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Prediction on Chiranjeevi (Telugu Film Megastar)

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Subject: Prediction on Chiranjeevi (Telugu Film Megastar)

Namaste astrologer friends,

I wrote an article on Telugu film megastar Chiranjeevi in Express Star Teller magazine a few years back. Unfortunately, I don't remember which issue of EST it was published in, but the article was last written on August 26, 2000.

I wrote: "If Chiranjeevi has political ambitions, Jupiter antardasa during 2008-2009 will be favorable as exalted Jupiter occupies Ghati Lagna (GL) in rasi chart. GL is the seat of power in a chart. ...
During 2009-2019, Cancer's Narayana dasa will run and that is also favorable for political power, as Cancer contains GL. If Chiranjeevi has political ambitions, this is the time when he should be willing to take some risks."

When this prediction was made in 2000, there were no indications of a political entry by Chiranjeevi. Interestingly, that changed now.
Political circles in the AP state of India are abuzz with rumors of Chiranjeevi's grand entry into politics for the next year's elections!

Apart from the old prediction from 2000 based on Vimsottari and Narayana dasas, I just took a look at the annual TP chart of 2008-09.
His birthdata is: 1955 August 22, 10:31 am (IST), Mogaltur, India.
Annual Tithi Pravesha (lunar return) chart can be cast using JHora.
Data should be: 2008 Sept 4, 2:34:13 pm (IST), Mogaltur, India.

In this annual chart, 6th lord Venus is debilitated and 6th lord Mercury is exalted. This confers Jaya yoga and shows conquest of enemies. The 5th lord Mars and 10th lord Mercury are together in the 10th house within a couple of arc-minutes and give a powerful raja yoga. Mars is the lord of the year. Mercury owns ghati lagna (GL -
important for power). They both have rasi drishti on GL in Gemini and lagna in Sagittarius and become yogadas. They both have full and 3/4th aspect on rajya sahama in Sagittarius (sahama = a sensitive point in the zodiac, rajya = kingdom). In dasamsa, Mercury is lagna lord and exalted in 4th in arudha lagna. Mars is in 5th. Keerti pada (A5), bhagya pada (A9) or rajya pada (A10) are together in lagna and Mercury is their owner. His exaltation in AL in a kendra from lagna is

As per annual Tithi Ashtottari dasa (supposed to be used with annual TP charts), Mars and Mercury dasas run from March 29 to June 19, 2009!!

Though there was talk of advancing the elections (which are due in May 2009), I expect that elections will not be advanced and held in April-May, 2009. I also expect Chiranjeevi to be active politically, be victorious in 2009 elections and either lead the state government or be a prominent person in the leading party/coalition at the
state/central levels. Bottomline is that I expect Chiranjeevi to enjoy some political power starting from April/May 2009. The year 2008-09 is a landmark year for him.

If you are a fan of Chiranjeevi and cheering for him to enter politics, my expectation is that you will be a happy person in 2009! Good luck to Chiranjeevi and his fans! May the humble giant change the face of Telugu politics!

Best regards,

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Date: Wed, Apr 16, 2008 at 8:12 AM
Subject: [vedic-astrology] Re: Prediction on Chiranjeevi (Telugu Film Megastar)

Namaste friends,

The executive edior of "Express Star Teller" magazine kindly checked the old issues and informed me that the article containing this prediction appeared on pages 16-20 of the March 2001 issue, in case anybody wants to read the full article.

As I said earlier, my goal is not to boast. I wanted to share this as it was a prediction made more than 7 years back, when there were no indications of this development. Based on 3 dasas, 2008-2009, 2007-2012 and 2009-2019 stood out as the periods granting political power. Interestingly, the talk started in 2007 and reaching crescendo in 2008. Finally, 2009 should bring the political power.

This is one more example of the greatness of Jyotish principles taught by Parasara and other rishis and how beautifully they work sometimes, even when applied by an idiot like me. My knowledge is small now but was even smaller in 2000 when this prediction was made.

Yet developments foreseen 7-8 years back based on the teachings of rishis are unfolding now.

Another film star that I expect to finally shake the south Indian political arena is Tamil superstar Rajinikant. He resisted pressure from fans for a long time. After Chiranjeevi in the neighboring state, he may take the plunge too. I will write another article on Rajinikant's chart later. He is a born king and leader. He is quite a
an elevated person spiritually and can be a great king in the mould of Janaka.

Best regards,

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