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Question about ratna

From: Sanjay Rath <srath@srath.com>
Date: 3 October 2013 20:27
Subject: Re: [SoHamsa] Question about ratna
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Samrat, I taught this when explaining Bhagya Bhava...9H in PJC in detail
When tamas graha are in 9H, irrespective of their ownership or placement, some great havoc in life is promised.
Rahu in 9H/Lord >> Cheating
Ketu in 9H/Lord >> Suffers due to stupidity or mistakes of others
Mars in 9H/Lord >> Destruction of fortune due to fight, battle, courtcase
Saturn in 9H/Lord >> Great misfortune due to theft, taxes, government, father etc ...
How does it matte who or what is lord when the 9H is plagued. Gemini and Pisces have broken destiny due to this 9H lordship of a node and a terrible malefic.
Remedy: Enhance the Sattva Guna Graha using gemstone, mantra etc.
Mars/Ketu > Pearl
Saturn > Ruby
Rahu > Yellow Sapphire/Topaz
Best Wishes
Sent: Thursday, October 3, 2013 1:01 PM
Subject: Re: [SoHamsa] Question about ratna

Dear Guru Ji,

Guru is badhakesh for both Mer lagna.

If lagna is Mithun in that case Moon holds 2nd H hence Markesh.
If Lagna is Kanya in that case Moon will hold 11H which is 7th to AL hence house of opposition.

Please guide that how wearing of pearl dosnt harm from these two angles.



From: Sanjay Rath <srath@srath.com>
To: sohamsa@yahoogroups.com
Sent: Thursday, 3 October 2013 11:09 AM
Subject: Re: [SoHamsa] Question about ratna
Dear Aleksander
Try Pearl instead. Ketu in the 9th house can cause sudden misfortunes, due to fights, or just bad luck. You need a Moon to bring in the social help needed to stop this menace
~Sanjay Rath
Sent: Wednesday, October 2, 2013 3:51 PM
Subject: [SoHamsa] Question about ratna

Om Gurave Namah
Dear Gurus
Person has Mercury and Ketu in 9 house.Mercury is never satisfied with what he has and also give some problem with holding the right path,also jelausy e.t.c,and KEtu bring misunderstanding of Guru principles.Problem with Akash tatva.
Remedy for Mercury in nine house is RUby,and for KEtu is Yelow Saphire...
But Guru is under the curse in MKS and also Badakesh. Does it have wear a Yelow Saphire .Or RUby bacause Mercury is a LAgnesh also?
Best regards
Aleksandar Djordjevic

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