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Chart Analysis : Panchanga

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Date: 21 August 2012 20:58

Hare Rama Krishna
Dear List Members,

   We shall try to analyse the chart of Sjc-Chennai Guru Sri. Sanjay Prabhakaranji.
His birth details are:DOB:19 july 1971,TOB:9:15 a.m.POB:Karur
Lagna rising is Simha.
Before analysing the chart we have to read the Panchanga.
Vara lord seen from lagna.Moon the vara lord is in the 10 from lagna hence well placed,exalted, but afflicted.The remedy for vara lord is food.
For Moon the staple food is rice, curd and milk. Predominantly he has to take rice with other foods.Other foods are not taboo.
It is good for the vara lord to be in
agni rasi but it is in pritvi rasi. Walking is a good exercise.
God gives him energy through the vara lord and how he uses it is seen from:
Living energy is seen from lagna lord .the relation is 3/11
The waking up energy is seen from the 8th. lord that is Jupiter.This is good 7/7.
The working energy is seen from the 10th. lord that is Venus.2/12 relationship.not a bad placement.
We also have to see how Moon is placed in the Navamsa.Moon in Karka. Jala rasi.
Food and exercise should improve the energy level.

The Tithi lord Mercury is seen from the 4th. house.Good placement.Tithi lord is a water ball placed in Jala. good.Mercury is debilitated in navamsa.
We should also see the tithi lord from the 7th. lord Saturn which is stronger.3/11. Relationship improve with time.
Jupiter in the 4th. is good for relationship.The remedy is gem stones for planets in the 4th. house

The Nakshatra lord is seen for longevity from the 7th. house.
The nakshatra lord is well placed from the 7th. house.
Moon in kendra to the 7th. house.
For bad placement the remedy is yoga asanas.

The Karana lord denotes profession and seen from the 10 th. house
Mercury is placedin the 3rd. house from the 10th. house.
The remedy for bad placement is Mantra.
The Nakshatra devata for the 10th. nakshatra from the janma nakshatra could be good remedy.

The Atma Karaka is Mars:should practise Ahimsa. Should not lose his anger and not expect victory.

The Panchanga dosha is important and seen from the AK..
Look for planets in MKS and bad pachakadi sambandha from Mars.
We find Mercury-AMK.and lord of the 2nd. and 12th. houses.
Sun the DK the lagna lord .The DK represents wealth and spouse.
The AK also does not like Ketu the co-lord of the 4th. house.
A7 is in bad pachakadi sambandha.

The theory is for wealth the 2nd. lord, DK and jupiter the Karaka for wealth should not be in MKS or Pachakadi sambandha from AK.
For Relationship we take the 7th. lord, Venus and DK.

This Dosha has to be remedied.
We should exalt the AK.
Om namah sivaya namo bheemasankaraya.

We have to now read the rasi chart.
What is the order.
First look for kala sarpa or kala amrita dosha and remedy it.
No dosha go for 
Curses:The worst here is uncles curse. Mercury with Sun and Ketu and graha dristi from rahu and AK Mars.
See that the 8th. lord, or AK or Lagna lord is involved in the curse. Also the lagna.
Otherwise we can ignore the curse.

The best remedy i think in this case is Kleem Krishna kleem.

If no curse look for Badhaka.
After remedying the badhaka effect we go into the chart.
Can somebodt attach his birth chart to this mail

More in my next mail

Brihaspati Gayatri, Vishwamitra/Gaathina Rishi Rig Veda 6.62.6