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Sudasa Calculations

Dear Sanjiv and others,

Here is a quick guide to Sudasa calculation.

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Om Sriyai Namaha


I am going to throw some more light on Sudasa below. Before I do that, here is a word of caution. Sudasa is a purely materialistic dasa. It shows money and
power. Goal of astrologers should be to help clients in their material pursuits and at the same time lead to their spiritual growth. Relying too much on Sudasa may not lead to proper guidance, as it is a materialistic dasa. So please refrain from using it too much. Use it only when needed.

In addition to this article, read Sanjay's two books I mentioned, for definition and examples of Sudasa.


Find the constellation occupied by natal Moon. Find the fraction traversed by Moon in that constellation. Find the same fraction of the zodiac (360 degrees).
Add that to natal lagna. The result is called "Sree Lagna" (SL). Sree means "prosperous" and it also stands for "Goddess Lakshmi", who is in charge of money in Hindu mythology.

EXAMPLE: I gave an example in a previous mail and Sanjiv used it as a 'template' to create another example by changing numbers:

> I will attempt a detail calculation of my sudasa per your instructions. I

> appreciate if you could confirm my calculations.
> Reference: March 20, 1966; Calcutta, India.

Sanjiv's birthtime: 9:40 am (IST)

> (1) Moon is at 13:28:51 in Aq. He is in Satabhishak constellation which

> at 6:40:0 in Aq.

In the two examples so far, Moon is in Satabhishak constellation and it starts from 6:40:0 in Aq. You will need to be familiar with the starting points of various constellations.

Even if you don't know this, you can easily figure it out if you have a program that shows Moon's longitude, nakshatra and pada (quarter). Quarters of
constellations start from longitudes that look like xx0:0:0, xx3:20:0 and xx6:40:0 (deg:min:sec). If your program tells you that Moon is at 21:34:17 (in
Sg) in Poorvashadha 3rd pada (quarter), you can easily figure out that the 3rd quarter starts at 20:0:0, 2nd quarter at 16:40:0 and 1st quarter at 13:20:0.
So Moon's advancement in constellation is 21:34:17 minus 13:20:0 = 8:14:17.

> (2) His advancement in his constellation is 13:28:51 minus 6:40:0 =
> (3) His advancement as a fraction is: (6+48/60+51/3600)/13.333333333 =
> (6.8141666667)*3/40 = 0.5110625 (Note: 13.3333 degrees is the length of a
> constellation and it is equal to 40/3).
> (4) This fraction of the zodiac (360 degrees) is 0.5110625*360 = 183.9825
> degrees, i.e. 183 deg 58 min 57 sec.
> (5) We have to add this (183:58:57) to lagna (46:03:42).
> (6) We get 231:01:39, i.e. 21 deg 01 min 39 sec in SCORPIO. This is the
> longitude
> of "Sree Lagna", which initiates Sudasa. (Note: Sree means "prosperous"

> also stands for "Goddess Lakshmi", who is in charge of money in Hindu

Upto step 5, everything is perfect. You made a mistake in step 6. Check your addition. You forwarded a carry from seconds to degrees directly. The answer
should be 230:02:39, i.e. 20 deg 2 min 39 sec in Scorpio.


Find the distance from SL (Sree Lagna) to the end of the sign containing it. Divide it by 30. That fraction represents the remainder of the first dasa (dasa
running at birth). In Sanjiv's case, it should be (30:0:0-20:2:39)/(30:0:0)= 9.95583333/30.0= 0.33186111.


Find the lengths of various dasas *just as in* Narayana dasa. Please refer to my previous posts on Narayana dasa, especially the one giving rules. In the
case of dual lords, you have to choose the stronger lord just as in Narayana dasa.

As far as finding the lengths of the dasas of various signs is concerned, there is no difference between Narayana dasa and Sudasa. The only difference is
that the first dasa is reduced in Sudasa. Find the remainder in first dasa at birth by multiplying dasa years with the fraction found above.

In Sanjiv's case, Scorpio has SL. Ketu occupies SL and so we should take the second lord, Mars. He is in Pisces, 5th from Sc. So Sc dasa is for 5-1=4
years. However, we have to multiply this with 0.33186111 (see above) and 4x0.33186111 = 1.32744444 years, i.e. 1 yr 3 mo 27.88 da.
This is the duration of Sc dasa.

[Note: After all the 12 dasas are over, we start the second cycle. Sum of the first cycle and second cycle of ANY rasi's dasa is 12 years. So Sc dasa in
second cycle will be 10 yr 8 mo 2.12 da]


Based on whether SL is in an odd or even rasi, dasas will progress in forward or backward order (respectively). First, dasas of 4 quadrants will run (1st,
4th, 7th and 10th); then dasas of 4 panaparas will run (2nd, 5th, 8th, 11th); and then dasas of 4 apoklimas will run (3nd, 6th, 9th, 12th).

Example 1: If SL is in Ge (an odd sign), direction is "forward" (zodiacal). Dasa sequence will be Ge, Vi, Sg, Pi (qudrants over), Cn, Li, Cp, Ar (panaparas
over), Le, Sc, Aq and Ta (apoklimas over).

Example 2: If SL is in Cn (an even sign), direction is "backward" (anti-zodiacal). Dasa sequence will be Cn, Ar, Cp, Li (qudrants over), Ge, Pi, Sg, Vi (panaparas over), Ta, Aq, Sc, Le (apoklimas over). Note that quadrants, panaparas and apoklimas are all being reckoned in the backward (anti-zodiacal)
order here.

Go through these two examples carefully and you will understand the dasa sequence rule very clearly.


Find them *just as in* Narayana dasa.

Some examples have already been given and some more will be given in time. See Sanjay's second book for a couple of excellent examples.

Give importance to arudha lagna (AL) as this is a materialistic dasa. For example, 12th from AL shows expenditure and losses and 11th from AL shows
gains. This is why Jaimini referred planets in 11th and 12th from AL when talking about gains and gains.

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Those who are interested in Sudasa can now compute it for Sanjiv's chart. Most of the calculations have already been given. SL is at 20:2:39 in Scorpio and
Sc dasa's remainder at birth is 1 yr 3 mo 27.88 da. Other dasa years will be as in Narayana dasa. YOU have to find the dasa sequence and compute individual dasas.
Data again: 20th March 1966, 9:40 am (IST), Calcutta, India (88e22, 22n32)  Compute dasas upto 2000. Then explain the following data (written by

> Since Aug '94 a downward trend in regards to my finances started which
> was realized by Aug'95. By May'96 it had reached its peak. But then,
> to counter the circumstances I had initiated some efforts which
> materialized in July '96. However, these results came with a price tag
> of apx. $75, 000. I am still in the process of settling the accounts.

Don't go upto antardasas and explain JUST using DASAS why financial troubles started around Aug 1994. Try your best to come up with a credible argument. IF you give it your best shot, I will come to your help!

May Jupiter's light shine on us,

Brihaspati Gayatri, Vishwamitra/Gaathina Rishi Rig Veda 6.62.6