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Special Tithi Ashtottari Dasa with TP Charts

From: Narasimha PVR Rao <>
Date: 2009/4/9
Subject: [vedic-astrology] Special Tithi Ashtottari Dasa with TP Charts

Namaste friends,

Tithi Pravesha (TP) is a technique from tradition that was revealed by Pt Sanjay Rath about a decade back. Tithi Ashtottari (TA dasa) dasa is supposed to go with TP charts.

Conscientious astrologers will acknowledge that no technique works 100% and we are sometimes stumped by a case where things make very little sense. Such cases make one wonder if there is a missing link.

* * *

It was during such a moment that an idea came to me regarding Tithi Ashtottari dasa. Why not use special tithis (e.g. putra tithi for children and dara tithi for marriage) to initiate TA dasa?! Why should only janma tithi be used always?

When I tried it on examples, I saw that it was working better than conventional TA dasa. In cases where I was happy earlier, I am equally happy or happier now. More importantly, some cases that baffled me earlier made sense now. I concluded that TA dasa based on special tithis is very much valid and useful.

I want to explain my finding with a couple of examples.

Just as with my other researches presented recently, please note that I am only marrying two pre-existing concepts that are related. This is merely a simple logical extension that takes knowledge just one step further.

Please use my finding if it makes sense to you and you find it useful. Otherwise, just ignore it.

* * *

Sun-Moon longitude differential is multiplied by various factors when finding special tithis (e.g. 5 in putra tithi and 7 in dara tithi). In the "basics" view of Jagannatha Hora, one can click "Special Tithis" in the pop-up menu in the basic longitude window to see 12 special tithis.

To initiate Tithi Ashtottari dasa from a special tithi instead of janma tithi, please click the "Options" button when displaying Tithi Ashtottari dasa. In the first combobox of the dialog box, select the tithi you want to use as the seed for initiating TA dasa. The default is "janma tithi (1st)".

* * *

Example 1:

Take a native born on 1970 October 5 at 12:34 pm (IST) at 80e21, 15n49. He had a childbirth on 2000 September 28. Look at the annual TP chart of 1999-2000. It is cast on 1999 October 14 at 1:42:12 PM (IST). At the time of childbirth, Jupiter-Moon antardasa was running as per regular TA dasa.

The 5th lord of rasi chart, Venus, is in moolatrikona in Li lagna in D-7. The 5th co-lord of D-7, Rahu, is in 7th and aspects lagna lord Venus in lagna. This gives a raja yoga in D-7 between 1st and 5th lords. The 9th lord Mercury is in 5th. Thus, there ARE indications of childbirth in the TP chart. But, why Jupiter-Moon antardasa?? Jupiter is in 4th in rasi and is the 3rd/6th lord in 8th in D-7. Moon is in 12th in D-7. We can explain it saying Jupiter is the ruler of the year, but it is not very convincing. Vimsottari dasa makes more sense in this case, as Mercury-Venus antardasa gave the result.

Now, switch from regular TA dasa to TA dasa based on putra tithi. Let me call it TA5 dasa. As per TA5 dasa, Rahu-Mercury antardasa gave the child. Rahu is the 5th lord involved in a raja yoga with lagna lord, while Mercury is the 9th lord in 5th. Makes a lot more sense!

Example 2:

Take a native born on 1973 July 26 at 9:49 pm (IST)at 80e28, 16n13. She got married in the 4th week of 1999 January (an arranged marriage). Look at the annual TP chart of 1998-99. It is cast on 1998 July 20 at 9:53:52 am (IST). Venus dasa was running at the time of wedding, as per regular TA dasa. Venus is the 5th and 10th lord in 12th. He does not show marriage that well.

If you take take the TA7 dasa (TA dasa based on dara tithi/7th), marriage occurred in Moon dasa. In rasi chart, Moon is exalted in 9th and aspects vivaha sahama. In navamsa chart, Moon is in own in the 7th house. He can certainly give marriage.

Example 3:

Take Sri Umakant Rath, born on 1934 November 12 at 6:18 pm (IST), Cuttack, India (85e50, 20n30). He got married on 1961 February 23. Look at the annual TP chart of 1960-61. It is cast on 1960 October 25 at 11:43:26 pm (IST). He got married in Mercury-Saturn antardasa as per regular TA dasa.

In the navamsa, 5th lord Jupiter, a functional benefic, is in 7th in Taurus. He is the 9th lord joining lagna lord and 7th lord in rasi. The 7th lord of navamsa, Venus, is in moolatrikona in navamsa. These factors can support marriage in the year.

But why Mercury dasa? Mercury is in the 9th house in navamsa, but he is the 8th lord and a functional malefic in navamsa (rasi too). He is not a great candidate for giving marriage. Given that he is the ruler of the year, we can explain it. But it would have been tough to predict.

Using TA7 dasa, marriage occurred in Jupiter-Venus antardasa. Jupiter is a functional benefic in 7th and Venus is a strong 7th lord.

Example 4:

Take Pt Sanjay Rath, born on 1963 August 7 at 9:15 pm (IST), Sambalpur, India (83e58, 21n27). He had a childbirth on 1992 December 21. Look at the annual TP chart of 1992-93. It is case on 1992 August 16 at 7:41:21 am (IST). At the time of childbirth, Jupiter-Moon antardasa was running as per regular TA dasa.

In D-7, lagna lord Saturn and 9th lord (and yogakaraka) Venus join in a quadrant. Their dispositor Mars joins the 5th lord Mercury. These raja yogas in D-7 can show a childbirth in the year.

But why Jupiter-Moon antardasa? In D-7, Jupiter is the 2nd and 11th lord debilitated in 12th, while Moon is the 6th lord in 7th. Childbirth in this period does not make much sense.

Using TA5 dasa instead, childbirth occurred in Venus-Saturn antardasa. These are the two planets giving a raja yoga in D-7. They are also in a trine from 5th lord. It makes much more sense.

Example 5:

Pt Sanjay Rath (see example 4 for birthdata) joined the Government of India in July 1991 as a civil servant. Let us take the annual TP chart of 1990-91. It is cast on 1990 August 9 at 4:34:53 am (IST). Moon dasa was running when he joined job.

In the D-10 chart, 5th lord Venus is exalted in D-10 and that can show joing a good job. So success in IAS and joining government makes sense.

But why Moon dasa? In rasi, Moon is lagna lord in 8th. In D-10, Moon is the 2nd lord in 4th. Though he aspects 10th, he is a very weak candidate to give job.

Using TA10 dasa (TA dasa started from karma tithi/10th), Venus dasa was running then. Being the 5th lord exalted in 10th, Venus dasa makes perfect sense.

* * *

If the knowledge I shared above makes sense and seems useful, please feel free to use it and share it with others. If not, just ignore it.

I am not reading any astrology yahoogroups these days. If you reply to this mail and think that it is important for me to see the reply, please cc it to my personal address.

Best regards,
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