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Opening Muladhara Chakra

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Hi, Yesterday early morning, i saw a dream that i open my drawing room door to collect paper and see 2 Baboons on the Ground in front of our building. (I live on 2nd Floor). I quickly collect the paper  and moved inside, by the time I lock the Outside Iron Gate, the baboons reach my floor and started agressively pulling the Outer iron gate. They are almost trying to break-open the gate. In the end after lots of struggle, I see the iron gate partially bend, but tired the baboons had left.

 What can be its interpretation.


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Subject: RE: [SoHamsa] dream question
Date: Monday, June 4, 2012, 9:52 PM

 om gurave namaḥ

Dear anurag

The muladhara chakra is not opening. You need to work harder with the prithvi tattva. Unless this opens your life on earth is not going to be stable and lovely

With Best Wishes

Sanjay Rath


Respected Sanjayji,


Sadar Pranam,


Thanks for your below reply.


How to open the Muladhara Chakra / work harder with Prithvi Tatva. Please guide.





From: Sanjay Rath Date: 5 June 2012 at 16:09

om gurave namaḥ

Dear Anuraag

Starting with today (mula nakshatra) start reciting the Dattātreya Bīja OR vaTa bīja in morning and evening. Choose One. Stop everything else

Datta Bīja दां dāṁ daaM

vaTa (Banyan) bīja द्रां drāṁ draaM

Parnil. I hope you are reading this…

With Best Wishes

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