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Durga Kavacham recitation & strange result

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Date: Nov 16, 2007 1:25 AM
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Namaste Hanmant and others,

Here are some random thoughts.

* * *

When wearing gems, make sure to avoid unfavorable planets and
consider only favorable planets. But, when it comes to propitiating,
there are no such restrictions. God/goddess corresponding to ANY
planet can be worshipped. Worship of deities of good planets
increase the good results and worship of deities of bad planets
decrease the bad.

* * *

When praying to ugra devatas ("fierce" deities), one needs to be
strict, disciplined and follow certain rules. They are less tolerant
of errors. Errors in pronunciation, not taking bath or not being
clean enough, the place of worship not being clean enough etc are
some possible errors.

This is particularly true if the worship is accompanied by rajasik
or tamasik motives!

When Ramakrishna Paramahamsa had a terrible throat cancer, learned
men told him to pray to Kali to cure it. A mere wish by someone like
him was enough. But he never asked Kali to cure him. That is the
highest level of sattwa. But most are unlike him and pray with
desires (some may even ask "why pray if you don't want anything!").

If you pray to a deity without any desire (explicitly mentioned in
the sankalpa or implicitly thought of in the mind), then the deity
will be far more tolerant of errors. If you have desires and the
pooja is for fulfilling the desires (e.g. my health should improve,
I should get a promotion etc), then follow some simple rules. Take
bath before the worship, be clean, choose a clean place, light a
lamp, learn to pronounce correctly, sit properly, don't get up in
the middle and do the whole thing in one sitting etc. Various rules
laid out by tradition are to be followed.

On the other hand, if you just love god and think of prayer as
expressing your love and see asking for something as corrupting that
expression of love and accept anything god throws your way (good or
bad) as god's prasad and accept everything, then you can perhaps
break the rules.

* * *

Suppose you have a toilet that someone forgot to flush and it
stinks. Suppose you flush it. First, this will release all the bad
smell into the room and there will be disgusting smell. But it is
necessary for a clean up.

Similarly, when someone with terrible karmas about to be released
does prayer, some bad karmas may need to be experienced first. Some
prayers can bring a little suffering first and then excellent
results. It changes from person to person, based on the karmas
carried by the person and based on which karmas are ripe and ready
to give the fruits.

Suppose there is a basket of fruits. Suppose there are a few half-
rotten fruits on the top that are smelling a little bad. Suppose you
pick them up and throw them away. That may uncover a badly rotten
fruit and the room may be filled with bad smell! You may think, "It
was better earlier. Why throw away rotten fruits if the smell gets
worse as a result". But, if you do not throw away the fruits on the
top, the fruit below would have smelled even worse later on (when
you would be *forced* to face it).

When you do sadhana, some bad karmas may be gotten rid of and that
may expose you to another bad karma (like the uncovered fruit in the
above analogy). The wise thing is to throw away that fruit too.
Increase the prayer when bad things happen, to get rid of all the
rotten fruits quickly.

If a bad thing happens after a prayer, usually it is better than
what else "could have" happened later on had the prayer not taken

* * *

If my son misbehaves, my wife disciplines him hard. Her sister is
softer with kids. But both love kids. Though my wife is stricter,
children learn better with her and benefit from her strictness.

Soumya devatas (gentle deities) are like a soft person. Ugra devatas
like Durga are like a strict person. But realize that both kinds
love you and try to benefit you in the long run. Ugra devatas do not
mind punishing you a little bit in order to make you benefit faster
in the long run.

Similarly, what I said about following rules strictly with ugra
devatas does not mean they are bad. They may actually be better for
you, because they force you to make progress quickly.

* * *

The following are good things to remember:

(1) Follow the basic rules of tradition when praying, especially to
ugra devatas.
(2) Develop a sense of surrender and love for the deity you are
(3) *Try* to cut expectations and not ask the deity for anything
when you pray.
(4) Don't be discouraged if something goes wrong. Realize that there
are some bad karmas waiting to trouble you and increase your sadhana.

Best regards,
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> |om|
> Dear Hanmant, namaste
> Very strange indeed! As far as I know, Devi kavacham is a general
> that can be recited by all so why should it impact in this way on
your wife
> is very strange. The various events that happened point to the
effect of
> Mercury(mobile / land phone, breakage of bones in young daughter
> Mercury naisargika dasa and miscommunication between partners).
Check also
> if she is pronouncing the words in Devi Kavacham correctly.
> I hope Sanjay will comment on this interesting case.
> best regards
> Hari
> On Nov 15, 2007 2:20 PM, hmuttagi <hmuttagi@...> wrote:
> > Shree Ganeshaya Namah,
> >
> > Dear Respected Members,
> >
> > I recently visited one of well known astrologer at Bangalore (he
> > the leading article in Astrological Magazine). After consulting
> > wife's chart he mentioned that there was a strong Sarpa Dosha
and she
> > should recite Durga Kavacham and wear Gomedika for Rahu.
Accordingly my
> > wife started reciting Durga Kavacham on last friday (Lakshmi
Puja day-
> > 9th Nov) and it has resulted in the following:
> > 1. On that day itself there was fight between myself and my wife
for no
> > apparent reason (and she ended up fasting for 2 days). This is
> > first time such a serious situation happened in our 8 years of
> > 2. My daughter (7 years old) fell down next day in the house
> > over her toe (very strangely) and fractured her right arm.
> > 3. My lifeline-the mobile suddenly went dead and I had to
> > spend to buy a new hand set. The telephone landline also went
> >
> > My query is: Is it advisable for my wife to read Devi Kavacham?
> > the Gomedika as suggestd by the astrologer will only make her
> > Rahu strong-would it be advisable? Prior to our marriage she did
> > that and it did not yeild any untoward result.(I have put
forward these
> > queries to the astrologer but have not received any response so
> >
> > Her details are as follows: DOB:9-5-71, POB:Gulbarga
> > PM.
> >
> > Could the respected members please guide on the appropriate
> >
> > Look forward to your valuable advise.
> >
> > Sincerely,
> > Hanmant
> >
> > PS: I have started reciting the Devi Kavacham from Durga Asthami
> > motnh and have experienced good benefits from the divine mother
till my
> > wife started reading).

Brihaspati Gayatri, Vishwamitra/Gaathina Rishi Rig Veda 6.62.6