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TP Solar vs Soli-lunar Example

From: Narasimha PVR Rao <pvr@charter.net>
Date: 2009/8/24
Subject: [sjc-guru] TP Solar vs Soli-lunar Example
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I am a proponent of free will being a continual modifier of destiny.
However, Jay's outburst is not helpful in putting things in
perspective and I will not comment on free will vs Jyotish principles
at this time. But there is one point I want to make on TP chart
calculation itself.

* * *

Sometimes, it is not the lack of "proper logic", but wrong
calculations due to a wrong teaching that can do one in. Let me give a
clear-cut example that illustrates my point using TP charts.

* * *

Birthdata is 1970 April 4, 5:47:13 pm (IST), Machilipatnam, India. The
native left his country for the first time on 1991 August 14 night and
came to US on 1991 August 15 evening.

He was born on Krishna Chaturdasi tithi (soli-lunar day) in the
soli-lunar month of Phalguna and solar month of Meena (Sun in Pi).

If you go by Sanjay ji's teachings (and mine too, so far) on Tithi
Pravesha, the annual TP chart of 1991-92 is cast on 1991 April 13 at
8:00:13 am (IST). It is a Krishna Chaturdasi tithi in the soli-lunar
month of *Chaitra* and solar month of Meena (Sun in Pi). Because we do
not care about the soli-lunar month and take the soli-lunar day of
birth (Krishna Chaturdasi) in the solar month of birth (Meena), we get
this TP chart. But please note that the soli-lunar month (Chaitra)
does not match that at birth (Phalguna)!

The native left India and came to USA in Moon-Moon antardasa as per
Tithi Ashtottari dasa and Venus dasa as per Vimsottari dasa. In the
rasi chart, Moon is the 3rd lord in 11th with parivartana with 11th
lord and 4th lord Sun joins him. In D-4, Moon is again the 3rd lord in
11th. Why did he give a foreign journey for the first time in life? If
you take Vimsottari dasa itself, Venus is lagna lord in lagna in both
rasi and D-4. He makes even less sense.

This makes very little sense. Some people may be able to somehow
justify the above, but the alternative below is far simpler, far more
logical and far more palatable.

* * *

In JHora 7.33, select "Preferences", "Related to calculations" and
"Tithi Pravesha calculation options". By default, "Use solar (as
opposed to soli-lunar) months in Tithi Pravesha" checkbox is checked.
Uncheck it to stick to soli-lunar months with soli-lunar days.

Now make the 1991-92 TP chart. You will now get it on 1991 March 14 at
5:48:38 pm (IST). It is a Krishna Chaturdasi tithi in the soli-lunar
month of *Phalguna* and solar month of *Kumbha* (Sun in Aq). Though
solar month (Kumbha) does not match that at birth (Meena), the
soli-lunar month (Phalguna) matches now.

With this chart, you will see that the native went abroad in
Mars-Venus antardasa as per Tithi Ashtottari dasa. Mars is the 9th
lord and also badhaka lord. Venus is in the 9th house and badhaka
sthana. Jalapatana sahamam at the end of watery Pisces is within 2 deg
from Venus at the beginning of Aries. Even in D-4, Mars is the 7th and
12th lord and Venus is in the 12th house with the 9th lord and badhaka
lord. Taking Mars as lagna, Venus is in 12th in rasi and Venus is the
9th lord in 3rd from Mars in D-4.

Even if we use just Vimsottari dasa, the event was given by
Saturn-Rahu. In rasi, Saturn and Rahu own 7th and are close to
paradesa sahamam. In D-4, Saturn is 9th lord and badhaka lord
occupying 12th and Rahu is in 9th house in badhaka sthana.

The event makes perfect sense based on both dasas. The logic is so
simple, crisp, clear-cut and coherent that it can be used as a
classical text book example!

* * *

Now, my question to intelligent and honest seekers of this knowledge
of rishis is this: Do you think that the former calculation based on
solar months is correct and we are unable to see the result clearly
because we are missing some logic? Or do you think that the latter
calculation based on soli-lunar months must be correct as things line
up so perfectly with it?

* * *

I have seen many examples like this, where soli-lunar month based TP
shows events much much better than solar month based TP (which was
taught by us at SJC until now). However, it is not as simple as always
using soli-lunar month based TP as given by current JHora. There are
several examples where solar month based calculations are superior.
There is something amiss right now, with respect to how soli-lunar
months are reckoned.

I worked on this riddle extensively for a long time now. I have
consolidated everything based on all the border case TP examples where
I *honestly* determined which version is working better. After
studying all the examples, I clearly understood what is going on and
have a modified soli-lunar month based approach that works in all
cases. It is not available in JHora right now. I will wait for some
more time before I make my findings public. Until then, if you are so
inclined, please try soli-lunar month based TP if solar month based TP
(default) does not explain things well in a particular year and you
have to compromise and come up with some round-about logic. Atleast be
aware of this issue and a potential incorrectness in our teaching so

Bottomline: Freedom put it very well below - we do have some "blind
spots". However, sometimes the very calculations may be based on wrong
principles and hence the very foundation wrong. When you are sitting
in a wrong car, blind spots cannot be eliminated no matter how hard
you adjust the mirrors.

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