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Atri-03 Class: Navamsa Lecture Notes

Notes Taken by  Niva Kanjani

Ø  In Sanskrit, “Nava” means graha. That is why Navamsha is called “Grahamsa” too.
Ø  Similarly “Dwadasa” means Surya, so dwadasamsa is called “Suryamsa” too. Because another name for number twelve is “surya”.
Ø  According to Parasara, Navamsa Kundli is supposed to be regular i.e. in order of zodiac signs. Means 1st Navamsa of Mesha Rashi will be in Mesha sign only. So if we divide sign Mesha in 9parts, first nine Navamsha’s will be of first nine Rashis (i.e. Mesha to Dhanu).
è Then first Navamsa of Vrishabha sign will be in Capricorn.
Ø  Vrishabh Navamsa native has tendency to doubt everyone.

Vargottama Rashis
Ø  In movable signs, own sign Navamsa will be in the first amsa of that sign.
In fixed signs, own sign Navamsa will be in the fifth amsa of that sign.
In dual signs, own sign Navamsa will be in the last amsa of that sign.
è If we consider Mesha as “Pratham Rashi or Brahma Rashi”. Vrishabha as “Dwitiya Rashi or Vishnu Rashi”. Mithuna as “Tritiya or Shiva Rashi”. Then beginning relates more to Brahma, middle relates more to Vishnu, and end relates more to Shiva.
è So first Varga of “Pratham or Aarambh Rashi” is called Vargottam. As Brahma is connected with beginning, so it has energies of Brahma. Mesha, Karka, Tula and Makara are classified under “Aarambh Rashi”.
5th Varga of “Madhyam Rashi” is called Vargottam. As Vishnu is connected with “Madhyam”, so it has energies of Vishnu. Vrishabha, Simha, Vrischika and Kumba are “Madhyam Rashis”
Last Varga “Tritiya Rashi” is called Vargottam. As Shiva is connected with “End”, so it has energies of Shiva. Mithuna, Kanya, Dhanu and Meena are “Tritiya or Shiva Rashi.”
è If any planet is placed in Vargottam Rashi, All characteristics of that planet are seen in the native due to blessings of deity related to the Rashi (i.e. Brahma’s Blessings for Movable Rashi Vargottam, Vishnu’s Blessings for Fixed Rashi Vargottam, Shiva’s Blessings for Dual Rashi Vargottam)

Ø  Results of different grahas placed in vargottam rashi:
Mercury: Good speech, Good learning and understanding
Jupiter: Wisdom, supreme intelligence
Venus: Tremendous willpower, Good Ojas
Moon: Very strong mind
Sun: Leadership
Ketu: Powerful Mathematics, intuition
Mars: Good physical strength
Rahu: Power to break all boundaries
Saturn: Power to tolerate grief
If Lagna is Vargottam: Long life

Dharma from Navamsa
Ø  9th Bhava is Dharma Bhava.
Ø  4 pillars of dharma are:
1.       Vishwa Dharma (Vasudhaiwa Kutumbakam)
2.       Rashtra Dharma (Dharma for Nation)
3.       Samaj Dharma (Dharma for society)
4.       Swa Dharma (Dharma for self)
è In satya-yuga, person follows all 4dharmas.
è In treta yoga, person forgets vishwa dharma and follows 3dharmas. 1. Rashtra dharma 2. Samaj dharma 3. Swa dharma.
è In Dwapar yoga, person forgets Vishwa dharma and Rashtra Dharma and follows 3dharmas. 1. Rashtra dharma 2. Samaj dharma 3. Swa dharma.
è In kaiyuga person follows only swa dharma.
Ø  Movable signs are classified into 4parts
1.       Mesha- Satya Yuga
2.       Kark- Treta Yuga
3.       Tula- Dwapar Yuga
4.       Makara- Kali Yuga
è So any graha in Mesha Navamsa or in trines thereof shows that person will have power to follow all 4dharmas. Similarly Kark-3dharma. Tula-2dharmas. Makara- only 1dharma
è Similarly Trines of these signs will behave like these signs only. Like, Simha and Dhanu are in trines to mesha, so planets placed in these navamsh will also follow all 4dharmas.
è In periods of grahas placed in Vrishabha, Kanya, Makara sign, person will follow Swa-dharma only. Because in these periods person gets very less fruits compared to the work he has put in, so he will not be able to follow other 3dharmas due to lack of resources..
Ø  4directions of dharma:
1.       Dharma: Rashis in Trikona of Navamsa Lagna
2.       Artha: Rashis 2,6,10 houses from navamsa Lagna
3.       Kama: Rashis 3,7,11 houses from navamsa Lagna
4.       Moksha: Rashis 4,8,12 houses from navamsa Lagna

2nd house (Arth Trikona)
Ø  2nd house is part of arth trikon.
Ø  2nd house is application of learning. Applying knowledge to work is because of blessings saraswati.
è 2nd house is like the 1st house (intelligence) and 5th house (study). So when intelligence and study come together, we get 2nd house working in arth trikona.
è 2nd house- shows learning naturally through practice. Because 2nd house is close to lagna and lagna is the most natural house, so you are learning it naturally
è 6th- learning from teacher and not naturally through practice
è In 2nd house learning comes through self-study and in 6th house learning comes from teacher. Because 4th is the house of learning, and 4th from 2nd house is 5th house of self practice, and 4th from 6th house is 9th house of guru.
è Results of various planets in 2nd house:
Shukra and ketu in 2nd house- sit at home and learn and practice lot of jyotish. So that you can become expert in jyotish.
Saturn in 2nd- learning old knowledge. Knowledge coming from elders. Involving in elder’s business.
è Sun-photography
è Ketu-using software
è Venus- management

10th house in Navamsa (Arth Trikona)
Ø  Shubha planet in 10th house gives guaranteed wealth in its dasa. Wealth comes in dasa of that planet, due to previous life’s donation in the temple of the deity related to that sign. So what you have given is what you are getting back.
Ø  If Ashubh Planet in 10th house takes away wealth in its dasa. Wealth goes due to not keeping the promise of giving money in previous life. So money goes in this life.
Ø  Similarly if benefic planet owns 10th house of d9, there is gain of money in its period. And if 10th house of d9 is owned by malefic planet, person will lose money in its dasa-antar.
Ø  Mercury is best in the 10th house. Rahu is worst in the 10th house.
Ø  If rahu in 10th house, person spends carelessly.
Ø  Jaimini says “If mercury is placed in 10th house of d9, then shani’s effect will come on navamsa lagna (Buddhi).” Saturn effect on lagna means person will be very hardworking and follower of scripture and traditional.”
è Effect of planet on lagna due to planet placed in 10th house is found using “Vara Chakra Rule”. In this rule, we take planets in order or their weekday lordship starting from planet sun for Sunday, and in the end after Saturn for Saturday, we includes rahu and ketu.
è Mercury in 10th will give Saturn effect on lagna because lagna is 4th house from 10th house and Saturday is 4th day when counted from Wednesday.
è If Venus in the 10th, lagna will have effect of ketu on lagna. Ketu’s effect on lagna will give interest towards maths, jyotish and will give good intuition.
è If Rahu in 10th, lagna will have effect of moon. Inclined towards luxuries, enjoyment and songs during rahu period, travelling for satwa (pilgrimages).
è Venus gives travelling for rajas i.e. luxuries, where as moon gives travelling for satwa i.e. pilgrimages.
Ø  If any planet is in 10th house of d9, gaining and losing money will matter a lot in person’s life. For example if mercury in 10th house in d9, person will work more hard if given more money.
Ø  3rd lord in 10th- makes you fight in karma. This is not good.

3rd House (Kama Trikona):
Ø  3rd house shows the ability person has in hand that can give bhagya. That ability can become native’s livelihood, because 3rd house is aspects 9th house
Ø  3rd is the house of guru upadesa too. That planet will bring teachings of guru to you.  So one can easily learn skills of that planet, which will be useful in future.
Ø  Person will be carrying different things in hand with different planets in 3rd house.
Venus- painting
Mercury-sculpting, writing
Mars- Spear
Sun- sword, fire, knife
Moon-water or things related to water
Guru- rosary
Saturn- Club (gada-गदा)

7th house (Kama Trikona)
Ø  7th house of d9 shows influences on lagna of spouse. If there is any planet in 7th house, your nature can be influenced due to your spouse. Many times, we see some people totally changing after marriage; these people have planets in their 7th house of d9. So it’s good to have 7th house empty.
Ø  Spouse will have to digest all negative qualities of planet placed in 7th house of native.
è If your 7th house has Saturn, wife has to handle your negative Saturn. She has to handle when you are depressed. If Saturn is well placed like in exaltation sign or own sign, she will digest your grieves. Otherwise, she will be the cause of your grief or she has to handle the grief caused to you by others.
Ø  Spouse nature will be according to planet in 7th house, or if 7th house is empty take lord of 7th house.
è If you have Saturn placed in 7th, your wife will surely have strong Saturn in asc or trines or will be conjoining their lords.
Ø  7th lord in 6th in d9- wife will be inimical to you
Ø  4th from 7th house i.e. 10th is the house for mother-in-law
è Malefic in 10th- bad mother in law.
è Benefics in 10th- good mother in law
è Jupiter in 10th- mother-in-law will be very good, and will always stand by you in your bad times.

4th house (Moksha Trikona)
Ø  4th house of d9 shows purity of native’s heart. If benefic planets are placed there, heart is considered pure. If paap grahas sit there, person’s heart will be impure.
è If paap grahas sit in 4th house, person disrespects lord Vishnu. If shubh grahas placed in 4th house, person will respect and love lord Vishnu and treats whole world as family. Don’t take ketu as paap graha for this analysis, as it is moksha karaka and we see 4th house for moksha as it is one of the moksha trikonas and purity of heart is necessary for moksha.
è Malefics in 4th give spoil the health of native, but benefics in 4th will give good health to native. Because this grahas placed in this house influence mind very quickly, happiness and grief come from this house only.
Ø  Planet sitting in the 4th house is the form of divine mother related to that planet. So worshipping this goddess will eliminate all bad effects of planet placed there, and you will get the path for salvation.
è So 4th is the house of mother and it is also the house of gati.

8th House (Moksha trikona):
Ø  8th is the house of debt. It is necessary to be totally free from karmik debts to get moksha. Astakshari mantras are best to clear the karmik debt. Only way to get freedom from the debt is mantras.
è Important thing taught in mantra shastra is mantra charan. 1 charan is made of 8letters. And gayatri mantra is 24 letter mantra, which has 3 charans in it, each of 8 letters. Gayatri mantra is very powerful mantra to make you completely debt free. Or we can recite any other mantra which is in the gayatri Chhanda (छंद), it will work like gayatri. Vishnu’s ashtakshari mantra is also in gayatri chhand.
è Gayatri mantra has power to give freedom from all bad karmas, curses and debts. No other mantra is superior to this mantra.

Ø  Planet in 8th house of d9 shows your debt, and you have to pay off this debt. That planet will always make you pay off debt in its dasa, and if you deny paying off, the planet has power to destroy your 7th house (Kama bhava and desires). That’s why 8th house causes destruction of 7th house. If 8th lord gets connected with Saturn, then no escape.
è During MD-AD of planet in 8th house or lord of the 8th house marriages can break down. Even if shubh graha is placed in 8th or becomes lord of 8th, then also it can break marriage
è If 8th lord is placed in Kendra in strength, marriage stability will be questioned. Remedy for that is to strengthen 7th lord of d9.
è 8th lord in lagna in d9 is always bad for marriage even if it’s Jupiter. Lata mangeshkar had 8th lord Jupiter in Leo lagna, she didn’t marry at all

12th House (Moksha Trikona):
Ø  12th house from AK is moksha of soul. 12th house from lagna is moksha for lagna (moksha for intelligence- means sleeping)
Ø  Significations of grahas placed in 12th house of d9 will be destroyed. If shukra is in 12th house of d9, person will not be able to marry.  Unless that shukra is in exaltation or in own house OR it is strongly supported by Jupiter OR some other planet which is strongly supporting marriage, likely then person will get married. So 12th lord is very bad as far as material world is concerned.
Ø  But planet placed in 12th is good for 4th house as its 9th from 4th. So it’s good for spirituality.
Ø  Because d9 is amsa of bhagya, planet placed in 12th house has power to destroy your bhagya. This planet can never be your friend. Similar way, no planet is better friend of you, than the benefic planet sitting in 10th house as it gives guaranteed wealth in its period.

Dharma Trikona Trines:
Ø  Planets placed in trines of d9, are god’s blessings to us. Person will have the good knowledge related to that planet.
è Planets in ascendant- ability will come from birth. Born with that knowledge
è Planets in 5th- ability will come from self-studies
è Planets in 9th- ability will come from guru kripa, means you have to learn from a teacher to get that ability
Ø  Shukra in d9 asc gives good painting skills, fine arts. Ketu in d9 asc gives interest in spiritual discussion. Sun in trines gives knowledge of rhythm (musical instrument), dance. Moon in trines gives knowledge of singing. Mercury makes body flexible (dancing), if mangal influences it, person will be good sportsman. Jupiter in d9 ascendant gives knowledge of Sanskrit.

Navamsa Ascendant and delivery:
Ø  Malefics planets (excluding sun) in d9 asc or conjoining asc lord of d9 give problem during the delivery of native.
Ø  If rahu/ketu in d9 lagna, person’s delivery will be very difficult. Forceps delivery is guaranteed.
Ø  Moon denotes birth. Rahu obstructs moon. So rahu in d9 lagna shows difficulty in birth, and such a person will have weak Chandra.
Ø  As mars in d9 lagna or conjoining asc lord of d9 gives cesarean delivery, women worship hanuman before delivery so that they can be saved from cesarean delivery.

Strength of planets in giving results:

Ø  How intensively concerned planet is capable to give fruits will be decided from its placement with respect to asc lord of d9.
Ø  Planets placed in Kendra or trikona to d9 lagna lord, will flourish and intensively give good/bad results as per their agenda. Others will not flourish much and will give negligible results or no results at all.
è For example planets placed in trines of d9 asc may not give abilities signified by them, if they are not placed in Kendra or trikona to lagna lord. Similarly analyze planets placed in other houses too.
Ø  If planet giving results is involved in exchange with an another planet, it will give results of the another planet.
è For example if 3rd house of d9 has venus but it is in exchange with mercury, then person would be carrying the things related to sculpting/writing than the things related to painting.

Brihaspati Gayatri, Vishwamitra/Gaathina Rishi Rig Veda 6.62.6