Sunday, May 08, 2005

Natal Dasas vs Tithi Pravesha

Namaste Manoj ji and Manjunath garu,

> Another question that I wanted to ask you. Will the
> tithi pravesh chart (an old method practiced in south
> India) indicate an event which is not indicated by
> dasha/antardasha in one's birth chart.

Sometimes, an event shown by TP and apparently not shown by natal chart can be experienced, because we are using a wrong dasa with the natal chart and our expectation of what the natal chart shows at that time is wrong.

You are assuming that one knows with 100% certainty what is and is not indicated by dasa/antardasa of natal charts.

That is often not the case. We don't know it with certainty. If you have a perfect understanding of any one technique, you don't need any other technique to make predictions. The problem is that the understanding of dasa/antardasa
that most of us have is imperfect and that is why multiple techniques can help us.

Moreover, an antardasa can last for 2-3 years. But people often need finer guidance. They are worried about the next week and month. When somebody out of job is worried about his profession and I tell him "you have a good antardasa and so you will find a job within the next 2 years", he is not going to be excited about it. He wants to know if he will find a job next week or next month.

If you use just the natal chart, you need to go upto sookshma-antardasa for such precision and it is not easy. Transits can help, but some people may not have found perfect results by using transits and dasas upto sookshma-antardasa. For them, TP can be a boon for giving fine predictions without much headache.

For example, I was on phone with the CEO of a silicon valley company the other day. He wanted to know how the time was for his company. He gave me the chart of the company.

To use natal dasas, I wasn't even sure if 120 year paramayush was logical!! But,using annual TP chart would be perfectly logical. I saw the annual TP chart of this year. Moon was 6th lord and eclipsed by Rahu in the 3rd house and his
annual TA dasa ran from Feb 25 to April 15. I told him the company may have gone through a lot of anxiety and tensions perhaps on account of the actions of some rivals during that time. Mars dasa started on April 15 and runs till May 11.
Mars is the 3rd and 10th lord in 7th (Leo) with Mercury and Jupiter. I told him the company may have recovered from the shock and anxiety after April 15 and got its act together and formulated a clearer (Mars) business (Mercury) and legal (Jupiter) strategy to counter the rival's actions. He said he was suprised and said that I got it 100% correct. Somebody filed a lawsuit it seems and they were confused and anxious for a while and got their act together just when I said they did, it seems. I gave some prognostications too, but we don't yet know their accuracy.

This is just one example. I have many many examples like this. Sometimes, some events may be too small when you look from the vantage point of entire life and they may not be visible in the dasas and antardasas (unless you go upto prati and sookshma levels). But, during a short period, they may seem like big events and one may be very concerned about them. Such things are visible so clearly in annual charts such as TP and Tajaka.

If you are trying to predict big events like marriage, childbirth etc, it will be foolish to do so without consulting the natal chart and its dasas. But, to predict ups, downs and changes in life from the short-term point of view, I
completely rely on TP and it worked so nicely for me. About 80-90% of the correct predictions I made to my clients in the last 6 years were made using TP.

Again, there is no compulsion. I am not trying to sell anything here. If you think it is not useful, please leave it. If you find it useful, please use the free material and free software I have provided and experiment with it. If you have any doubts and I have time, I will try to help and clarify.

May Jupiter's light shine on us,

Brihaspati Gayatri, Vishwamitra/Gaathina Rishi Rig Veda 6.62.6