Thursday, August 25, 2005

Navamsa Reading

Namaste Pradeep,

I forgot to make one point yesterday.

You used my chart and explained a known event using Chandra Hari ayanamsa:

> I tried to take Shri Narasimhas chart and study some events as given
> in his website.''In 1987, I stood state first in Intermediate (higher
> secondary school)exams in the state of AP in India with a record
> aggregate of the decade and with 300 on 300 in mathematics. I went to
> India's prestigeous Indian Institute of Technology in Madras (now
> known as Chennai).''
> It was Saturn/Sun period as per C.Hari Ayanamsha.Saturn is the 5th
> lord attaining neechabhanga.Sun is the main planet causing
> neechabhanaga(as sun is the planet that gets exlated in aries and is
> in a kendra from lagna).

One can use whatever ayanamsa one wants and come up with beautiful explanations of already known events. But the fact remains that the only astrologer who predicted the event beforehand used Lahiri ayanamsa and Saturn-Moon antardasa!

My father used rasi and navamsa charts, Vimsottari dasa and transits and confidently predicted that I would have excellent success academically in 1987. In fact, when I wanted to take EAMCET engineering entrance test for engg colleges in my AP state (as a backup in case I don't succeed in IIT entrance test), my father was adament that it would be a waste of money, time and energy and that I would surely make it to IIT. He saw May-July 1987 as an excellent period of academic success and getting into engg. He thought I was crazy to think that I may not make it to IIT.

He predicted my going abroad in 1991 and getting married in 1993. He predicted to my sister (and not to me so as to not influence my decisions) that I would come back to India in mid-1993 and leave India again in the second half of 1994.

My father made several accurate predictions about my past, ahead of the events, using dasas and antardasas of Vimsottari dasa computed using Lahiri ayanamsa and transits.

Thus, it is unfair to project as though Vimsottari dasa as per Lahiri ayanamsa does not work in my chart.

May Jupiter's light shine on us,

Namaste Pandit ji,

I will try to write what I remember.

My father uses rasi and navamsa charts only. To my father, navamsa is not just the chart of seeing dharma and marriage. To him, it is the chart of fortune and blessings. He sees navamsa for all events. He uses navamsa as a separate chart (just like Dr Raman did).

Moon is in Gemini navamsa with Venus. Gemini is the 10th house in rasi chart and Venus is the 9th lord. Thus, Moon promises luck and name in society. Moon aspects Jupiter in Sg and gives Gaja-Kesari yoga. Sg is the 4th house of education in rasi chart and Jupiter is the 4th lord. Thus, Moon brings luck to education and gets name.

Moon is in Ge navamsa and Ge is the 10th house. Mars is the 10th lord from Moon in rasi chart and is the dispositor of the 10th lord from lagna. Thus, Mars is an important planet for career and shows engineering. In navamsa, Mars aspects Moon in Ge and gives Chandra-Mangala yoga. So my father concluded that Moon antardasa would give me professional education in engineering.

At the time IIT results were to be declared (morning of 1987 June 1), dasa lord Saturn was transiting in Sc rasi (10th from Moon in natal rasi) and Aq navamsa (10th from lagna in natal navamsa). He was in the nakshatra of Mercury (10th lord in rasi). Mars too joined Saturn in navamsa transit (10th lord from Moon in natal rasi). Moreover Saturn was in own navamsa in the 10th house from navamsa lagna. So my father concluded that something important to engineering career would happen.

Antardasa lord Moon was to transit in own sign in the 6th house on that day and transit over dasa lord in navamsa. So my father simply could not understand why I would not succeed on that day in securing admission to IIT and thought I was foolish to pursue backup plans.

Also, from dasa lord Saturn, Moon is in the 11th house in both natal rasi and natal navamsa. So it was to be a period of gains. But Moon is the 12th lord from Saturn in navamsa. So he could give a displacement in the southeasten direction shown by Moon (in vaastu). So my father thought I could move from Nagarjuna Sagar to Madras. Mars is a yoga karaka from Saturn in navamsa (Le) and occupies the 5th house and gives a raja yoga with Jupiter. So my father concluded that Mars dasa would bring success in engineering education. In Mars antardasa, I indeed moved to the top of my class at IIT and stayed there almost till the end before slipping to the second place.

Saturn is the 9th lord in navamsa and Sun is in it. Rahu is the karaka. Sun is the 12th lord in 7th in rasi too. So my father expected me to go abroad in Saturn-Rahu-Sun pratyantardasa. Of course, he used Savana years (360d). If you use Savana years, you'll see that the date I left India (1991 Aug 15) does happened to be in that pratyantardasa.

BTW, when my father was here in 1998, I gave him a challenge which he accepted. I gave him 10 rasi charts and 10 dasamsa charts (without matching them) and asked him to guess the careers of those people. He hadn't used charts other than rasi and navamsa until then and I told him to use dasamsa chart as though it was a rasi chart. Just as I expected, he got 9/10 correct with dasamsa and only 7/10 with rasi. He conceded that dasamsa could be useful and was glad that I was seriously pursuing the teachings of Parasara.

One last word on my father: He is a very spiritual person and a great devotee of Lakshmi and Narayana. He was at his peak especially in 1980's and I saw him make many brilliant predictions. He has excellent vaagbala and made many predictions that certainly cannot be made based on astrology alone. For example, he once wrote an article in 1980s on upcoming state elections in AP (in a local literary/cultural magazine called "Sree Vani"). He predicted in writing that NTR's party and allies would together get 216 or 234 seats (out of 294). He identified two possible numbers. NTR and allies not only won as he predicted, but they got exactly 234 seats! How can one ever predict such things with astrology?? It is more than astrology...

May Jupiter's light shine on us,

Brihaspati Gayatri, Vishwamitra/Gaathina Rishi Rig Veda 6.62.6