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Mars venus combination

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Can anybody through light on mars venus conjuction,aspect in different houses and its effect in male and female

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If mars and Venus Join together, the native is fond of betting,gamblind or speculation.may be wrestler and capable person otherwise.attached to other people's wives.he may be efficient in metallurgy, but is of scheming nature and cunning. he will have a respectable position and may be an important member of his clan. he may be well in mathematics also but his inherent nature is wicked according to Horasara, the person will be rash, under the influence of his wife ( or some other women) and his acts will be vicious but if the conjunction occurs in first,fourth or tenth house from Lagna,he will rise above the station in life he is bornin and will become a leader.

Conjunction in Lagna—the native is long lived. condcuct not good, Wastes his wealth on women and is attached to women of loose morals in fourth—Suffers from constant mental anguish. oppressed by various calamities. he has no happiness from sons,relations or friends In seventh house—native is under constant temptation to have more and more
liasions with new women. character is not good. He meets great sorrow and anguish of mind due to women In ninth house—Lives abroad other than home land, Cruel and quarrelsome,resorts much to lying and deception, ungrateful,frustrated with women.
In tenth—native is well versed in use of weapons. very intelligent and learned. wealthy and leads a life of luxury. Attains fame and occupies a high rank. In tenth from Moon—Lives abroad( at places other than home land), income fromtrade and commerce also from gold and pearls,also due to favour and patronage of ladies.

Mars and Venus combination make the sex life unsatisfactory. Mars represents the urgeof the erotic passions in a female. Venus is symbolic of lust in a male. When these two combine, the psychology os sex becomes abnormal and the married life is seldom satisfactory. As per Garga Hora When combination of Mars and Venus occur

in First House- Suffers from Phlegm, hies efforts go waste,Ungrateful, his son will be valourous, failures
in 2nd—Native sickly, indecent, character bad, untruthful
in 3rd—Skilled in sculpture, adheres dharma, likes to go on pilgimage, good
habits, strong person, faithful
in 4th—illiterate, mannerless
in 5th—many enemies, Sinner
in 6th—licentious, does sinful deeds,cruel nature,intelligent and
in 7th—Discarded by people, poor
in 8th—freindship with bad elements, wealth obtained in unlawful manner,lazy
in 9th—Worships guests,handsome,leader of his clan, man of principles
in 10th—leads a luxurious life,charitable nature, submissive
in 11th—learned, talkative,
in 12th—Not wealthy, Problems through son, friedship with mean people
The above analysis may get modified according to aspects of other planets on the combination

1.When the Moon Aspects the conjunct Mars and Venus
(i) When in Aries or Scorpio: Curtails happi­ness in, respect of
mother (either there may he premature separation from mother or not
much love lost hetween the mother and the son); there are wounds or
boils on the body; the native is devoid of friends and is inimica1 to
his own people; the native is envious but fond of girls. The native's
wife is not a high class lady(the native wife may not come from a
high family or the native may have liaison with, low class women.)
the nativei is very active but of changeable disposition he may
hecome accused in a case.

(ii) When in Taurus or Libra: Not good for his mother (the native may
he inimical to his mother; the native neither even tempered nor
cooperative; he is attached to a numher of women and is liked by
them. The native is afraid of giving a fight ( i.e. lacking in
courage and boldness)

the native comes from a high family but he suffers in, happiness­in respect of his sons; he has a rich paraphernalia of luxury, his conduct is good.; he is agreeable to look at and leans a comfortable life.

(iii) When in Gemini or Virgo: The native may he in charge of a girls
hostel or their guardian or he may he employed in king's house hold.
He is good to look at and very courteous

The native has dark hair and black eyes;he has a tender body, an
attractive appearance, He enjoys comforts of the hed and conveyances
and leans a prosperous life.

.(iv) When in Cancer;. The ,native ofcupies an anministrative
position where he awards punishment. He is bold, pushing and
persevering. But he suffer from bilious disease.

The .native has a step-mother (or the native's father has a liaison
with some women), His first child is a daughter,then...several sons
are born.He is attractive and soft and leans a happy life

.(v) When in Leo: ,The native may have.premature separation from
mother or she may suffer in health. He is intelligent ; has a solid
body and gains much name and fame. He may gain through a female (his
own wife or some other lany.).

The native has, a step-mother. He is wealthy but suffers on account
of woman ( his own wife or other womwen) Suffering may he caused on
account of his own mental frustration due to unfulfilled desires or
due to circumsatances created by them). He is fickle minded.­

(vi) When in Sagittarius or Pisces:,The native is intelligent and
learned but is restlessand quarrel some.He is antagonistic to the
king (i.e.He may act in opposition to the government)

Having good food,drinks and all kinds of luxuries in abundance. The
native has extraordinary stamina;he occupies a chief position under
the king and is weel renowned.

(vii) When in Capricorn, or Aquarius:.Notan auspicious configuration
in respect of native's mother; he is fickle but of generous
disposition. His friendships are not firm and his wealth is
fluctuating. He possesses jewellery.

The native has much moral stamina and is pushing;he is very
courageous. He has a good body and attractive personality.

Venus and Moon are both henefics. Venus is however a planet of sex
and luxuries and these instincts and attributes are generally
strengthend by the Moon's aspect. It should,. however,be not lost
sight of that an, opposition of the Moon and Venus from the second
and Eighth houses or from the sixth and twelfth houses irnpairs eye-

II,.When Jupiter Aspects Mars and Venus combination in

(i) Aries or Scorpio:The native has a handsome appearance; he is
sweet and intelligent, beloved of his parents and wealthy. He
occupies a unique position and has paraphernalia of luxuries. The
native has a good large body and attractive eyes. he has a good and
generous wife.He has several sons.

(ii) Taurus or Libra: The native is a connoisseur of singing and
music; he prospers and is a favourite of his relations. He is clean.

The native is blessed with wife, sons and is fortunate in respect of
dwelling houses and conveyances. He is engaged in good work

3.(iii) Gemini or Virgo: The native Excels as an agent (or
ambassador) and may visit foreign countries (or places other than his
homeland) in that capacity. He may engage in government service. He
is very capable in various undertakings and comes to limelight.

The native leads a very happy life but has humility. He can excel in
making of the original. He is learned, an erudite scholar capable of
being a good teacher.

.(iv) Cancer: He is very learned and becomes very famous; he may
become a king's minister, is much praised but is devoid of luxuries
of life

The native is a favourite of the. king; he. is blessed with sons,
relations, friends; and servants. He is wealthy and commands,
conveyances and luxuries.

(v) LEo: The native has a clear mind and much discriminating
intelligence; he is very learned and may be a professor, or be on the
staff of a king and hold charge of a section (of army).

He marries more than once (or in present day context it :may indicate
several love affairs). The native rises to the position of a minister
to the king or some equal rank. He is wealthy a.nd has servants and

(vi) Sagittarius or Pisces: The native is wealthy and is not subdued
by his enemies. He engages in much physical exercise. But he is
devoid of wife and happiness.

The native is blessed with a good wife and sons. He leads a very
happy life. He has cattle, horses and elephants and wealthy.

.(vii) Capricorn or Aquarius: the native, has a number of good
relations, he is endowed with

various kingly qualities. Whatever he commences,he applies himself
deligently to it. He is not hand­some but is long lived

Capricorn or Aquarius: The native has good wife; he is a connoisseur
of songs and music. He has a soft and elegant body. HE is fond of
fine.apparel, flowers and scents.

Jupiter's aspect tones down the inflammatory Mars. Due to the aspect
of Jupiter, the energising qualities of Mars flow in constructive
channels. When the Mars is in fifth or ninth from Jupiter, only
Jupiter will have full aspect over Mars, but If Mars and Jupiter are
in seventh from each other, both will equally aspect each other and
the aspect of Mars on Jupiter should also be taken into consideration
in arriving at the resultant effect,


1.When Saturn Aspects Mars and Venus conjunction in

(i) Aries or Scorpio: The native is courage­ous in putting down
thieves but generally speaking has not much stamina; he is bereft of
close relations: .is attached to another person's wife and maintains
her (or spends money on her).

The native is indolent very slovenly in appearance,wandrers
aimlessly,serves a person of same temperament as the native;he has
thievish tendencies

(ii) Taurus or Libra: The native is happy,renowned, wealthy, learned,
having relations and friends; he is the head of a village, town or a
union of people.

The native has little money and little happiness, His temper is not
good. He is the husbund of a low woman;( or he may be attached to low
women), he suffers from some chronic disease.

.(iii) Gemini or Virgo: The native is engaged in some work connected
with mines, forts or mountains or agricultural work. He is very
valorous but has a very slovenly appearapce. He is poor and suffers

The native leads a life of grief he is defeated, and overpowered by
others he is very fickle and inimical to others. He is stupid.

(iv) Cancer: The native has a very elegant body and his actions are
analogous to those of a prince he gains money by water transport (or
import export in the modern context),

He is fallen (due to low conduct) ficklE:and poor. He does not have a
well-groomed appearance; is devoid. of comforts of life; he is under
the, influence of his wife (or some other woman)

(v) LEo: The native has the appearance of aged person; is without
wealth; he visits other people's houses or resides there; is fond of
travelling; sorrowful. .

The native occupies a very exalted:position and is renowned; has
wealth and conveyances: He has good looks but is sorrowful. He is
attached to a widow(or may marry a widow).

.(vi) Sagittarius or Pjsces: The native does not have a good body,
(his health may suffer or the physical appearance be not good); is
fond of strife and battle; wanders aimlessly; follows other religion
and is sinful and bereft of happiness.

The native has an attractive personality; He is always wealthy,
happy, and commanding luxuries. He. leads a happy and comfortable

(vii) Capricorn or Aquarius: The native is intelligent and learned,
courageous in warfare,

very rich and rises to a high position; he has many children but
damsels arc inimical to him; he is bereft of happiness.

The natlve is rich; has a number of attendants and conveyances; he
has a large parapheranilia of luxuries; he has a dark but attractive
personality.He is however slovenly dressed.


Brihaspati Gayatri, Vishwamitra/Gaathina Rishi Rig Veda 6.62.6