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Horoscope of Lord Rama

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Dear Visti,

The verse mentions the tithi and nakshatra (panchanga elements). Valmiki mentions Punarvasu as the nakshatra of Rama, Pushya as the nakshatra of Bharata and Asresha as the nakshatra of Lakshmana and
Satrughna. To say that one of them is lagna nakshatra and others are Moon's nakshatras seems far-fetched to me.

When mentioning someone's nakshatra, the standard practice is to mention Moon's nakshatra. I have never seen anybody's lagna nakshatra mentioned as one's nakshatra in any other scripture.If lagna is stronger than Moon, taking lagna as the seed in certain dasas is fine. But you don't mention the lagna nakshatra as the
person's nakshatra. Moreover, if Valmiki did that, he would have explicitly mentioned it instead of just saying "born on Navami in Punarvasu nakshatra". He did not even indicate clearly that Sun is in Aries. How can he expect you to guess that Sun is in Aries and hence conclude that Moon cannot be in Punarvasu and hence conclude that Punarvasu must be the lagna nakshatra?

Nothing that Valmiki wrote binds Sun to Aries. Sun can be at the end of Pisces and be atma karaka, while Jupiter, Mars, Saturn and nodes are in exaltation.

Best regards,
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Dear Visti,
Bharata is elder to Lakshmana and was born in Pushyami nakshatra.
puShye jaataH tu bharato mIna lagne prasanna dhIH |
saarpe jaatau tu saumitrI kuLIre abhyudite ravau || 1-18-15
15. prasanna dhiiH= level, headed one – guileless, fair-minded; Bharata; pushye miina lagne jaataH= under Pushyami star, in Pisces [of Zodiac,] born; saumitrii= sons of Sumitra [Lakshmana, Shatrughna]; saarpe kuliire= under star presided by serpent [aaSreSa,] in Cancer [of Zodiac]; abhyudite ravau= when rising, of Sun- when sun is rising, i.e., on next day of Rama's birth, tenth of Chaitra; jaatau= they are born.
The fair-minded Bharata is born under Pisces where puSyami is the star of day, and the sons of Sumitra, namely Lakshmana and Shatrughna are born under Cancer, where aaSreSa is the star of the day and when sun is rising. [1-18-15]
Though I do concur with the logic you have presented, I have always wondered about the phrasealogy of Sage Valmiki about "sva uccha" ...could it be that he was referring to moon being in own house and 4 other planets, namely Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Venus being exalted? Otherwise, why should the Sage use such a term? Simply saying "ucche" would have sufficed.
It's just a thought and I could be wrong....  

In, Visti Larsen <visti@...> wrote:
> हरे राम कृष्ण॥
> Dear Kishore, Namaskar
> Your absolutely correct that Moon cannot be in Punarvasu during Sukla  Navami IF Sun is in Aries. Now, the tradition uses this example to prove the slokas of Satyacharya.  I.e. the nakshatra of birth depends among the stronger between Moon and  Lagna. You can refer to Satya Jatakam for more information on this.
> This would likely put the Moon in Pushya or Asleesha nakshatra in  actuality, and instead the reference is to the Lagna-nakshatra being  Punarvasu for Rama. This is justified being that Lagna in Cancer in  Punarvasu would make it Vargottama and therefore stronger than the Moon.
> This is further substantiated being that on the next day the Moon had  actually entered Asleesha nakshatra during which Lakshman was born.  Therefore unless the Moon moved unusually fast during that time
from  Punarvasu to Asleesha, the Moon was likely in Pushya during Sri Rama's
> birth.
> Hope this helps.
> Yours sincerely,
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> kishore patnaik wrote:
> >
> > Dear all,
> >
> > I am looking at the horoscope of Sri Rama for the past few
days. I
> > am giving below the slokas connected with
> > the birth :
> >
> > tato yaj~ne samaapte tu R^itUnaam SaT samatyayuH |
> > tataH ca dvaadashe maase chaitre naavamike tithau || 1-18-8
> > nakxatre aditi daivatye sva ucCha sa.nstheShu pa.nchasu |
> > graheShu kar.hkaTe lagne vaakpataa i.ndunaa saha || 1-18-9
> > prodyamaane jagannaatham sarva loka namaskR^itam |
> > kausalyaa ajanayat raamam sarva lakSaNa sa.myutam || 1-18-10
> > viSNoH ardham mahaabhaagam putram aixvaaku na.ndanam |
> > lohitaaksham mahaabaahum rak{}ta oSTam du.ndubhi svanam || 1-18-11
> >
> > 8, 9, 10, 11. tataH yaj~ne samaapte= then, ritual, on completion;
> > R^ituuNaam SaT sam atyayuH= seasons, six, well, passed by; tataH=
> > then; dvaadashe maase= in twelfth, month; chaitre naavamike
> > chaitra month [April-May], ninth, day; nakshatre aditi daivatye=
> > of the day [punarvasu,] [whose presiding is] Aditi; panchasu
> > swa uccha samstheshu= of five, planets, in their own, highest,
> > positing; karkaTe lagne= in Cancer [of Zodiac]; vaak patiH
> > saha= when Speech's, Lord [Jupiter,] is [with] Moon, along with;
> > udyamane= when raising � ascending, advancing daytime �
abhijit lagna;
> > kausalyaa= Queen Kausalya; jagat naatham= worlds', lord [Vishnu];
> > sarva loka namaskR^itam= by all, worlds, adored; divya lakshana
> > samyutam= divine, attributes, along with; viSNoH= Vishnu's;
> > epitome of [not half of Vishnu]; mahaa bhaagam= greatly blessed
> > ikshwaaku nandanam= Ikshvaaku dynasty, delight of; lohita aksham=
> > lotus-red, eyes; mahaa baahum= lengthy, armed; rakta oSTam=
> > lips; dundubhi svanam= drumbeat, voiced; raamam= Rama as; putram=
> > son; ajanayat= gave birth.
> >
> >
> >
> > if you carefully look at this, the following are clear:
> >
> > 1. The birth occured in chaitra masa on the tithi of Navami
> > 2. The birth occured in Punarvasu nakshatra
> > 3. The lagna is Cancer
> > 4. Moon is in lagna
> >
> > The following two points are to be discussed.
> >
> > 1. here, the planet with which moon is there is said to be
vakpati. Is
> > it Mercury or Jupiter? Obviously, he is Jupiter since Mercury
> > not be with Moon on a Navami day.
> >
> > 2. The five planets mentioned here are either in swa (own) or
> > uccha(exalted) positions. It should not be taken that there are
> > planets which are in exaltation, which seems to be popular refrain
> >
> > 3. These five planets are Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn.
> > While the sloka fixes the places of Moon and Jupiter, the other
> > planets places can be fixed only by discussion
> >
> > 4. Clearly, Sun can not be in exaltation when Moon is in cancer
on a
> > navami day. The distance between moon and sun should be more than
> > degrees. hence, the place of sun also can be fixed to pisces.
> > the place of mercury is to be bound by three rasis- aqua, pisces
> > aries.
> >
> >
> > Hence, I would post my reasoning of planetary positions after
> > from all of you.
> >
> > with best regards,
> >
> > kishore patnaik

Brihaspati Gayatri, Vishwamitra/Gaathina Rishi Rig Veda 6.62.6