Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Assessing finances through Hora chart (BV Raman Hora Chart)

Sri Raman Suprajarama

I spoke on "Assessing finances through Hora chart" on August 15, 2005 when Raman Jayanthi was observed. This is a new method of casting the Hora chart. The same has been uploaded at our website

I request the esteemed readers to kindly send their observations.

Om Tat Sat,
Raman Suprajarama

The correct mapping for the special hora chart is as follows:

Rasi Position <15 degrees >= 15 degrees
Aries Scorpio Capricorn
Taurus Taurus Pisces
Gemini Virgo Aries
Cancer Cancer Libra
Leo Leo Gemini
Virgo Gemini Cancer
Libra Libra Leo
Scorpio Aries Virgo
Sagittarius Pisces Taurus
Capricorn Capricorn Scorpio
Aquarius Aquarius Sagittarius
Pisces Sagittarius Aquarius

Warm regards,

Raman Suprajarama

I am glad that my paper has created considerable interest. The very fact that there was more than 200 downloads within 24 hrs has given me considerable satisfaction. Below is my reply to all emails. I use Raman Ayanamsa and there could be some differences in the co-ordinates to that when calculated using Lahiri Ayanamsa. Further, the Ayanamsa I use takes the
year of coincidence as 397 (Raman value) but calculations are done with slightly different figures. The value I use deviates by about 6-8 minutes from the value calculated by Jagannatha Hora.

Dear Mr. Rath,

The first person to give this out in public was Narasimha Rao and you have done an excellent paper on it as well. However there is some discrepancy in the table given by you. For example, in tha table you have given for Aries the first hora which is surya hora is ruled by Mars-Scorpio (correct as it is day sign) but then you show Capricorn as the night sign. Kindly clarify.

The variation that I have given differs from other variations of the Hora chart found in Jagannatha Hora Software. I think Narasimha Rao presented a version known as Kashinatha Hora which is found in Jagannatha Hora Software which is quite different to what I have presented.

The idea behind the chart is as follows:

1) Divide the signs into Day strong Signs and Night strong Signs

2) The first half of an odd sign is ruled by the lord of that sign and the planets go to the Day sign of this planet

3) The second half of an odd sign is ruled by the lord of the 11th from that sign and the planet belongs to the Night sign of this planet

4) In an even sign, the first half is ruled by the lord of that sign and the planet belongs to the Night sign of this planet

5) The second half on the even sign is ruled by the lord of 11th from that sign and belongs to the Day sign of this planet

There is one exception here. For Sun and Moon, there are no separate day and night signs. For Moon, both day and night signs are Cancer and for Sun, both day and night signs are Leo.


This is the chart I have in my database. The chart was given to me by a close friend. Details are as follows:
Aishwarya Rai
Nov 1, 1973, 4:05 am at Mangalore.

Dr. Raman's birth details are August 8, 1912, Bangalore. For the current chart I have used the rectified time (19.43 hrs). The birth details of the rest cannot be provided due to obvious reasons. I use Raman Ayanamsa. More details can be found at the top of this email.

Brihaspati Gayatri, Vishwamitra/Gaathina Rishi Rig Veda 6.62.6