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Vargas and Dasa Systems - Lookup tables

Yahoo! Vargas and Dasa Systems - Lookup tables
From Shree PVR Narasimha Rao
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Here is a list of vargas and matters seen in them. Parasara's BPHS is the source.

(1) Rasi (D-1): Existence at the physical level
(2) Hora (D-2): Wealth and finances.
(3) Drekkana (D-3): Siblings.
(4) Chaturthamsa (D-4): House, properties and fortune.
(5) Saptamsa (D-7): Children and grandchildren.
(6) Navamsa (D-9): Spouse, marriage and dharma.
(7) Dasamsa (D-10): Career and activities in society.
(8) Dwadasamsa (D-12): Parents and grandparents.
(9) Shodasamsa (D-16): Vehicles, luxuries, comforts and discomforts.
(10) Vimsamsa (D-20): Upasana and spiritual progress.
(11) Chaturvimsamsa (D-24): Learning and education.
(12) Nakshatramsa (D-27): Sub-conscious strengths and weaknesses, sub-conscious impulses.
(13) Trimsamsa (D-30): Evils and punishment, papa purusha (sub-conscious "evil person" embedded in each person's existence).
(14) Khavedamsa (D-40): Inherited karma from maternal side.
(15) Akshavedamsa (D-45): Inherited karma from paternal side.
(16) Shashtyamsa (D-60): "All matters" (according to Parasara)

There are additional vargas taught by others (e.g. D-5, D-6, D-8, D-11, D-81, D-108, D-144). There are also variations of some of the above charts (e.g. D-2, D-3, D-9, D-30) which are used for specific purposes. But, the above 16 charts are sufficient for most common purposes.

Each house has tens of meanings given in classic. Out of them, take the meaning that is relevant to the matters associated with the divisional chart you are using.

Regarding dasas, there are tens of them. But nakshatra dasas are the easiest to use. The following are the most useful nakshatra dasas and conditions for their applicability. Again, the source is Parasara's BPHS. I am giving the percentage of charts where the dasa is applicable in brackets.

(1) Vimsottari dasa (100%): No conditions of applicability
(2) Panchottari dasa (0.7%): Applicable if lagna is in Cancer in rasi and dwadasamsa.
(3) Sataabdika dasa (8%): Applicable if lagna is in "vargottama"
(4) Chaturaseeti sama dasa (8%): Applicable if 10th lord is in 10th
(5) Dwisaptati sama dasa (16%): Applicable if lagna lord is in 7th or if 7th lord is in lagna
(6) Shashtihayani dasa (8%): Applicable if Sun is in lagna
(7) Dwadasottari dasa (16%): Applicable if lagna is in an amsa of Venus [note: I did not find this dasa working consistently]
(8) Ashtottari dasa (25%): Applicable if (a) Rahu is in a quadrant or trine from lagna lord, but not placed in lagna and (b) birth occurred in Sukla paksha in night time or in Krishna paksha in day time.
(9) Shodasottari dasa (50%): Applicable if lagna is Moon's hora and it is Krishna paksha or if lagna is in Sun's hora and it is Sukla paksha.
(10) Shattrimsa sama dasa (50%): Applicable if lagna is Moon's hora and it is night time or if lagna is in Sun's hora and it is day time.

There are many other dasas like Yogini dasa, Kalachakra dasa, Narayana dasa, Chara dasa, Trikona dasa, Drigdasa, Yogardha dasa, Moola dasa, Sudarsana chakra dasa etc. But the most applicable nakshatra dasa (from among the ten dasas listed above) can always be the first dasa to try.

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