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Niryana Shoola

Sanjay Rath
Nov 9, 2008
Dear Arpad ji
Namaste. I thank you sincerely for sharing this. Just one point that perhaps you may have overlooked about the teachings – it is definitely foolish to even contemplate to speculate on meaning of the bija and other such things *during the course of the sadhana* ...I think it is this latter part that Guruji Janardhana Paramhamsa may have tried to emphasize as the mantra shastra books explain in great detail the formation of the bijas, their special names which have so much meaning. Every akshara of the bija nighantu has multiple approaches depending on the path – Vaishnava, Shaiva, Shakta. Its all so wonderfully divined and then the meaning only adds a flavour, perhaps a another way to understand that the banyan tree was in the seed ... although from the viewpoint of sadhana it is really not at all necessary.

The brain has a strange way of seeking rational answers when nothing is forthcoming. For example for all the *sleep on floor* and *take bath in normal water* rules I rationalised, much much later, that it was all about not getting entangled with making beds, using warm water which soothes as opposed to cold water that awakens the nerves while normal water keeps the body at the best temperature for the weather. Another thing perhaps was that the mind would waste too much energy in a focus that was actually yet another hindrance or disturbance to the sadhana. My Gurudev was a simple Brahmin from Jagannath Puri but was quite strict about all this. Bhagavan Mishra was a great Durga sadhaka and taought me the Mahavidya (at least two of them).

I suggest you try Niryana Shula dasa for the spiritual quest and sadhana. It shows the transformations to the being. When the dasa rasi aspects the lagna, you will find the shakti associated with the planets getting invoked. The highest experience comes when the  niryana shula dasha moves to signs looking at the chara atmakaraka.

Niryana Shoola Dasa (death): Sanjay Rath

 Maha Dasas:

 Li:  1963-08-07  -  1970-08-07
 Sc:  1970-08-07  -  1978-08-07
 Sg:  1978-08-07  -  1987-08-08 – has exalted Ketu (trim graha bija) ...aspects the lagna ...Saraswati, Tara
 Cp:  1987-08-08  -  1994-08-07 – has AK Saturn as subhapati in DhanisTha nakshatra (Mars) can easily guess
 Aq:  1994-08-07  -  2002-08-07
 Pi:  2002-08-07  -  2011-08-08 –Virgo antardasa – Diksha in the Sri Sarada Math at the holy feet of Gurvi Shraddhaprana ambe – this is Lagna with Jupiter in it. A life transforming experience in which she talked in chaste Bengali with me and made me talk to her in chaste oriya...conversation continued for 2-3 hours and I understood every word. She does not know Oriya, not the pure oriya we speak in Puri. After that when I returned to normalcy...I am still shocked as I cannot understand Bengali well but am improving. Recently I decided to learn this language. Others present were shell shocked to see what was transpiring.
My most important lesson of life – Language is not a barrier with God and it answered my all time question – What language is God going to speak in when I meet Him after death?’ That was a question from my youth and was answered without even asking.

 Ar:  2011-08-08  -  2018-08-07
 Ta:  2018-08-07  -  2026-08-08 – I will change technically I still have about a decade or so to finish my major jyotish teachings world wide. Thereafter withdrawal is sure to come. Lets see what happens. Its tough to predict for oneself.
 Ge:  2026-08-08  -  2035-08-08
 Cn:  2035-08-08  -  2042-08-08
 Le:  2042-08-08  -  2050-08-08
 Vi:  2050-08-08  -  2059-08-08

Sanjay Rath

Brihaspati Gayatri, Vishwamitra/Gaathina Rishi Rig Veda 6.62.6