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Varaha Hora

From: sreesog <>
Date: Apr 6, 2006 9:45 AM
Subject: [vedic-astrology] A Secret Exposed !! - Varaha Hora

Dear All,
In Prasnamarga it is said that "if a person with true
inquisitiveness is approaching an astrologer, then the astrologer
should tell him about problem he is facing and should suggest the
appropriate solution". But how?
Let us see, how the traditional astrologer are approaching this
question, by making use of a Varaha Hora sloka. Which sloka is that?
I will quote it for you.
"Kandaka Kendra Chatushtaya samjcha
Saptama Lagna Chaturdha Khabhanam
Teshu yedheshu hithabhi baladya
Keeta narambu chara pasavascha"
Meaning, Kandaka, Kendra, Chatushtaya are respectively names for
7th,1st and 4th Houses. Of them Reptail signs, Human signs and Water
signs, and quadruped sign are strong in order.
i.e. In 7th House = Reptail Sign is strong.
In 1st House = Human Sign is strong.
In 4th House = Water Sign is strong.
In 10th House = quadruped (four footed animal) sign is strong.
This seems to be simple. What secret is there? How can it help us in
understanding the thought of the qurent? Wait...Wait..I will explain.
Think that the presna Arudha (or Lagna) at the time of query was
Aries. Now look is the 7th house a reptile sign (Sc and Cn)? No. Is
the 1st hose a Human sign? No. Is the 4th House (Cn) a water sign?
Yes! Is the 10th House a quadruped sign? well, yes/no, it is Cp,
partially water sign and partially quadruped sign. OK. Thus is means
that the 4th house (the born home/native_place of the qurent where
his mother, father, brothers, sisters and relative are present) is
(at the time of prasna) a a very strong influence and controlling
force in that persons life.
But what is the natural tendency of the Lagna? Lagna (In this case,
Aries) is a quadruped sign, which should naturally gets its strength
if placed in 10th!! That means the natural tendency of the person is
to concentrate and immerse himself in work! He is more interested in
work, and don't like any disturbances in that, but the family is
holding him back!!
Yes, with the fact alone that Aries is the ascent, you are able to
reach this much! Now, whether this influence +ve or negative? Whether
his actual problem is the family (4th house) or the job (10th house)?
To know this look at the chart again to see the placement of 4th lord
and 10th lord, and also see how strong is Lagna/Lagna lord?
1) If 4th lord is badly placed then the bad influence or condition
of the family/relatives is causing the trouble.
2) If the 10th lord is badly placed then the loss of expected
success / failures / problems in job is causing the trouble.
3) If the Lagna is strong and lagna lord is well placed (they
indicate the qurent himself) then the qurent is able and the problem
is just with the situation. If not the inability (financial or
otherwise) of the qurent is also causing the situation to become
Does it mean that all prasna indicates bad things only? No! It is
not like that. When presna Aruda (or Lagna) is Aries and if there is
no problem with 4th and if there is a well placed planet in 10th then
the query is related to 10th, about a positive subject, such as a
promotion in job or the like! Similarly if there is no problem with
10th and if there is a well placed planet in 4th (e.g Mo) then he is
thinking of constructing a new house or the like for sure!! (i.e.
something that the 4th house and the planet placed in it signify)
Yes, I have explained the example situation by taking Aries as
Lagna (at the time of query). Now if Taurus is Lagna/Arudha at the
time of query, then what?
Yes you know the answer. ;)
The sign "that becomes strong" is the 7th house, since it is a
retail sign. (Retail signs are strong in 7th) - So the query could be
about marriage or a marital problem.
The "that should become strong" (or the natural tendency of the
Taurus lagna) is 10th house. (Taurus in a quadruped sign) - so he
should better concentrate on work. Does he do so? or is it causing
the current problem?
Locate what the qurent wants to ask about (could be either good or
bad situations) basing your thinking on these lines. It is easy to
locate - combined with the additional clues the planetary placement
gives us!!
I think atleast to some of us the idea is clear by now. The
traditional astrologers try to logically locate the prime
problem/thought of the qurent by using both these principles. If both
of them leads them to the same conclusion, then usually they won't
allow the qurent to speak, and tell his problem on his face, and thus
catching him in absolute surprise!! Once this happens then it becomes
a very easy task for the astrologer since, after that what ever he
says would be accepted by the qurent by not even without a question!
The good astrologers take it as a positive tool to give good guidance
and counseling to the qurent and direct him in the right path. Bad
astrologers - humm....You know what they do....
Yes, that is why it is said that astrology is a double edged sward.
It can be used to guide the qurent to the right path, or to make him
believe and first and then destroy him/cheat him totally, by giving
wrong guidance! Yes, I agree, all knowledge is similar - good in the
hands of good people, and bad in the hands of bad people.
Ok. That were some side thoughts - back to astrology. Experiment
with the above principle.
Lesson to remember : Some slokas that seems simple hides ample
secrets within!! And it demands hard efforts form the part of us to
bring them out.

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