Thursday, July 02, 2009

Tale of a young man

From: Narasimha P.V.R. Rao <>
Date: 2009/7/2
Subject: [vedic-wisdom] Tale of a young man


I was reading a small interview by Deepak Chopra on Michael Jackson.
Mr Chopra was talking about how doctors suck people into prescription
medicines and how that ruins some people's lives. That somehow
reminded me of a story.

Sometime back, mother of a young man came to me to show his chart. She
was asking about his studies etc. But the chart was brilliant from the
spiritual point of view. There were many tell-tale combinations. I
declared, "this is not the chart of a materialistic person, but that
of a sannyasi (ascetic/monk)." She broke down into tears and gave me
some background. I found out that he indeed wants to leave material
life and his mother does not want him to.

This boy had been calm, peaceful, contented and an introvert since
childhood. Oneday in his early teenage days, he had an interesting
experience. He was in his room upstairs. His father was teaching math
to some students downstairs. He was hearing all those voices.
Suddenly, he stopped hearing anything. He did not hear or see anything
for a while. His mind was completely blacked out. After a while, his
mind returned to normalcy and he saw and heard everything. But he felt
a tremendous sense of bliss and contentment then. He was overwhelmed
by what he felt then.

He realized that what people pursue as happiness is nothing in front
of what he experienced then. He did not want to study or do anything
anymore. He only wanted to experience that state. His parents became
worried and took him to doctors. Doctors did all kinds of tests on his
brain and found nothing. He was also confined to a mental facility for
one month. They put him on powerful drugs and kept him under
observation. He kept telling the doctors that there was nothing wrong
with him and that they would not understand what he experienced. After
a month, those doctors concluded he was normal and had no problem. The
powerful drugs he received during the month wreaked havoc on him, but
he was not angry or mad at his parents or doctors. He says he
understands his parents love him and hence they did all this. He does
not want to hurt them. He also says he knows what he wants but does
not know how to get it. But he knows that regular studies and regular
material life will not get him what he wants.

When I chatted with him alone, I realized that he is a brilliant young
man with clear thinking. He is certainly not a mad person. He just
needs someone to show him a spiritual path to make something
permanent, which temporarily came to him and left him! To get it
permanently now, he needs to do serious sadhana. His parents also took
him to many so-called swamijis, but he was not satisfied with the
advice given anyone. He started reading Ramana Maharshi and a few
others and liked some of them. But he is still without a clear

Interestingly, just when I was about to chat with this person after
making his parents leave, my guru Manish called me. He asked me what
was going on. I mentioned that I was about to talk to a teenager who
had a nice chart. He asked for the birthdata, checked it out and
confirmed my feeling that this boy had great spiritual potential.

Unfortunately, the system we have in place looked at him with
suspicion and gave powerful drugs to mess up his mind for one full
month! He is lucky and survived the ordeal. This is a sign of the
times we live in that someone who realizes, albeit momentarily, the
essence of scriptures, is labeled as a mentally disturbed person and
powerful drugs are given to him, instead of clear spiritual direction
to make that realization more permanent.

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