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karaka tithi and karaka yoga

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Date: Sun, Mar 30, 2008 at 9:54 PM
Subject: [vedic-astrology] Re: New features Of J hora

Namaste Sir,

Hoping you don't mind, I am cc'ing the reply to some yahoogroups for the benefit of all.

(1) Chara atma karaka (AK) is like Sun and chara amatya karaka (AmK) is like Moon. The tithi and yoga are normally found based on the longitude differential and sum, i.e. (Moon-Sun) and (Moon+Sun), respectively. If we use AmK and AK longitudes instead of Moon and Sun longitudes to find tithi and yoga, we get karaka tithi and karaka yoga.

(2) These tables are for research purposes. If you click on the menu item "What's all this?" in that "MIscellany" >> "Laghu Parasari" view, you will get the following:

"By adding the longitudes of various bodies and lagnas, years of some important events can be obtained.\nCounting of various amsas is also possible. These methods are basically like simple progression techniques. These calculations are given to facilitate research."

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Subject: New features Of J hora

Dear Sri Narasimha Rao ji,

Among some of the changes I wish to know,

1. What is new addition called Karaka Tithi and Karaka yoga.

2. Among old items, Can I know the application of displayed item Titled " Laghu parashari "Tab under Miscellany, here items are ASC-SUN to ASC-GLK.

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Thanking for invaluable gift of J Hora.


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