Monday, July 25, 2005

Sex of the Native

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The Ardha Nadiamsa (Nadi Divisionals) mostly holds the secret of the sex of beings.

Naadi is 150th of division(D150) and Ardha naadi takes Uttara(Fore) and Purva(Hind) part of each division. Hence we get 300th of division.

Parasara's Sixteen charts, compositely divide zodiac in 150 unequal parts. Equal 150 division can also be made. (Refer CS Patels books, R. Santhaanams translation of chandra kalaa Naadi, Pt Sanjay Raths Articles etc).

Equal division, divides a Bhaava of 120Mins into 300 parts of 24 Seconds each. 24 Seconds is called Vighatika. Similar in calculation like Hora Lagna (1 Hour equal duration), Bhava Lagna(2 Hour equal notation).

Vighatika Lagna is used for sex determination, In Jaimini Updesa Sutram determination of Sex based on Vighatika time of birth is indicated. Refer to Pt. Sanjay Rath's translation on Commentry on JUS for this.

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Further Notes.

Note the time for birth since Sunrise. Convert the time into Seconds.
Note the Day of the birth.

Divide the birth time since sunrise by 24. Roundup the quotient.
Divide the quotient by 7. Roundup the qoutient.
Take the planet ruler as per Normal Order table given below.
Then Determine the sex of the individual as per the planet.

1.1 becomes 2
1.002 becomes 2
2.434 becomes 3
4.9999 becomes 5
Any fraction becomes the next highest integer.

Normal order for Planets (Weekday is given rulership as per Normal Order)
1 Sun
2 Moon
3 Mars
4 Merc
5 Jupiter
6 Venus
7 Saturn
8 Rahu
9 Ketu
The Each 1 Sec of the 24 Seconds are ordered as per zodiacal speed of the planet. Hence every 24th is thus the normal weekday order. The 24th second is the lord of the cycle. The 8th and 9th cycle is given Rahu and Ketu ownership. Speed Order ownership for each second is Saturn,Jup,Mars,Sun,Venus,Merc,Moon.

Sex Of Planets:
Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Rahu: Male
Venus, Moon,Ketu :Female
Saturn Eunuch(Normally taken Male)
Mercury Eunuch(Normaly taken Female) [JUS 4.3.12]

Also Refer:
[JUS]Jaimini Updesa Sutram Refer both Pt. Sanjay Rath Translation and Prof Suryanaarayan Rao's (Pt. Sanjay Raths JUS edition has more chapters translated)
Chandulal Patels' Book.
[CKN]Sri R. Santanams Chandrakaala Naadi
For more information on Naadi etc.

Brihaspati Gayatri, Vishwamitra/Gaathina Rishi Rig Veda 6.62.6