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Saturn Remedy

Hare Rama Krishna,

Dear Sanjay Rath,

 a very well tested "remedy" for Shani's affliction involving the horse shoe has the following criteria:

a.a horse shoe  has to be from the hind leg (preferably left), from a totally pitch black horse.

b. This should be obtained on saturday,preferably at the first hour after daybreak.(some say during amavasya)

c.This horse shoe will then be given to a blacksmith , who should fashion a ring from it (small piece should be taken only), -and this is MOST important- without the use of fire! When hammering the ring, a bucketful of ice cold water should be kept nearby, so if the ring heats up, it should immediately be immersed into the water,thus cooled down.

The ring, thus made have to be duly consecrated by the usual methods. Then it can be worn.

I was lucky enough to be guided through the entire process some 10 years ago and outside of Haridwar,found a camp of travelling Gujarati gypsies,who had a "mobile" blacksmith workshop constantly up and running.(The blacksmith, by the way, was pitch black- never in my life I have seen such "black" gypsy.)

They were somewhat amused at the rigorous requirements,but they obliged just the same. The ring was made- under my constant gaze and supervision, and was given to a friend, who was suffering from a truly terrible affliction . (Shani going through a rashi with 19 bindus in SAV and ZERO bindus in BAV! )This ring was given to him with the advice of fasting on saturdays.As a result, the suffering was cut down and minimised to a large extent.Almost immediately!

My two cents worth on this matter.


With deep respect to all:


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om gurave namah

Dear Arpad ji

Namaste and thank you very much for giving out those details. That was what I was hoping someone who really knows will share. The requirement is very very stringent and those so called horse shoe rings found in the market are quite bogus.Secondly, I am not sure whether this is also to be used at the entrance of a house or at the back-door and would like to know if anyone has anything to share on this.


In Orissa we do not have many horses and therefore these remedies are not regularly available. What we use for the ring of Saturn is the nail drawn from the front keel of a fishing boat which has been in the seas for a long time and has had a lot of good catch i.e. many fishes were caught, others would have dashed against the boat when the net was dragged and died. Such a ferocious nail is the *true kantaka* (nail, thorn) and is what Saturn represents. Such a nail is to be obtained from a fisherman or ideally fisherman's wife (maybe reminder for Vedavyasa's mother)


Then it is to be kept in mustard oil for one amavasya and thereafter it is to be used to fashion the ring, armlet or anklet.

The same conditions of no heat treatment and other things do apply. I have never used this as I was prohibited from doing so and had to suffer one long shani dasha ... that was the old system.


Coming back once again, anyone willing to say a few words on the horse shoe at home ...


Sanjay Rath

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