Gurave Namah ||

Namaste/Salaam Shaziya,

Kendra position of AL and UL is good.

Kendras are ruled by moon and hence they govern creation and growth. Like the 4 tides formed by Moon. (Try to picture the High and lowtides, refer any website).

1/7th and 10th/4th represent the users and givers of energy for creation and they are mutual helpers. Signs having Kendra positions help more towards each other's Growth. Particularly note the Paaraspara Kaaraka Kendras.

Aries - Capricorn
Tarus - Leo
Gemini - Virgo
Cancer - Libra
Scorpio - Aquarius
Sagittarius - Pisces

These two kendra will help more towards each other and hence called Paaraspara (Mutual) Kaaraka (Doer) Kendra.

1 and it's kendra are Rajasic (From Moon and Also all Arudhas as Arudha's are created by Moon)
2 and kendra are saatvic and hence sustain.
3 and kendra are Tamasic and try to go agianst Rajas. 1 and 3 kendras are in mutual tustle.

Freedom cole has also written a nice article read it at

Warm Regards
Sanjay P

Hare Rama Krishna

Financial Astrology

Refer to Jyotish Guru PVR Narasimha Rao's Lecture in Saylorsburg, PA

Dear Vijay,

> Dear PVRji,

Just call me PVR or Narasimha. No need for a ji.

> I would like to get your presentation on financial astrology, at
> Pennsylvannia. You were going to post it here a few months back, but I
> guess got sidetracked. Please do post it to the files section or at
> least send it to me. I am very interested in this.
> Thanks in advance and with best regards,
> -Vijay

I am not an expert in financial astrology at all. But I could not reject an opportunity to speak in front of Medha Dakshinamurthy and hence went to Saylorsburg in May to talk about financial astrology. So take the material that I am going to direct you to with a pinch of salt. I am quite sure that there is some worthy stuff in it and equally sure that it is not refined yet.

You can download all the presentations I made at Arsha Vidya Gurukulam on May 15 at

Unzip the file and you will get four PowerPoint slide shows.

Unfortunately, these are just the presentations that served as an anchor for my talking and may not mean much without some explanation. But try to peruse them and some details may still be clear.

In our tradition, we use Kashinatha Hora chart for wealth and finances. The above zip file contains a presentation on hora chart also. Go thru the presentation on hora chart, as that is the basis for the rest.

The presentation on national finances is the one on stock market and should be the one you are interested in. Let me give the gist so that it is easy to follow the presentation. I basically presented two key methods:

(1) Kartika Sukla Pratipada chart and Compressed Vimsottari dasa:

Make a chart for the beginning of Kartika Sukla Pratipada (day after Diwali). This is the beginning of the financial new year, as Libra is the natural sign of business and luminaries conjoin in Libra at that time.

Judge the strength of the rasi and hora charts. I give more importance to hora chart.

I use compressed Vimsottari dasa to judge the trends within the year. I find the 3 parts rule very efficient and it is clearly given in the presentation.

Let me illustrate this with an example. Make the Kartika Sukla Pratipada (called "Financial new year chart" in the mundane tab of JHora) of 2004-05 for Washington DC. In the D-2 chart, Mercury is the 8th lord from Scorpio lagna and afflicts lagna along with Rahu. Being a malefic in this D-2 chart, he gives the results of his avastha in the first 1/3rd, results of yogas in the middle 1/3rd and the results of his ownerships and occupancy in the last 1/3rd. So we conclude that Feb 28-Mar 22 is bad for the market (results of "8th lord in lagna" given by Mercury) and result in a fall. That indeed happened.

I was hoping to get away with some retro-analysis at the seminar, but these guys pushed me to make predictions. As some other astrologers at the seminar were expecting a stock market crash in June-July timeframe, they asked me how that period was.

You can see that Sun and Moon dasas run during June 10-July 26. Sun and Moon are the 10th and 9th lord conjoined in 7th and giving a raja yoga. So I said that there would not be a crash or a fall and that markets would in general do well during June-July (S&P 500 reached new records for the year). Sun is in the house of adhisatru and Moon is badhakesha. So I was expecting some blips, but I thought the overall period would be good. Especially, I said I expected the middle one-third of Moon dasa (July 7-19) to be excellent, as Moon would then give the result of his raja yoga with Sun. The results of the yogas are given in the middle one-third. I think the stock has indeed done well then and climbed to annual records.

Of course, I got lucky and this method is certainly not fool-proof. It is promising but needs more work. Unfortunately, I have no time for financial astrology. I find other branches of astorlogy more interesting and soend more time on them. But you can try to refine my approach.

(2) Tribhagi Vimsottari and Sarvatobhadra Chakra

This is not specific to US or a country and a method for the overall world markets. Find Tribhagi Vimsottari dasa. Starting from Moon's star, we will go thru the 27 stars during the year. Take the current Tribhagi Vimsottari dasa star and take it as the progressed janma tara. Find vedhas, drishtis (aspects) and lattas (kicks) on it in Sarvatobhadra chakra. Nadis of stars can also be considered. A latta/drishti/vedha from a malefic planet on progressed janma tara can be particularly bad if the planet is transiting in a malefic nadi (e.g. Prachanda nadi). A drishti/vedha from a benefic planet on progressed janma tara can be particularly good if the planet is transiting in a benefic nadi (e.g. Amrita nadi). The nadis are defined in the slides.

As an example, take April 12-15, 2005. As per compressed Tribhagi Vimsottari dasa of Kartika Sukla Pratipada chart of 2004-05, Mercury dasa corresponding to Revati star was running during April 5-23. Rahu was transiting in Revati star. Sun's presence alleviated problems till April 13 or so. Sun moved away from Revati and Rahu in a dehana (malefic) nakshatra was alone afflicting the progressed janma nakshatra. So there was a big fall after April 13.

As another example, take the Tribhagi Vimsottari dasa of Venus corresponding to Bharani star during April 29-May 19. Bharani was being transited by Sun and Venus (Sun is considered a benefic here) during early May and then by only Sun. Though Mars was aspecting Bharani when the dasa started, his ability to harm was ineffective in an Amrita nadi star (Dhanishtha). In any case, Mars moved to Satabhishak later and stopped aspecting Bharani. So it was a good period. Then came a blip, which cannot be explained based on this technique. But on May 18, Mercury moved into Bharani and May 18 and 19 were days of solid gains.

Like this, it is possible to find the vedhas, aspects, lattas etc on the progressed janma tara (by using the Tribhagi Vimsottari dasa compressed to the year as the progression of janma tara within the year) and make reasonable judgments. Of course, a more perfect assessment requires us to use karma and adhana taras in addition to janma tara.

This technique is my research. However, it is based on foundations given by tradition. Nadis of stars, vedhas, aspects, special nakshatras such as adhana tara, lattas, Sarvatobhadra chakra etc are all from tradition. Even Tribhagi Vimsottari dasa is from tradition. My only innovation was to link them and to use tyhe progressed janma tara as per Tribhagi to check transits in Sarvatobhadra chakra.

This technique is less reliable than the above technique, but shows some big transitions well. The two techniques together seem to give a reasonable picture in 70% cases. But as I said, refinement is needed.

That's all I have time to write for now. I'll now go back to my Tithi Pravesha book.

May Jupiter's light shine on us,
References at

Parasara's Teachings on Drigdasa

Discussion Between Jy. Guru Sanjay Rath, Jy. Guru Narasimha Rao and Jy. Guru Robert Koch
Dear Sanjay and others,

Here is the promised write-up on Parasara's teachings on Drigdasa.

Here are the verses of Parasara on Drigdasa from chapter 46 of Santhanam version (chapter number will be different in GC Sharma version, but the verse numbers will be the same). The chapter is called "dasaadhyaaya".

This is in ITrans notation and you can cut & paste into ITransliterator.

lagnAd.h dharmasya tad.hdR^ishhTarAshInAM cha dashAstataH |
dashamasya cha tad.hdR^ishhTarAshInAM cha nayet.h punaH || 185||
ekAdashasya tad.hdR^ishhTarAshInAM sthiravat.h samAH |
pravR^ittA dR^ig.h vashAdyasmAd.h dR^ig.hdasheyaM tataH smR^itA || 186||
chare vyutkramato grAhyA dR^ig.hyogAH sthirabhe kramAt.h |
vishhame kramato dvandve rAshayo vyutkramAt.h same || 187||


We reckon drigdasa by taking the 9th house and houses aspecting it, then the 10th house and houses aspecting it, and finally the 11th house and houses aspecting it. If lagna is in a dual sign, this results in a repetition of signs and Sanjay has modified this to 9th, 8th and 7th and I have no problem with it. This is not granted by Parasara, but seems like a reasonable thing to do. So I will accept it, atleast for now.

Now, when we take either the 9th house or the 10th house or the 11th house and find the order of the houses aspecting them, the procedure we at SJC have been using to is to see if the sign is odd-footed or even-footed and go zodiacally or anti-zodiacally (respectively). Suppose the 9th house is Aries. It is odd-footed. So we go zodiacally and scan for the signs aspecting Ar. Thus, we get Ar, Le, Sc and Aq as the first 4 dasas (arising from the drigyogas of the 9th house Ar).

Parasara too talked in one full verse about the direction of reckoning the drigyogas. However, he gave a totally different rule, which differs from the above in 8 out of 12 cases!

Look at verse 187 above to see what Parasara has to say.

chare vyutkramto grAhyA = in movable, take by the reverse order
sthirabhe kramAt.h = in fixed sign, by the regular order
vishame kramato dvandve = in odd dual sign, by the regular order
vyutkramAt.h same = in even [dual] sign, by the reverse order

If the 9th/10th/11th house is fixed, we find its aspects by scanning zodiacally. If the 9th/10th/11th house is movable, we find its aspects by scanning anti-zodiacally. If the 9th/10th/11th house is dual, we then go by whether it is odd or even. If the 9th/10th/11th house is dual and odd, we find its aspects by scanning anti-zodiacally. If the 9th/10th/11th house is dual and even, we find its aspects by scanning zodiacally.

You can see that a couple of these definitions are counter-intuitive. However, Sanjay made an excellent intuitive sense of them by talking about the proximity to light. If you want to go to the NEAREST aspected sign, you have to go forward for fixed signs and backward for movable signs!!! That explains why the order is what Parasara taught. In the case of dual signs, we are finding the nearest sign owned by another planet. From Jupiter's signs, we go to the nearest sign owned by Mercury and vice versa.

In any case, this is what Parasara taught and we will be wise to give it due consideration. Unless Jaimini, who was cryptic and easy to misinterpret, Parasara was quite elaborate. In this particular case, there is no ambiguity whatsoever.

Suppose Le is the 9th house and we want the signs aspected by it. In the old method, we would have gone backwards because Le is even-footed and gotten Le, Ar, Cp and Li. With Parasara's method, we go forward as Le is fixed and get Le, Li, Cp and Ar.

Thus, our old SJC method and Parasara's method deviate for Ar, Li, Le, Aq, Ge, Vi, Sg and Pi. If the 9th/10th/11th house falls in one of these 8 signs, the order of the 4 signs associated with it changes with Parasara's definition. This is a considerable deviation.


The above was quite clear. Now comes the tricky part. Parasara gave a clear instruction to use "sthiravat.h samAH" in Drigdasa, just as he did in Mandooka dasa and Shoola dasa. The instruction is to use the "sthira dasa like equal years". However, there is some scope for interpretation here. I think there can be two views here, but I haven't fully experimented and cannot say more at this time. Perhaps in a few more months. In any case, I am sure Sanjay can easily guess what I am thinking!

In the private release of JHora 7.03 that I made available on this yahoogroup last month, I just stuck to chara dasa years (i.e. Narayana dasa years), as I don't yet have a final view on how to apply the sthira dasa years to Drigdasa as Parasara recommended.

This is also why I said that we are still taking baby steps and there are more issues to resolve.

In any case, atleast the order of counting the aspected signs is crystal clear. I see no ambiguity or need for research there. Parasara's word, when there is no scope for ambiguity or a different interpretation, is the last word to me. However, others may hold a different opinion.

* * *

> How can you say that? In my chart the dasa are from the 9th house and since
> Vi: 2000-08-07 - 2001-08-07
> Ge: 2001-08-07 - 2003-08-08
> Pi: 2003-08-08 - 2015-08-08
> Sg: 2015-08-08 - 2018-08-07

Sanjay, in your chart, if we stick to chara dasa years and use the order given by Parasara, the above will change to

Vi: 2000-2001
Sg: 2001-2004
Pi: 2004-2016
Ge: 2016-2018

Vi is an even and dual sign. So we should go forward (so that we go from Mercury's sign to the nearest Jupiter's sign). So we get Vi, Sg, Pi, Ge instead of Vi, Ge, Pi, Sg.

That is what I was talking about.

> Thats right. I cannot be under Pisces Drig Dasa with Jupiter and running
> around this world like a madman! When Pisces comes I will be next to the
> ocean and will have a fixed mind with the grace of my the

I believe you are right. When the light of Jupiter in Pisces is shining, you will not need anything more in life. It should be a period of supreme bliss and contentment. When our understanding of Drigdasa calculation becomes perfect, I am pretty sure we will find that Pisces dasa is not running now.

May Jupiter's light shine on us,

Dear Narasimha
Clue lies in the word drig yoga

ekAdashasya tad.hdR^ishhTarAshInAM sthiravat.h samAH |
pravR^ittA dR^ig.h vashAdyasmAd.h dR^ig.hdasheyaM tataH smR^itA || 186||
chare vyutkramato grAhyA dR^ig.hyogAH sthirabhe kramAt.h |
vishhame kramato dvandve rAshayo vyutkramAt.h same || 187||

Option1: Narasimha's proposal
Option 2: If we read the two slokas together then it may have a different connotation also. For example it can also mean that the order for
1. moavle signs rising is 11th, 10th and 9th
2. fixed signs rising is 9th, 10th and 11th
3. dual signs rising which are odd - count regularly, dual signs which are even, count reverse
Option 3: What is 'dR^ig.hyogAH '?? This holds a clue
Option 4: Maybe this sloka 187 is for antardasa based on the lord of the rasi. or maybe a drig yoga involving the lord of the sign and the sign. Clue lies in the word drig yoga

Narasimha, ...let us have some examples, like say the time of renunciation of the sankaracharya's.

Partha...relax and enjoy this. I have passed through the phase you are going through when you read this, many many times. Jyotisa is not easy and the teachings from the word of mouth maybe distorted as Kali Yuga progresses as the understanding is dwindling. Let us stive for perfection and try to achieve the level of Varahamihira and others by checking everything and correcting ourselves.
With best wishes and warm regards,
Sanjay Rath

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Ashtottari dasa Antardasa Sequence

Om Vishnave Namah
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Dear Narasimha,
> Namaskara -
> Its been quite a while! In the future, I hope to be part of these
> discussions a bit more, as time and events change in my life.
> I have a question regarding the Antaradasa calculations for
> Ashtottari dasa given in JHora software, version 7.02. Since Ketu is
> the governor of this dasa, the sub-periods (Antaradasas) are supposed
> to run in reverse to the normal order of maha-dasa sequences. Thus,
> if Sun is the maha-dasa (as Sanjay writes in his book on Vimsottari
> and Udu Dasas), then the AD periods should run in reverse as Sun,
> then Venus, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn, etc., which is the reverse
> sequence for Ashtottari dasas, culminating in the Sun's AD coming last.
> Now, in the most recent version of JHora (7.02), the AD's run
> sequentially forward in motion with the first AD the second planet
> forward sequentially, and the last one being the same as the maha
> dasa lord. This seems to be contrary to the principles of AD
> calculation given above and which are suggested by Sanjay.
> Is there another version of JHora that has this correction, or am I
> getting something wrong here?
> As always, thanks for your time and consideration.
> Best wishes,
> Robert

Pranaams Robert,

However infrequent it may be, it is always nice to listen from a Vaishnava like you! I was thinking of sending a mail to you just this morning while driving to work, regarding Drigdasa.

Anyway, Sanjay taught me three methods of reckoning antardasas in nakshatra dasas.

Suppose mahadasas go as A, B, C, D, E, F and G. Suppose we want antardasas in mahadasa D.

Jupiter's method: Antardasas in D go as D, E, F, G, A, B and C.

Ketu's method: Antardasas in D go as E, F, G, A, B, C and D.

Rahu's method: Antardasas in D go as C, B, A, G, F, E and D.

In Jupiter's method, mahadasa lord gets the first antardasa, while he gets the last antardasa in the nodal methods. In Rahu's method, the basic order is reverse and it is normal in Jupiter's and Ketu's.

Jupiter's method is used in Vimsottari dasa. Ketu's method is used in Ashtottari dasa and Tithi Ashtottari dasa (of TP charts). Rahu's method is used in Shodasottari dasa.

Hope that answers your question.

Secondly, while reading BPHS a couple of months back, I discovered that our previous understanding of Drigdasa computation differed from an unambiguous teaching of Parasara. There are some differences and, in my view, what Parasara taught works better and makes more sense. I ran this by Sanjay too. This changes the calculations in Sanjay's own chart too.

I don't know at what stage your well-anticipated book is and whether you are even interested in finding out the differences or if it is too late. I leave it to you to decide whether to mention the other view in your book. If you want, I can write a mail about the differences and also give you a JHora with the Drigdasa computation as per Parasara's teachings.

May Jupiter's light shine on us,

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

John Bolton

By Sri Manjunath Sharma

> Dear Madam
> Please refer to my article on John Bolton.
> President Bush has finally appointed John Bolton
> using his executive
> powers. I had sent this to you –perhaps it was too
> late to be published in
> the August issue. Anyway here are some details.
> My prediction was that he would get confirmed by
> Senate, but he did not. I
> also predicted that the decision would be in his
> favor. So, it appears that
> I was close, but frankly I had not foreseen this
> Executive appointment.
> Jupiter as PD seems to correlate well with
> Presidential intervention
> (Jupiter as Guru).
> Respectfully Yours
> --
> Manjunath Sharma

Dear Sir,
Congrats on the correct prediction. The
appointment did come, though not exactly through the
I suggest you write on topics more
relevant to our country and social life. However, as
already indicated, it is important articles of a
predictive nature should reach us at least 3 to 4
months before the date of event/prediction.
Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,
Gayatri Devi Vasudev

Dear List

President Bush has finally appointed John Bolton using his executive powers. I had sent an article to Smt. Gayatri Devi Vasudev (Editor of Astrological Magazine) – perhaps it was too late to be published in the August issue. Anyway here are some details.

My prediction was that he would get confirmed by Senate, but he did not. I also predicted that the decision would be in his favor. So, it appears that I was close, but frankly I had not foreseen this Executive appointment. Jupiter as PD seems to correlate well with Presidential intervention (Jupiter as Guru).

Here are the details. The future of John Bolton
(November 20, 1948; Baltimore, Maryland; 8:17 am)
Vrishchika lagna and Mithuna (Punarvasu) Moon

John Bolton will run into the following dashas soon.

1. Chara Dasha: Aries-Libra from 2005/3/31 to 2005/11/20 In Libra there is Atma and Dara karkas forming raja yoga. But being in the 12th from lagna is not favorable. However, from Pada lagna - Capricorn it is in a favorable 10th house.

2. Vimshottari Dasha: Ketu-Mercury-Jupiter from 2005/7/16 to 2005/9/03

Ketu mahadasha from 1998 october has given Mr. Bolton a job closely linked to foreign relations. Mercury as eighth lord in 12th house is vipareeta rajayoga, aspected by a third lord from 10th house adding some strength. Mercury as 11th lord in 12th house again shows the foreign connection. Jupiter the pratyantar dasha lord (fifth lord of lagna) is aspecting 10th house in rasi, navamsha and dashamsha. This is when Mr. Bolton can expect the nomination to go through in his favor.

3. Shasti Hayani Dasha: Sun-Mercury-Venus from 2005/7/01 to 2005/8/06

Shasti Hayani dasha of sun started in 2001 January coinciding with the new Bush administration. Sun is tenth lord of Lagna. He got a very good post in May 2001 for his work during the Florida recount. Sun ill placed in D9 and D10 again points out the controversial decisions that he has pursed as Under Secretary. He is known for his tough stand while negotiating with rogue states and often is quoted as saying "I don't do carrots", implying no concessions, for giving up arms, to various nations.

4. Transits: A favorable 10th lord transit will happen when Sun moves into ninth house of luck on July 17th and later to Leo around Aug 16th.

Mr. Bolton's case will most likely come up for vote in July. United States Senate is also scheduled for a summer break in August 2005. Senate confirmation – a yes vote to nominate John Bolton, can come in any time after July 17, finally ending the controversial nomination.

Manjunath Sharma
(June 17, 2005)

Brihaspati Gayatri, Vishwamitra/Gaathina Rishi Rig Veda 6.62.6