Thursday, June 09, 2005

Arudha Some Tips from Pt. Sanjay Rath

Jaya Jagannatha
Dear Anurag
Illusion is not something that is just centric to the individual. It is an image and will be seen differently b different people based on their own perception of the image. The way you look at Bill Clinton shall be different than the way I see him or the way Hillary Clinton sees him, so it is centric from various view points. Yet it is an image and this image is a more than life figure as the President of the USA. This image is the arudha and he rode this image for some time and then the nature of the arudha changed, yet the hangover of the arudha continues. It is more like a flavor that is based on retained memory. Now we all know (retained memory) that he was the president. He also knows this. What happens to one like President Reagan who loses the memory that he was President. What effect does this have on the arudha? Does it cause the arudha to change from (1) his perspective and (2) from the worlds perspective. So you see the arudha is important and the paka lagna is also very important. If the lagnesa does not like the arudha for some reason in the change in dasa due to anifestation of disease or an accident etc, then the memory of the arudha maybe wiped out. Here the AK comes into the picture and you will find the AK laying a role to do this job...or sometimes the GURU the Bhratrkaraka as the Guru has the power to memory. See Reagans chart.

In Reagans chart the AK Mercury is in lagna (intelligence) with Mars and aspected by this not a curse coming on the Mercury? Note that there are two charakaraka replacements involving (1) PiK and PK and (2) BK and MK. It was in the dasa of the AK which is also badhakesh and in the curse that the disease got really bad, especially after 1994 onwards. I think he finally died in Merc dasa Mars antardasa...planets in lagna.

Point again is did the arudha change? From his viewpoint [lagna/lagnesh] it did as he forget he was President, and even forgot the name of his wife must be very painful for the near and dear ones. But for the world [Moon] the arudha never changed.

Now try to do the chart of someone like Saint Joan who was burnt as a witch and then canonised as a saint. The arudha changed after death! How do we see this??? Interesting.

With best wishes and warm regards,
Sanjay Rath
Respected Sanjay Ji,


Firstly, thank you for the illuminating post about the linkages
between the Arudha Lagna and the Atmakaraka.

I have some questions. It is stated that the Arudha Lagna is our
illusory belief system. It has been consistently seen in the
writings here that all Arudha Padas shows the illusions of
the 'world' about the various facets of the native's life as seen
from the various Bhavas and then manifested as visible indications
by the Bhava Padas themselves. It has been taught basically that the
metaphysical truth about the Jatak is seen from the Lagna, and what
the world perceives of the native is seen from the Arudha Lagna.

Is the illusion of Maya that subsists in the Arudha Lagna native-
centric? Does it arise of the beliefs of the native himself, whether
through retention or rejection of memory or is it that these factors
apply to the world at large when they contemplate the native in
their own minds?

It has also been stated in the past that the illusions of the native
are seen from the Graha Arudhas.

I suspect there is probably some serious flaw in my understanding or
something is amiss. I tend to think that there may not be water-
tight distinctions between the various reference points but it would
be illuminating if you could shed some more light on this.

Could it also be that when AK and AL are conjoined, what happens is
that the influences that were coming from the society in the form of
opinions and ideas of that society pertaining to the native (AL?),
are seen for what they actually are (AK influnece) and the hold of
Maya is weakened as the Satya (AK) exposes the empty shell of the
Arudha? The timing could be done from the Vimshottari of the AK and
the replacement studied as you have instructed in your post.

It is clear from the post as to the effects of the AK and linkages
with Shani and the effects that could accrue. You have taught that
the 7th from AL is the opposition to the image just as the Grahas in
the 7th from UL tend to show opposing forces from the family of the
spouse. In one's own chart (11th June,1972;10:17 AM; Cuttack,
Orissa) the Lagnesh is also the AK placed with Shani and an Amavasya
Chandra in the 10th House, 7th from the AL, and the Surya-Chandra-
Shani Yuti is also aspected by the Nodes! The interactions of the
image have been such that the tremendous rush and fall of the AL
caused by Rashi Drishti of the nodes has been deciphered for being
what it is: a big show of transience that changes in such a fickle

Since the AK is with Shani in A7, just as you have instructed in the
post, the realities relating to interaction have also been
suspected, piercing the veil of the Darapada. I am hopeful that to
this extent I have understood what has been taught.

It would be kind of you to clear the doubts as to indoctrination and
the AL.

I am aware that this message may have many errors and only seeks to
lay down some of my thoughts on the matter.


Anurag Sharma.

Brihaspati Gayatri, Vishwamitra/Gaathina Rishi Rig Veda 6.62.6