Monday, December 19, 2005

Kundalini Awakening

From: Narasimha P.V.R. Rao <>
Date: Dec 16, 2005 3:35 PM
Subject: [vedic-astrology] Re: Kundalini Awakening _Sre-eram_reply to Rivolena

Namaste friends,
I have been away from the lists for a few days because of a few different poojas and today had a little time to catch up.

> Can we consider ourselves us ENLIGHTENED SOULS who have attained the
> BUDHA state and who could authentically speak about the experience
> and sadhana system to be followed to attain the same, AT LEAST to our
> sishyas? NO, PROBABLY NOT.

Whenever the topic of Kundalino comes, some people start talking as if merely having a Kundalini awakening makes one an "enlightened soul" or a "Buddha". That is not true at all. Kundalini awakening is not a big deal and a very very small thing compared to enlightenment. Thousands of people experience Kundalini awakening and many may even succeed in having Kundalini rise. But they all do not become enlightened.

I know some people that I am convinced had a Kundalini awakening. They are all people whose self-consciousness is making progress in reaching higher planes of consciousness. But none of them, except one, is an "enlightened soul" who attained the "Buddha state".

The reason for this latest thread is some assertions by Prabodh that I thought were simply incorrect and needed to be corrected. I was not talking about the highest state of enlightenment, but talking about the Kundalini awakening which is more like the first step rather than the last step.

I can say confidently that (1) Kundalini can awaken in ladies also and (2) Kundalini awakening and rise can occur thru various means, including Bhakti yoga and Jnaana yoga and not just Raja yoga as Prabodh asserted.
Irrespective of my own spiritual stature or that of people I know, I am quite confident of the above two assertions and thought it appropriate to refute wrong assertions being made. Based on the books I read as well experiences of people I know, I know that Prabodh's assertions are incorrect.

> > Any person who has experienced kundalini will not normally share
> > that unique experience with anyone -

The point that people do not go around talking about their Kundalini experiences is correct. A spiritual person does not advertize his credentials.
Moreover, sharing some details relating to the manifestation of the experience does not amount to sharing the experience. Words cannot capture certain experiences. You can explain in many words how snow is to someone on the equator who has never seen snow in life, but he may not understand it or understand it incorrectly. Words cannot always capture to perfection the concepts/experiences/thoughts they try to express.

May Jupiter's light shine on us,
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