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Jesus Christ Pt. Sanjay Rath

Om Gurave Namah
Dear Phyl,
I have the following for you to study and decide. Let us start with Jesus Christ. The fact that Herad killed all children who were aged two years or under around 4 B.C (just before the eclipse when he died) shows that jesus must have been born before that period. Kepler and his student also observed that a new star was formed when Jupiter and Saturn met at Pisces in about 1613 (check date) and this must be a similar phenomena at the time of birth of Jesus as these conjunction was repeated.
Looking at the trrible Kalasarpa Yoga with rahu in 8th house from lagna (the way he was killed) and the fact that this Kala sarpa was destroyed by the great Gaja Kesari yoga in his seventh house (undying fame) creating the Maha Padma and Maha sankha Yoga speak volumes about his great personality. Rahu is in 12 from AL - perfect renunciation and spirituality. rahu is also the AK. he will be cheated many times (especially one such cheating will result in his death as Rahu associates with 8th house - Judas).
Rahu aspects the 8th from AL, is placed in 8th from Lagna and is AK and shall determine the death. Venus aspects the third from AL - everybody will be aware of the fact of his death. Mars aspects the third from AL from malefic aquarius - he shall finally die by SPEAR and not by crucification as is believed by many.
I am stopping here. may this great son of God grant peace to all.

Jesus Christ

Date of Birth:         December 25, -6 (7 B.C)
Time of Birth:         10:18:00 pm
Time Zone of Birth:    2:21 East of GMT
Longitude of Birth:    35 E 12
Latitude of Birth:     31 N 43
Lunar month (maasa):   Magha 
Lunar day (tithi):     Sukla Panchami
Tithi balance:         0.117724
Nakshatra balance:     0.863284
Sun-Moon Yoga:         Parigha
Sunrise = 7:3:39 am (Apparent rise - upper limb)
Ayanamsa = -4--1--24.25
Tatkaala Sani Dasa (Vimsottari) Sesham
          = 16 yr 4 mo 24 d 51 gh
Body            Longitude        Nakshatra   Pada Rasi Navamsa ChKarak
Lagna           13 Vi 34' 03.91" Hastha      2    Vi   Ta      -
Sun              6 Cp 34' 08.34" U.Shaa.     3    Cp   Aq      PK
Moon             5 Pi 09' 22.66" U.Bhaa.     1    Pi   Le      GK
Mars            13 Aq 04' 25.24" Satabhisham 2    Aq   Cp      PiK
Mercury         14 Cp 34' 21.44" Sravanam    2    Cp   Ta      MK
Jupiter         21 Pi 46' 31.95" Revathi     2    Pi   Cp      AmK
Venus           21 Sc 48' 39.31" Jyeshtha    2    Sc   Cp      AK
Saturn          20 Pi 31' 13.35" Revathi     2    Pi   Cp      BK
Rahu            28 Ar 57' 32.91" Krittika    1    Ar   Sg      DK
Ketu            28 Li 57' 32.91" Visakha     3    Li   Ge      -
Uranus           6 Pi 44' 25.32" U.Bhaa.     2    Pi   Vi      -
Neptune         10 Sc 47' 35.70" Anuradha    3    Sc   Li      -
Pluto (R)       16 Vi 20' 13.83" Hastha      2    Vi   Ta      -
Bhava Lagna     24 Le 30' 33.41" Poo.Pha.    4    Le   Sc      -
Hora Lagna      13 Ar 05' 45.96" Aswini      4    Ar   Cn      -
Ghati Lagna      8 Pi 51' 23.60" U.Bhaa.     2    Pi   Vi      -
Vighati Lagna   17 Vi 39' 31.83" Hastha      3    Vi   Ge      -
Pranapada Lagna 18 Vi 18' 19.31" Hastha      3    Vi   Ge      -
Sree Lagna       2 Sc 47' 15.75" Visakha     4    Sc   Cn      -
Indu Lagna       5 Le 09' 22.66" Makha       2    Le   Ta      -
Kunda           18 Cp 59' 16.32" Sravanam    3    Cp   Ge      -
Dhooma          19 Ta 54' 08.34" Rohini      3    Ta   Ge      -
Vyatipata       10 Aq 05' 51.66" Satabhisham 2    Aq   Cp      -
Parivesha       10 Le 05' 51.66" Makha       4    Le   Cn      -
Indra Chapa     19 Sc 54' 08.34" Jyeshtha    1    Sc   Sg      -
Upaketu          6 Sg 34' 08.34" Moola       2    Sg   Ta      -
Kaala            2 Vi 50' 12.44" U.Pha.      2    Vi   Cp      -
Mrityu          17 Li 45' 29.54" Swathi      4    Li   Pi      -
Artha Prahara   10 Sc 02' 19.56" Anuradha    3    Sc   Li      -
Yama Ghantaka    1 Sg 58' 24.81" Moola       1    Sg   Ar      -
Maandi          18 Cn 43' 49.29" Aasresha    1    Cn   Sg      -
Gulika           7 Cn 10' 52.93" Pushyami    2    Cn   Vi      -
Varnada Lagna   26 Vi 39' 49.86" Chitra      1    Vi   Le      -
| \                   /   \                   / |
|   \      Ket      /       \               /   |
|     \           /           \           /     |
|       \       /               \       /       |
|         \   /                   \   /         |
|Ven        x          Asc          x  Glk  Mnd |
|         /   \                   /   \         |
|       /       \               /       \       |
|     /           \           /           \     |
|   /               \   6   /               \   |
| /                   \   /                   \ |
|                       x                       |
| \                   /   \                   / |
|   \               /       \               /   |
|     \           /           \           /     |
|       \       /      Jup      \       /       |
|         \   /                   \   /         |
|Sun  Mer   x    GL    Moo          x       AL  |
|         /   \                   /   \         |
|       /       \      Sat      /       \       |
|     /           \           /           \     |
|   /      Mar      \        /      Rah     \   |
| /                   \   /     HL            \ |
| \                   /   \                   / |
|   \      Ket      /       \               /   |
|     \           /           \           /     |
|       \       /      Mer      \       /       |
|         \   /                   \   /         |
|HL         x          Asc          x           |
|         /   \                   /   \         |
|       /       \               /       \       |
|     /           \           /           \     |
|   /               \   2   /               \   |
| /                   \   /                   \ |
|          Moo          x          Sun          |
| \                   /   \                   / |
|   \               /       \               /   |
|     \           /           \           /     |
|       \       /               \       /       |
|AL       \   /                   \   /     Ven |
|GL   Glk   x                       x  Jup  Mar |
|         /   \                   /   \     Sat |
|       /       \               /       \       |
|     /           \           /           \     |
|   /               \       /      Rah      \   |
| /                   \   /     Mnd           \ |
Vimsottari Dasa (started from Moon):
Sat  Sat   -8-05-19  Mer   -5-05-23  Ket   -2-01-29  
     Ven   -1-03-09  Sun    2-05-10  Moo    3-04-22  
     Mar    4-11-21  Rah    5-12-30  Jup    8-11-07  
Mer  Mer   11-05-20  Ket   13-10-17  Ven   14-10-15  
     Sun   17-08-15  Moo   18-06-20  Mar   19-11-19  
     Rah   20-11-16  Jup   23-06-05  Sat   25-09-11  
Ket  Ket   28-05-19  Ven   28-10-17  Sun   29-12-15  
     Moo   30-04-21  Mar   30-11-22  Rah   31-04-19  
     Jup   32-05-07  Sat   33-04-12  Mer   34-05-23  
Ven  Ven   35-05-20  Sun   38-09-21  Moo   39-09-21  
     Mar   41-05-20  Rah   42-07-22  Jup   45-07-21  
     Sat   48-03-18  Mer   51-05-20  Ket   54-03-19  
Sun  Sun   55-05-20  Moo   55-09-09  Mar   56-03-06  
     Rah   56-07-15  Jup   57-06-08  Sat   58-03-25  
     Mer   59-03-07  Ket   60-01-12  Ven   60-05-19  
Moo  Moo   61-05-20  Mar   62-03-19  Rah   62-10-21  
     Jup   64-04-18  Sat   65-08-21  Mer   67-03-19  
     Ket   68-08-21  Ven   69-03-18  Sun   70-11-19  
Mar  Mar   71-05-20  Rah   71-10-18  Jup   72-11-04  
     Sat   73-10-12  Mer   74-11-19  Ket   75-11-17  
     Ven   76-04-12  Sun   77-06-14  Moo   77-10-21  
Rah  Rah   78-05-20  Jup   81-01-29  Sat   83-06-27  
     Mer   86-05-01  Ket   88-11-19  Ven   89-12-07  
     Sun   92-12-07  Moo   93-11-02  Mar   95-05-02  
Jup  Jup   96-05-20  Sat   98-07-10  Mer  101-01-18  
     Ket  103-04-26  Ven  104-04-01  Sun  106-12-02  
     Moo  107-09-23  Mar  109-01-18  Rah  109-12-26  
Best Wishes
Sanjay Rath

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Worship from Lagna

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Sent: 16 April 2015 10:03
Subject: [SoHamsa] Re: Franz Kafka

Hare Krishna

Dear Ramapriya.
Interesting .

I suppose I will never be a good enough astrologer to map genetic issues/traits through divisional charts, but Im sure it can be done..
Anyone, I was once told by an experienced astrologer( not Sanjay) that traditional true (practicing) Jews should , or will
have Saturn in or aspecting the lagna.
I have found that true in the majority of the charts I have personally seen.!
Scientists are making huge headways in DNA analysis.
Be well

From: Sanjay Rath [sohamsa] <>
Date: 16 April 2015 at 10:28
Subject: RE: [SoHamsa] Re: Franz Kafka

Lakshmi this is the "easiest thing to say"
·         Lagna is Dharma Kendra
·         Dharma is what one practises and when
·         Planets in Lagna or aspecting Lagna show the Dharma we follow
·         Lagna has Sun as Kāraka and Sun rules Agni and the Vaara (weekdays)
·         Lagna is the "praiseworthy one" i.e. the deity who is praised with hymns, songs and prayers
Now put all this info together
1.      Sun in or aspecting Lagna – Sunday worshippers (Catholic Christian)
2.      Moon … Monday Worship (Gouri, Shiva … all avatāra made Shiva Linga Rameshwaram – Rama has Moon in Lagna, Somanath – Krishna has Moon in Lagna)
3.      Mars … Tuesday Worship (Maṅgala, Hanuman etc., Buddhism-branch having kung-fu etc., )
4.      Mercury … Wednesday Worship (Avatāra Worship, Orthodox Christianity, Original Buddhism of pure Ahimsa)
5.      Jupiter … Thursday Guru-Sankara, Vishnu worship, Sikh dharma
6.      Venus … Friday worshippers (Mother worshippers in Orthodox Christianity, Muslim, Lakshmi etc.)
7.      Saturn … Saturday worshippers (Jews, Sasta among Hindu etc., Tibetian Buddhism)

With Best Wishes
Sanjay Rath
'Namaste' "In one word, this ideal is that you are divine." Swami Vivekananda

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Opening Muladhara Chakra

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Subject: Re: [SoHamsa] dream question

Hi, Yesterday early morning, i saw a dream that i open my drawing room door to collect paper and see 2 Baboons on the Ground in front of our building. (I live on 2nd Floor). I quickly collect the paper  and moved inside, by the time I lock the Outside Iron Gate, the baboons reach my floor and started agressively pulling the Outer iron gate. They are almost trying to break-open the gate. In the end after lots of struggle, I see the iron gate partially bend, but tired the baboons had left.

 What can be its interpretation.


From: Sanjay Rath <>
Subject: RE: [SoHamsa] dream question
Date: Monday, June 4, 2012, 9:52 PM

 om gurave namaḥ

Dear anurag

The muladhara chakra is not opening. You need to work harder with the prithvi tattva. Unless this opens your life on earth is not going to be stable and lovely

With Best Wishes

Sanjay Rath


Respected Sanjayji,


Sadar Pranam,


Thanks for your below reply.


How to open the Muladhara Chakra / work harder with Prithvi Tatva. Please guide.





From: Sanjay Rath Date: 5 June 2012 at 16:09

om gurave namaḥ

Dear Anuraag

Starting with today (mula nakshatra) start reciting the Dattātreya Bīja OR vaTa bīja in morning and evening. Choose One. Stop everything else

Datta Bīja दां dāṁ daaM

vaTa (Banyan) bīja द्रां drāṁ draaM

Parnil. I hope you are reading this…

With Best Wishes

Sanjay Rath | Books: | Mag: | Learn:

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Devatah sthana query : Lakshmi Mantra

From: Sanjay Rath
Date: 11 June 2012 at 08:40
Subject: RE: [SoHamsa] devatah sthana query

 respected gurus,

for the mantra 

om shreem hreem shreem kamale kamalaleya prasida 
prasida shreem hreem shreem om mahalaxshmiye namah

the nos. of letters is = 28
nos. of words = 14
devataha sthan = 6th house

mantra devata lakshmi

how can this improving the financial condition? someone plz throw some light on this

 ॐ श्रीं ह्रीं श्रीं कमले कमलालये प्रसीद प्रसीद श्रीं ह्रीं श्रीं ॐ महालक्ष्म्यै नमः

om śrīṁ hrīṁ śrīṁ kamale kamalālaye prasīda prasīda śrīṁ hrīṁ śrīṁ om mahālakṣmyai namaḥ

om gurave namaḥ

Dear Renuka

It is in Usnih chandas which increases agni and will burn all sins associated with the 7th bhāva. Please learn about the effect of the chandas which I have taught in the very first year of the Jaimini Scholar Program. This is Lakshmi bhāva. This is the natural sign Tula (Libra) which is associated with the powerful Lakshmi festival Deepavali or Diwali.

What this mantra does is that it brings Lakshmi inside your home (28-24=4th house) and then so long as you recite this mantra, Lakshmi resides at home.

With Best Wishes

Sanjay Rath | Books: | Mag: | Learn:


Kiran Bedi- in politics

From: Sanjay Rath 
Date: 18 January 2015 at 10:42

Dear Shilpa

I have a few comments to add to the understanding of this chart of Kiran Bedi. My comments are below yours. I may sound critical at some points, but am only adding points to yours. Thank you for reading this. I hope you realise that you write very well and it inspires others to read and comment.


Sanjay Rath


Dear All,


Greetings to all members and here is my read of Kiran Bedi's charts


--the rasi chart is quite a mediocre one...and yet her life is anything but mediocre....I will come to the Rasi chart later...but lets see first where the dazzle/ sparkle / fame in her life comes from?

[Sanjay Rath : ] How did you arrive at that conclusion that the Rāśi chart is a mediocre one?

1.    She has the most powerful rājayoga of Vedic Astrology in her Rāśi chart – Dharma-Karmadhipati yoga that too caused by parivartana between the 9th and 10th lords and involving Lagneśa and Dhaneśa. She will rise due to her own abilities.

2.    Nipuna Yoga involving the Lagneśa Me and AK Sun

3.    Viparīta Yoga caused by Saturn as 6L in 12H (Vimala) dṛṣṭi Mars

4.    Moon gives tremendous income from Mars sources – she was an IPS (Police) officer

5.    Fame is definite to come with the DK Yoga + Jupiter debilitated and retrograde in the ārūḍha lagna


--Navamsa is strong.....the chart for gifts and blessings that gives fame / success / ease in life coming more from Purva punya and fated part..... than from free-will action in this life.

[Sanjay Rath : ] I thought the navāṁśa chart is weak for the following reasons

1.    Saturn is in Maraṇa Sthāna in Lagna but somehow the strong Mercury offsets this evil to some extent

2.    Guru-Caṇḍāla yoga is in the 10th house

All this may give an ordinary spouse


--In Navamsa Lagna and 4th Lord Me is in own house......Jup ( lord of 7th and 10th) in own house and in mutual kendra to Me hence associated....implies a lot of gifts, blessings in overall life and specifically matters related to 4/7/10 success and fame......and Me-Jup association give strong Buddhi-intelligence yogas 

[Sanjay Rath : ] Yes that is so true. She is strong willed no doubt. Three benefics is kendra do cause parvata yoga and Me, Ju in their own signs are very good blessing. It shows one who shall rise due to own dint of abilities. Mercury makes her very flexible and changeable. She was very close to Congress top people and a favourite of T,N.Sheshan (Rajiv Gandhi days) and now she is 180 degrees away in the BJP Camp.


--further in navamsa a strong Sun in own house...conjunct with a single minded purpose....and the luminaries in in mutual aspect with commander Mars....again that's a a number of gifts / skills through positive yogas in navamsa.

[Sanjay Rath : ] I think that indicates many many troubles in married life. If the Sun and Moon conjoin in any varga, that varga can suffer affliction in life. Navāṁśa in particular relates to marriage and I am not aware of her personal dynamics in her marriage. What does her husband do? How is their marriage? Since Rāhu is conjoined Jupiter in Pisces, it protects the marriage. Plus she is born in śukla caturdaśī and Venus is very strong in rāśi and navāṁśa … all this protects marriage. You can check UL etc. Marriage must be second UL.


--Dasamsa Lagna is conjunct with exalted shani...that alone makes dasamsa very strong and  rise to fame and power from career.


--and yet she has never completed her promise...flashes of brilliance but controversies have pulled her down.....every one of her executive and political assignment ended in bitter frictional break-off from those in power....



[Sanjay Rath : ] Isn't that because the Lagneśa of Dasāṁśa which is Venus is debilitated in 12H (self undoing). She will always end up hurting herself if she is ignored. Bādhakeśa Sun conjoins this nīca Venus indicating that she does have problems with authority. Its all 'emotional' Venus. When she likes her boss then everything is hunky dory else she can be very challenging … this is the weak point in the dasāṁśa.


--Rasi chart is weak.....lagna afflicted by Ketu....4/7 lord Jup is debilitated....11th Lord Mo debilitated in the 3rd house.....and the worst affliction is Rahu seated in the naksahtra of 10th Lord Me, aspecting the lagna.....but in acute 29deg50min Pi( water Rasi), at the border of Aries( fire rasi).

--And as I have described many time before...gandant is a karmik knot formed by not learning ones karmik lessons life over life until it forms a knot...and manifests itself in the form of native living in illusions......deluded about his /her capabilities and avoiding / evading facts.

--and in her case.....the delusion....she desires more power than she can get in a given situation/  not realizing her limits...shooting for more and falling in bitter conflicts.

[Sanjay Rath : ] I think that hankering for power is NOT due to Gaṇḍānta. Gaṇḍānta does not do that. So many people have gaṇḍānta Moons and many of them are very humble. The great Tulsidas who wrote the Ramcharitmanas is a perfect example of Gaṇḍānta birth.

Her ambition stems from Lagneśa Me conjoining AK Sun in 9H.

In fact gaṇḍānta is a rājayoga for her…


--the elections in Delhi......will see her glitter / sparkle...but true to her track record she will fall out with her BJP masters I believe........more likely over the demand to be the CM.....or disagreements over some kind of post-poll horse-trading / sharing formulas.

[Sanjay Rath : ] You saying that she will win the elections and then she will demand to be CM or something like that.

Ok let us wait and see. R.C.Srivastav ji says that she will lose the elections.


--Gandant takes the sheen off the best of charts and in one way or the other  stops the native from reaching his / her end goals

[Sanjay Rath : ] I have done a series on Gaṇḍānta. Pages need to be updated after website was hacked. Check this


--timing wise she is running Surya MD which is 12th lord seated in the 9th and  And 3rd house of communications is activated under the dual aspect of shani and Jup......more suited for social work than for a real political executive role.....and the 3rd house activation indicates  Faux Pas during her political communication between now and when results come out....that will be detrimental to her.

[Sanjay Rath : ] I would prefer Utpanna Vimśottari for this chart but the standard Vimśottari from Moon always works.

Nārāyaṇa Daśā is my favourite and it shows that she is under Vrisabha Daśā from 2010 to 2021. This daśā looks good but it also brings out the *curse of Mercury* in her chart.

Mercury is lagneśa, conjoins 8L and AK and is afflicted by THREE malefics Sun, Mars and Saturn.

In Utpanna Vimśottari she is under Saturn daśā since 2005 …




PS* Kejriwaal's Sun is in Gandanta


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Atmakaaraka and God

From: Sanjay Rath 
Date: 13 January 2015 at 09:46

Dear Maja

The entire problem lies with the English language. Look at these pathetic translations

Īśa à God

Iśvara à God

Deva à God

Devatā à God

Bhagavān à God

Kṛṣṇa à God

Śiva à God

…no end to these limitations. You really want answers, then learn Oriya and read the works of Acyutānanda or learn Sanskrit and read Śaṅkara

My little upadeśa for your Budha AK:

So long as you seek freedom of speech, you will continue to be Budha AK. Let it go, why do you need speech? Who is listening? Are they really listening and do you really have wisdom to give or are you just wasting your words? why do you need to speak? Take Gaṇeśa as your devatā and practise Mauna Vrata for 3 hours every morning from the time to rise till 9am.

Ātmakāraka Graha is nothing but an obsession of the ahaṁkāra in the soul




Religion verses "spirit" uality

From: Sanjay Rath 
Date: 13 January 2015 at 09:36

Dear Lakṣmī
The same Kṛṣṇa is Vāsudeva for the purpose of Dharma and takes so many forms as Dharma requires forms and philosophy …and that same Kṛṣṇa is our Jagannāth when it comes to the formless-form for spirituality. Yet we attribute all sorts of ceremonies to Him that we would do for Vāsudeva Kṛṣṇa.
A very fundamental difference between Religion and Spirituality is
Religion is unchangeable and has laws, rights and wrongs defined and requires complete and absolute obedience of these laws whereas Spirituality is changeable and change/transformation is a necessary prerequisite for spiritual growth. There are no hard laws for spirituality. It has the 12th bhāva of surrender as its goal. But Dharma has the 9th bhāva of obedience as its goal.
Dharma starts with self and ends with self-perfection and self-realisation à Spirituality starts with vidyā and ends with self-dissolution
In Dharma the self continues to exist à In spirituality the self, ceases to exist

The discussion was about god and that is why I purposely asked Ramapriya whether he believed that 'the creator' was the god.
From where does the thought of God come? It is based on Creation, Sustenance and Dissolution. The highest philosophies of religion have come from the thought of 'life after death'. Where do we go after we die? And it is this insecurity that causes the mind to listen to and adhere to concepts of 'house of god'. Why should god have one house? Is He so limited by space and time? If not then He must be everywhere and every place is His abode. That is the concept of Jagannāth. The real problem is in "ME". That 'ME" wants to go to the house of god and for that we must have a house of god. That is the weakness of "ME". If "ME" ceases to exist ten where ever He is that is where the ME shall be. Accept the truth – that is beyond human comprehension as human beings cannot fathom the boundaries of the universe.  Then that HE or GOD must be sarva-vyapaka i.e. omnipresent. Then alone is HE god, else it is another figment of man's mind.

…in this manner we arrive at various concepts for defining god based on the depth of our thoughts.

Even from a layman's perspective
God is Creator concept: Why did he create us? To have sadistic pleasure in our punishment for deviation??  And when did I deviate – why is it that I am being punished for sins of someone else … some chap called Adam ate an apple and now I have to pay for it. That's unfair as it puts the concept of 'eternal debt' into our mind thereby enslaving us to keep 'paying for that debt'. It's a good business idea as it ensures eternal payments from all children of Adam.
Another way of looking at this is 'he is our father' … my question – why not mother? And also Is god a male figure whose only job is to produce kids. Frankly, I have debated the Creator God concept for a long time and everytime I come back to these same questions. Creator God is very good concept for the masses, the sheep who need to be told that they are sinners and that they lied and so on and so forth. Any man with reasonable intelligence will reject this outright.

God is Sustainer: That's a better concept as it shows a friendly god who is caring, feeding and doing all those things we need to live our lives as good human beings.

God is Destroyer: Terrible concept as then He is the one responsible for all our suffering. Thats the concept behind Yama and we also have a Rudra concept who cries when we cry …at least some divine form to feel our suffering and pain. Someone strong to avenge the wrongs done to us. That's Hanuman who came to avenge the wrong done to Rama. I like that. What about you?

God is Knowledge: That's the concept of Shiva - the real God must be above all these petty things and is nothing but pure knowledge.

OK I am ending here, but that's how I think. With all thse concepts comes jyotiṣa. the fitting of all this inside jyotiṣa paradigm

Namaste Lakshmi, Keep smiling and say Jay Jagannāth
Sanjay Rath

From: []
Sent: 13 January 2015 12:43 AM
Subject: Re: [SoHamsa] Air Asia QZ8501. .now religion verses "spirit" uality

Hare Krishna
Dear Sanjay, Visti, Maja, et al,
Not to confuse a doctrine or philosophy with spiritual realization.

Dharma trines 9, 5, 1.  Religion and religious practices.
Moksha trikonas  12, 8, 4    Moving on to a deeper level the spirit level
Religion is different than spirituality, and realization.   Religion is rules , regulations, and Godly knowledge.
8th house is understanding the concept of "spirit" and our relationship with the supreme Spirit, or knowledge of ether.  Ability to go beyond the level of gross physical 
Someone can be self realized in relationship to God with out being 'religious' or in being attached to one religion or another.

Your comments are welcome,  and Sanjay especially , you have a way with words and concepts.
with regards
Lakshmi Kary-Rana

Brihaspati Gayatri, Vishwamitra/Gaathina Rishi Rig Veda 6.62.6