Thursday, May 26, 2005

Dasa, Dasa Pravesha and Transit

Dear Jeyaram,
But there is one question I am not able to answer: When an event like MARRIAGE is once-in-a-lifetime to a traditional Hindu, how could the DASA(s) not point the event correctly which TP was able to point out? Are we missing something here ? Does the DASA analysis change if MOON SIGN is taken as lagna instead of SCORPIO as it is much stronger than lagna?

It is not true that dasas did not show the event. The problem is that multiple dates out of the four dates given by you can be justified using dasas. On the contrary, annual TP chart of one date really stood out.

As far as my understanding of dasas goes, there is no magical and consistently replicable formula to say that marriage is given in the mahadasa of X and antardasa of Y. There are multiple planets that become candidates to give an event and it is not easy to pick one planet confidently at the mahadasa, antardasa and pratyantardasa levels. Of course, it could just be a limitation of my knowledge. But I am much more comfortable relying on annual TP charts to make precise predictions.

Ideal application of dasas requires combining three factors - (1) natal chart, (2) dasa pravesha chart and (3) transit chart. Dasas, antardasas etc should be judged using these three factors. However, (2) is often ignored due to accuracy considerations and often we ignore (3) too (for no reason). Relying on natal chart alone to judge dasas is quite fallible. There may be 3 or 4 planets that can give marriage as per natal chart. Why does only one planet give marriage in its antardasa?

For example, I micro-rectified my own chart thoroughly and explained tens of events upto deha-antardasa level (6th level!) of Vimsottari dasa, using a very consistent methodology. What I found in that exercise is that dasa pravesha chakra is very important. If your dasa calculations are extremely accurate (which requires a superfine rectification, invariably involving many rounds of trial and error), dasa pravesha chakra will work nicely.

A lot of Jyotish we do these days is an art rather than a science. But there are scientific, systematic and replicable aspects of Jyotish. When the time comes, they will come out in the open.

> Blessed are those who are able to get
> answers from you and Sanjay ji during their formative stages in
> Astrology learning!

I am flattered, but honestly I just share my 2 cents based on my limited reading, limited experience and limited thinking. If any students think that I know a lot and that they are "blessed" to get clarifications from me, they have wrong expectations. Sanjay ji is on a different intellectual plane altogether.

May Jupiter's light shine on us,

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Sarvatobhadra Chakra, Bush and Blair

Namaste friends,
Several classics have extolled the value of Sarvatobhadra chakra (SBC) in judging transits. For those of you who are interested, I have explained its use in my book with examples (in the section on transits). It is available in my
free software JHora. Whatever parameters I am going to use below are available in JHora.
Let me give a couple of examples based on the wins of Bush and Blair.
Bush's janma vaara is Saturday. At the time of his re-election, two benefics (Jupiter and Venus) had vedha on Saturday in SBC. Bush's natal abhisheka nakshatra is Hasta. Jupiter and Venus (benefics) were transiting in it. His puttra tithi was Sukla Navami, i.e. a Rikta tithi. Mercury, Jupiter and Venus had vedha on Rikta on that day (Note: Puttra tithi moves 5 times faster compared to janma tithi and shows children as well as following). The 5th house of following was Sc and Sun, Moon and Mercury were having vedha on it.
Due to vedhas from predominantly auspicious planets on important centers of power (based on vaara, tithi, nakshatra and houses), it was a good time for him and he had to win the election.
Now, let us do the same exercise for Blair.
Blair's janma vaara is Wednesday. In SBC, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn have vedha on it right now. His puttra tithi is Krishna Shashthi, i.e. a Nanda tithi. Moon, Mercury, Venus and Rahu had vedha on it this morning. His abhisheka nakshatra Abhijit has vedha from Mars. Though Mars is the lord of lagna and GL in D-10, this vedha causes problems. However, karma nakshatra from natal lagna, Hasta, is occupied by transit Jupiter and abhisheka nakshatra from natal lagna, Krittika, is occupied by Venus and has vedha from Sun. The 5th house of natal rasi chart, Virgo, has vedha from Jupiter.
Due to the pre-dominance of auspicious vedhas on important centers of power, he too had to prevail. However, there are more negative influences in Blair's case. While Bush was seen to have a "clear mandate" to push his agenda, Blair is seen as a "bruised" winner.
However, Blair's Maanasa nakshatra (Moola) has vedha from Saturn, Rahu and Ketu right now. Though temporary vedha from Moon and Mercury alleviates it, vedhas from Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are long-standing. So you cannot expect mental peace for him. He was and will be disturbed for a while. The time when Mars and Rahu join in Revati and Ketu is in Chitra will rob him of mental peace further.
May Jupiter's light shine on us,

Disease in Delhi

Namaste Rao garu and others,

> This phenomenon of diseases in Delhi in every summer has
> not been explained astrologically. Why only in Delhi ?

Dr BV Raman has linked various regions of India to various nakshatras based on the works of Varahamihira. For example, see pages 211 and 212 of April 1944 issue of 'Astrological Magazine'.

Poorvabhadra nakshatra is supposed to show Delhi, according to Dr Raman.

Poorvabhadra is India's aadhaana nakshatra. When a disease outbreak occurs in India, janma/aadhaana/saamudaayika nakshatras (see 'Hora Ratna') are likely be afflicted by malefic vedhas in Sarvatobhadra chakra transits. So Delhi region
has a high probability.

Right now, Saturn and Ketu have vedha on Poorvabhadra nakshatra. In a separate mail, I have shown Ketu's vedhas on janma tithi, janma vaara etc also.

May Jupiter's light shine on us,

> Saturday, May 07, 2005 Updated: 08:28 pm .
> 30 new Meningococcemia cases in Delhi
> Agencies/ New Delhi
> Hospitals confirmed 141 cases of meningococcal meningitis
> in Delhi with 30 new patients reported on Saturday.
> "While no new deaths have been reported, the number of
> patients has risen to 141 with 30 more cases being admitted
> till Saturday forenoon," said JN Banwalikar, director of
> hospital administration.
> Banwalikar described meningococcal meningitis as very
> sensitive to antibiotics. "(But) It's curable and not an
> epidemic," he said.
> Meningococcal meningitis is caused by the Neisseria
> meningitis bacteria serotype A and spreads through droplet
> infection and close contact.
> Yours sincerely,
> K.N.Rao.

I see that you are talking about India's lunar new year chart. We can also see
India's natal chart and see the transits.

See transits in the SarvatoBhadra Chakra of India's independence chart!

In SBC right now, Saturn and Ketu have vedha over India's aadhaana nakshatra
(Poorvabhadra). India's janma vaara (Thursday) has vedha from Sun and Ketu.
India's janma tithi (Krishna Trayodasi, i.e. Jaya) has vedha from Sun and Ketu.
India's 6th house (roga sthana) is Libra and it has vedha from Venus and Ketu.
Unfortunately, alleviating benefic influence of Venus is weakened by the fact
that he is in Krittika, a Prachanda naadi star (very malefic). The "bha"
consonant (which starts India's name Bhaarata) has vedha from Mercury and Rahu,
who are in a Dehana nadi star Revati (another malefic star).

The most common vedha to most of the important centers of illness is from Ketu.
He is in Chitra, a Dehana nadi star. No wonder some physical suffering and
ill-health is indicated for the country. Ketu is the main culprit. Ketu can show
problems from krimis and bateria.

The star of Chitra is lorded by Tvashta. Vedic ceremonies/homas for Tvashta and
Ganesha can be conducted in the nation during such times to remove the panic.

May Jupiter's light shine on us,

Natal Dasas vs Tithi Pravesha

Namaste Manoj ji and Manjunath garu,

> Another question that I wanted to ask you. Will the
> tithi pravesh chart (an old method practiced in south
> India) indicate an event which is not indicated by
> dasha/antardasha in one's birth chart.

Sometimes, an event shown by TP and apparently not shown by natal chart can be experienced, because we are using a wrong dasa with the natal chart and our expectation of what the natal chart shows at that time is wrong.

You are assuming that one knows with 100% certainty what is and is not indicated by dasa/antardasa of natal charts.

That is often not the case. We don't know it with certainty. If you have a perfect understanding of any one technique, you don't need any other technique to make predictions. The problem is that the understanding of dasa/antardasa
that most of us have is imperfect and that is why multiple techniques can help us.

Moreover, an antardasa can last for 2-3 years. But people often need finer guidance. They are worried about the next week and month. When somebody out of job is worried about his profession and I tell him "you have a good antardasa and so you will find a job within the next 2 years", he is not going to be excited about it. He wants to know if he will find a job next week or next month.

If you use just the natal chart, you need to go upto sookshma-antardasa for such precision and it is not easy. Transits can help, but some people may not have found perfect results by using transits and dasas upto sookshma-antardasa. For them, TP can be a boon for giving fine predictions without much headache.

For example, I was on phone with the CEO of a silicon valley company the other day. He wanted to know how the time was for his company. He gave me the chart of the company.

To use natal dasas, I wasn't even sure if 120 year paramayush was logical!! But,using annual TP chart would be perfectly logical. I saw the annual TP chart of this year. Moon was 6th lord and eclipsed by Rahu in the 3rd house and his
annual TA dasa ran from Feb 25 to April 15. I told him the company may have gone through a lot of anxiety and tensions perhaps on account of the actions of some rivals during that time. Mars dasa started on April 15 and runs till May 11.
Mars is the 3rd and 10th lord in 7th (Leo) with Mercury and Jupiter. I told him the company may have recovered from the shock and anxiety after April 15 and got its act together and formulated a clearer (Mars) business (Mercury) and legal (Jupiter) strategy to counter the rival's actions. He said he was suprised and said that I got it 100% correct. Somebody filed a lawsuit it seems and they were confused and anxious for a while and got their act together just when I said they did, it seems. I gave some prognostications too, but we don't yet know their accuracy.

This is just one example. I have many many examples like this. Sometimes, some events may be too small when you look from the vantage point of entire life and they may not be visible in the dasas and antardasas (unless you go upto prati and sookshma levels). But, during a short period, they may seem like big events and one may be very concerned about them. Such things are visible so clearly in annual charts such as TP and Tajaka.

If you are trying to predict big events like marriage, childbirth etc, it will be foolish to do so without consulting the natal chart and its dasas. But, to predict ups, downs and changes in life from the short-term point of view, I
completely rely on TP and it worked so nicely for me. About 80-90% of the correct predictions I made to my clients in the last 6 years were made using TP.

Again, there is no compulsion. I am not trying to sell anything here. If you think it is not useful, please leave it. If you find it useful, please use the free material and free software I have provided and experiment with it. If you have any doubts and I have time, I will try to help and clarify.

May Jupiter's light shine on us,

Faith in Authority vs Logical Reasoning

Sri PVR Narasimha Rao

> Dear Members
> Another perculiarity is that we are supposed to develop faith in
authority/scripture rather than argument/reason
> The question then is when do we stop with one and work with the other .
> Nicholas

Namaste Nicholas,

I am all for complete faith in authority. Those who personally know me know me as a devout Hindu, with complete faith in maharshis.

If I question something in BPHS, it does not amount to questioning Parasara.

Upanishats say that words are not knowledge. "The intent of the words" is knowledge and it cannot be fully captured by words.

Word and its intent are two totally different things. Words try to capture the intent, but they cannot fully do so. Unpanishats are very very wise in acknowledging it!!

Words and sentences can have multiple meanings at different levels. A scripture may not have intended to say something it seems to be saying. Thus, we cannot stop with words and their apparent meaning. We have to investigate and
understand the correct intent. That understanding can only be experienced and felt, but not put in words. It comes only with constant pondering and meditation.

Thus, logical argument, reasoning, pondering over something and meditating over something are a natural process of correctly and completely understanding the intent of something. There is no disrespect in it.

At the risk of stirring a hornet's nest, I will say that this open-mindedness which is so fundamental in Hindu philosophy seems to be missing in some other cultures and traditions. Some cultures seem to take scriptural words too
literally and rigidly and do not seem to strive to understand the true meaning (which cannot be put in words but can only be experienced).

Personally, I see no clash between respect for scriptures and sages and logical reasoning/argument over their words.

* * *

The word "pada" means word or symbol. The word "bhava" means meaning or intent. Bhava is the real one, but it has no clear expression. It is internal and can only be felt or experienced. It has no tangible manifestation. Pada is
artificial, but it is the only thing that manifests in a tangible way. Pada is the only thing using which we can attempt to communicate the bhava. Pada tries to represent bhava, but cannot do so perfectly.

No wonder houses in astrology are called bhavas (meaning/intent) and their arudhas are called padas (words/symbols)! Houses show intangibles and padas show tangible manifestations/symbols. For example, if the 4th house shows happiness from vehicle, the pada of 4th house shows the tangible symbol of it, i.e. vehicle itself.

May Jupiter's light shine on us,

Friday, May 06, 2005

Tony Blair Chart

Sri PVR Narasimha Rao

Namaste friends,

Tony Blair has the 7th lord Mars in lagna. As per Parasara, Dwi-saptati sama dasa applies. I personally prefer that dasa to Vimsottari dasa in his case. Here is my explanation of events based on DSS dasa.

In his rasi chart, exalted 4th lord Sun is with 5th lord Mercury and gives Mercury's results. Thus, Sun dasa made him Prime Minister. In D-10, Sun is the 5th lord of power, occupies GL and aspects lagna (by rasi drishti). According to Parasara (see the chapter on raja yogas in BPHS), a planet associating with lagna and GL by way of occupation, ownership or aspect, becomes a Yogada and brings power. Sun is in GL and aspects lagna. He brings power. The antardasa of ascension to Prime Ministership was Jupiter's. While Sun is the 5th lord from
lagna, Jupiter is in 5th lord in 5th from Sun (all in D-10, chart of career)!

Moon dasa started in October 2001, soon after the WTC attacks. Moon is the 3rd lord of aggression in rasi chart and afflicted by Rahu in the 9th house of dharma.

Moon is in Maheshwara shashtyamsa. Maheshwara is Shiva as the destroyer and leader of the eleven Rudras. His shashtyamsa shows destruction. That was the karma carried by Moon and it had to happen.

It was Moon-Mars antardasa during Nov 2002-Jan 2004 that saw him commit the Iraq mistake. In D-10, Mars is in Aries lagna and shows bold actions. He also occupies A3 (arudha pada of 3rd house, i.e. manifestation of boldness). Mars made him take the country to a hasty war. Then Mercury antardasa ran until recently. Mercury is the 3rd and 6th lord in D-10 and is a rank malefic. He shows the rise of enemies and problems from people with strong Mercury (and also media, shown by Mercury).

Jupiter antardasa in Moon dasa started in Feb 2005. Moon and Jupiter are together in the 12th house in D-10. They occupy A9 and A10. If bhagya pada and rajya pada are together, it is a raja yoga. Moon and Jupiter occupy them in Pisces. So Moon-Jupiter makes him continue as the leader. From Moon, Jupiter is lagna lord in lagna. I see an auspicious new beginning for him and I see him being less aggressive and more mature and wise from now.

Based on his annual Tithi Pravesha chart, I see big trouble for him during June-August (especially mid-July). In D-10 of the annual chart, 8th lord Venus and 10th lord Jupiter have an exchange. So Venus dasa during June-Aug 2005 and Jupiter dasa during Feb-April 2006 are problematic. But, I don't see a complete fall. There will be brewing discontent within his party, which he will manage to overcome.

The transit of Rahu in Pisces (containing dasa lord antardasa lord Moon and Jupiter in D-10) will continue to be problematic in career. But, the period when Saturn and Ketu transit in Leo and Jupiter transits in Scorpio will be a glorious period in his career. From his natal rasi Moon, Leo is the 8th. But, from his natal dasamsa Moon, Leo is 6th and Scorpio is 9th!! During this
transit, he will be under much duress physically and on the edge always. But he will display conviction, statesmanship and wisdom in his actions and his balancing act in a tumultous world will receive praise from historians.

In my judgment, next year will be rough and Blair himself will wonder whether to withdraw (dasa and antardasa lords Moon and Jupiter are in the 12th house of compromise, losss and renunciation in D-10!). But I tend to think that Blair will hang in there because there is history to be made in 2007-2008.

May Jupiter's light shine on us,

Tony Blair

Natal Chart

Date: May 6, 1953
Time: 5:10:00
Time Zone: 0:00:00 (East of GMT)
Place: 3 W 12' 00", 55 N 57' 00"
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Altitude: 0.00 meters

Lunar Yr-Mo: Vijaya - Adhika Vaisakha
Tithi: Krishna Ashtami (Ra) (82.39% left)
Vedic Weekday: Wednesday (Me)
Nakshatra: Sravanam (Mo) (37.86% left)
Yoga: Sukla (Mo) (71.58% left)
Karana: Balava (Mo) (64.77% left)
Hora Lord: Mercury (5 min sign: Ta)
Mahakala Hora: Sun (5 min sign: Ge)
Kaala Lord: Mercury (Mahakala: Venus)

Sunrise: 4:25:48
Sunset: 19:54:14
Janma Ghatis: 1.8415

Ayanamsa: 23-12-33.29
Sidereal Time: 19:52:16

Body Longitude Nakshatra Pada Rasi Navamsa

Lagna 11 Ta 39' 23.01" Rohi 1 Ta Ar
Sun - AmK 22 Ar 10' 16.69" Bhar 3 Ar Li
Moon - MK 18 Cp 17' 05.96" Srav 3 Cp Ge
Mars - PK 10 Ta 15' 23.60" Rohi 1 Ta Ar
Mercury - DK 3 Ar 11' 28.32" Aswi 1 Ar Ar
Jupiter - GK 6 Ta 00' 01.69" Krit 3 Ta Aq
Venus - BK 21 Pi 48' 52.33" Reva 2 Pi Cp
Saturn (R) - AK 29 Vi 08' 07.21" Chit 2 Vi Vi
Rahu - PiK 14 Cp 14' 21.92" Srav 2 Cp Ta
Ketu 14 Cn 14' 21.92" Push 4 Cn Sc
Maandi 16 Cn 50' 50.81" Asre 1 Cn Sg
Gulika 26 Cn 25' 44.10" Asre 3 Cn Aq
Bhava Lagna 3 Ta 11' 26.38" Krit 2 Ta Cp
Hora Lagna 14 Ta 14' 23.04" Rohi 2 Ta Ta
Ghati Lagna 17 Ge 23' 13.02" Ardr 4 Ge Pi
Vighati Lagna 3 Sg 07' 22.89" Mool 1 Sg Ar
Varnada Lagna 11 Ge 39' 23.01" Aswi 1 Ge Cp
Sree Lagna 25 Sg 21' 03.84" PSha 4 Sg Sc
Pranapada Lagna 3 Sg 09' 09.85" Mool 1 Sg Ar
Indu Lagna 18 Vi 17' 05.96" Hast 3 Vi Ge
Dhooma 5 Vi 30' 16.69" UPha 3 Vi Aq
Vyatipata 24 Li 29' 43.31" Visa 2 Li Ta
Parivesha 24 Ar 29' 43.31" Bhar 4 Ar Sc
Indra Chapa 5 Pi 30' 16.69" UBha 1 Pi Le
Upaketu 22 Pi 10' 16.69" Reva 2 Pi Cp
Kaala 4 Vi 47' 48.55" UPha 3 Vi Aq
Mrityu 13 Li 12' 46.88" Swat 2 Li Cp
Artha Prahara 16 Ta 31' 13.10" Rohi 2 Ta Ta
Yama Ghantaka 15 Ge 50' 25.32" Ardr 3 Ge Aq
Prana Sphuta 24 Aq 42' 39.15" PBha 2 Aq Ta
Deha Sphuta 22 Sg 42' 31.75" PSha 3 Sg Li
Mrityu Sphuta 27 Cn 10' 25.36" Asre 4 Cn Pi
Sookshma TriSphuta 14 Pi 35' 36.26" UBha 4 Pi Sc
TriSphuta 26 Ge 22' 13.06" Puna 2 Ge Ta
ChatusSphuta 18 Cn 32' 29.75" Asre 1 Cn Sg
PanchaSphuta 2 Ta 46' 51.67" Krit 2 Ta Cp
V2 11 Vi 39' 23.01" Aswi 1 Vi Le
V3 11 Li 39' 23.01" Aswi 1 Li Vi
V4 11 Cp 39' 23.01" Aswi 1 Cp Sg
V5 11 Aq 39' 23.01" Aswi 1 Aq Ta
V6 11 Ta 39' 23.01" Aswi 1 Ta Ar
V7 11 Ge 39' 23.01" Aswi 1 Ge Ta
V8 11 Vi 39' 23.01" Aswi 1 Vi Sg
V9 11 Li 39' 23.01" Aswi 1 Li Vi
V10 11 Cp 39' 23.01" Aswi 1 Cp Le
V11 11 Aq 39' 23.01" Aswi 1 Aq Cp
V12 11 Ta 39' 23.01" Aswi 1 Ta Ar
Kunda 14 Le 10' 03.92" PPha 1 Le Le

|Ve |Su Me |As Ma |GL |
| | |Ju HL | |
| | | | |
| | | | |
| | | | |
| | |Ke Md |
| | |Gk |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
|-----------| Rasi |-----------|
|Mo Ra | | |
|AL | | |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |SaR |
| | | | |
| | | | |
| | | | |
| | | | |

| \ / \ Me / |
| \ GL / \ Su / |
| \ / \ / |
| \ / Ma \ / |
|Gk \ / \ / |
|Ke Md x HL As x Ve |
| / \ / \ |
| / \ Ju / \ |
| / \ / \ |
| / \ 2 / \ |
| / \ / \ |
| x |
| \ / \ / |
| \ / \ / |
| \ / \ / |
| \ / \ / |
| \ / \ / AL |
|SaR x x Ra Mo |
| / \ / \ |
| / \ / \ |
| / \ / \ |
| / \ / \ |
| / \ / \ |

Vimsottari Dasa (started from Moon):

Moon Moon 1947-02-17 Mars 1947-12-21 Rah 1948-07-21
Jup 1950-01-19 Sat 1951-05-20 Merc 1952-12-20
Ket 1954-05-19 Ven 1954-12-20 Sun 1956-08-21
Mars Mars 1957-02-17 Rah 1957-07-18 Jup 1958-08-06
Sat 1959-07-12 Merc 1960-08-21 Ket 1961-08-18
Ven 1962-01-13 Sun 1963-03-13 Moon 1963-07-22
Rah Rah 1964-02-18 Jup 1966-11-03 Sat 1969-03-25
Merc 1972-01-31 Ket 1974-08-22 Ven 1975-09-10
Sun 1978-09-09 Moon 1979-08-03 Mars 1981-01-30
Jup Jup 1982-02-17 Sat 1984-04-06 Merc 1986-10-22
Ket 1989-01-24 Ven 1990-01-01 Sun 1992-09-03
Moon 1993-06-20 Mars 1994-10-22 Rah 1995-09-28
Sat Sat 1998-02-17 Merc 2001-02-20 Ket 2003-11-03
Ven 2004-12-11 Sun 2008-02-09 Moon 2009-01-22
Mars 2010-08-25 Rah 2011-10-04 Jup 2014-08-09
Merc Merc 2017-02-17 Ket 2019-07-19 Ven 2020-07-15
Sun 2023-05-14 Moon 2024-03-19 Mars 2025-08-22
Rah 2026-08-19 Jup 2029-03-04 Sat 2031-06-11
Ket Ket 2034-02-18 Ven 2034-07-19 Sun 2035-09-19
Moon 2036-01-23 Mars 2036-08-25 Rah 2037-01-19
Jup 2038-02-06 Sat 2039-01-13 Merc 2040-02-21
Ven Ven 2041-02-17 Sun 2044-06-20 Moon 2045-06-20
Mars 2047-02-18 Rah 2048-04-19 Jup 2051-04-19
Sat 2053-12-21 Merc 2057-02-18 Ket 2059-12-21
Sun Sun 2061-02-18 Moon 2061-06-08 Mars 2061-12-09
Rah 2062-04-13 Jup 2063-03-08 Sat 2063-12-27
Merc 2064-12-09 Ket 2065-10-16 Ven 2066-02-18

Dwi-saptati sama dasa (applicable if lagna lord is in 7th or 7th lord is in lagna):

Maha Dasas:

Merc: 1947-10-06 (3:34:25) - 1956-10-05 (10:49:20)
Jup: 1956-10-05 (10:49:20) - 1965-10-05 (18:12:25)
Ven: 1965-10-05 (18:12:25) - 1974-10-06 (1:32:53)
Sat: 1974-10-06 (1:32:53) - 1983-10-06 (9:00:53)
Rah: 1983-10-06 (9:00:53) - 1992-10-05 (16:16:22)
Sun: 1992-10-05 (16:16:22) - 2001-10-05 (23:39:08)
Moon: 2001-10-05 (23:39:08) - 2010-10-06 (6:59:35)
Mars: 2010-10-06 (6:59:35) - 2019-10-06 (14:26:41)

Dwi-saptati sama dasa (applicable if lagna lord is in 7th or 7th lord is in lagna):

Moon MD: 2001-10-05 (23:39:08) - 2010-10-06 (6:59:35)

Antardasas in this MD:

Moon: 2001-10-05 (23:39:08) - 2002-11-20 (7:44:32)
Mars: 2002-11-20 (7:44:32) - 2004-01-03 (21:01:52)
Merc: 2004-01-03 (21:01:52) - 2005-02-16 (10:09:14)
Jup: 2005-02-16 (10:09:14) - 2006-04-02 (18:05:35)
Ven: 2006-04-02 (18:05:35) - 2007-05-19 (5:14:07)
Sat: 2007-05-19 (5:14:07) - 2008-07-04 (12:24:38)
Rah: 2008-07-04 (12:24:38) - 2009-08-20 (19:34:20)
Sun: 2009-08-20 (19:34:20) - 2010-10-06 (6:59:35)

|Mo Ju |As Ma |Me HL |Ve |
| | | | |
| | | | |
| | | | |
| | | | |
|SaR | |Ke |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
| | Dasamsa | |
|-----------| |-----------|
|Ra AL | D-10 |Md |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
| |Su GL | | |
| |Gk | | |
| | | | |
| | | | |
| | | | |

Dasamsa D-10
| \ HL / \ Ju / |
| \ Me / \ Mo / |
| \ / \ / |
| \ / Ma \ / |
| \ / \ / |
|Ve x As x SaR |
| / \ / \ |
| / \ / \ |
| / \ / \ |
| / \ 1 / AL \ |
| / \ / \ |
| Ke x Ra |
| \ / \ / |
| \ / \ / |
| \ / \ / |
| \ / \ / |
| \ / \ / |
|Md x x |
| / \ / \ |
| / \ / \ |
| / \ / \ |
| / \ / Su \ |
| / \ / GL Gk \ |

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Monday, May 02, 2005

The 2nd house vs The 2nd lord

Namaste learned people,

As per my limited learning, signs are inanimate and planets are animate. Rasis are the manifestation of KALA PURUSHA, the time-space continuum of the universe, and planets are the manifestation of NARAYANA, the supreme intelligence of the universe.

This is a very very important point, though some people ignore it. Ignoring this can lead to confusion between houses and house lords, which are not interchangable.

Rasis and houses show various inanimate matters, circumstances, situations etc. House lords show the animated intelligence and life force behind house. House lords basically show the application of intelligence to the matters of a house, i.e. the driving force behind the matters shown by the house.

The 2nd house shows the speech and 2nd lord shows the intelligence behind speech. He shows what forces drive the speech. Whether the forces of truth drive the speech and predictions or the forces of confusion is better seen from the influences on the 2nd lord rather than 2nd house.

For example, refer to Asatyavadi yoga (liar combination) given by Dr Raman in his book on yogas. It talks about malefic influences on the 2nd LORD. That makes perfect sense to me.

So I suggest giving more importance to the 2nd lord than the 2nd house in judging these matters.

Dr BV Raman's 2nd lord Jupiter himself and he is strong in kendra giving Gaja-Kesari. Sri KN Rao's 2nd lord Mars is joined by two benefics - Venus in moolatrikona and Moon of Sukla paksha. Actually, though many people don't take Jupiter's 4th house aspect, all planets have a 3/4th aspect on the 4th house from them according to Parasara. Moreover, Mars and Jupiter are in the same degree. So exalted Jupiter has a sookshma chaturtha drishti on 2nd lord Mars and its magnitude is 3/4th. Pt Sanjay Rath's 2nd lord is Mars and he is alone in Virgo aspected by Jupiter in Pisces.

May Jupiter's light shine on us,
hello members,

following is my personal view point for the second house. the second lord is shakthi aspect and the second house is the shiva aspect of life.external matters are signified by the lord and internal matters by the second house. rahu though a malefic if the person has in the second house he has brillant intution and also hypnotic speech. though with close family members will not like the way he speaks.

second lord is 8 th house will not give extempore way of talking. they will have think and respond.

a simple techique whether some girl will get along with the inlaw see the second house. if it has functional benefic influence they will be good and get along.

the lagna of thula and meena has a strange . because both these lagna look good and they can really talk rubbish when they get angry and they angry quickly.

second house has mars will get in all kind of fights . remember it is the house.whenever mars in second house iam careful of getting in to fights. they will sharp speech.

2nd house has saturn godo fellow. normally the lagna of kumbah and meena is soft in speech.

fiery and airy sign gives sharp speech.

when ever people are good in corporate politcis are bad in prediction because they have use there tougue for adharmic ways. this happens with years.

aspect of jupiter towards second house vak siddhi.

if sone one has black tougue as they will have veyr good negative predictions coming true.

depending shape of tounge lot can be predicted.


Brihaspati Gayatri, Vishwamitra/Gaathina Rishi Rig Veda 6.62.6