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How many chapters in Jaimini Upadesha Sutra?

> Dear Groups,
> I have a basic query and if someone can throw some light on it, I shall be
> grateful.
> As per the preface that I read in Sanjay Ji's book, Sanjay ji mentioned that
> there were in total 8 Chapters.
> Commentary on only 4 chapters are given.
> It was not clear where are the other 4 chapters? What happened to them?
> Have those chapters been kept with any parampara or is that knowledge lost?
> Does any one know what was in those 4 chapters?
> Does Sanjay ji's Grandfather or Sanmukha Telis Guru ji know about those 4
> missing chapter?
> It would be a tremendous loss if those have gone missing?
> Can anyone throw some light on this please.
> Thanks,
> Cheers !!!
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From: Shanmukha <>
Date: 2009/8/5
Subject: [sohamsa] Re: Jaimini - Upadesha Sutra

Om Namah Sivaya


The following is the information I have from my study.

Sage Jaimini wrote 8 chapters, four chapters each on mathematical and
predictive part. The four chapters that was commented by Sri Sanjay,
P.S.Sastri, Suresh Chandra Mishra etc. belong to Predictive Part.

Even in the 3rd and 4th chapters, there are two versions. The sutras
in Neelakantha commentary differes from that is available in print
now. This was told by the scholar, who is fortunate to gethold of
Neelakantha commentary with him.

Yes, You read it correct, Neelakantha commentary for 3rd and 4th chapters.

That again differes from the commentary by Soamanatha Mishra for 3rd
and 4th chapters.

Yet, most of the sutras in 3rd and 4th chapters are in line with the
manuscript available in a manuscript library, so we can say 3rd and
4th chapters available now might be authentic.

Mu Guru Sri Iranganti Rangacharya opines, there are Gems and of course
interpolations in 3rd and 4th chapters.

Krishna Mishra and Raghava Bhatta give some more sutras to identify
the Devata Bhakti in addition to what is available in print. That will
be evident if we study them. Are we going to do this?

And hence, it is definitely possible that we might lost some part of
Jaimini Sutras. Without learning this, we can't say Jaimini Sutras are

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Brihaspati Gayatri, Vishwamitra/Gaathina Rishi Rig Veda 6.62.6