Monday, May 02, 2005

The 2nd house vs The 2nd lord

Namaste learned people,

As per my limited learning, signs are inanimate and planets are animate. Rasis are the manifestation of KALA PURUSHA, the time-space continuum of the universe, and planets are the manifestation of NARAYANA, the supreme intelligence of the universe.

This is a very very important point, though some people ignore it. Ignoring this can lead to confusion between houses and house lords, which are not interchangable.

Rasis and houses show various inanimate matters, circumstances, situations etc. House lords show the animated intelligence and life force behind house. House lords basically show the application of intelligence to the matters of a house, i.e. the driving force behind the matters shown by the house.

The 2nd house shows the speech and 2nd lord shows the intelligence behind speech. He shows what forces drive the speech. Whether the forces of truth drive the speech and predictions or the forces of confusion is better seen from the influences on the 2nd lord rather than 2nd house.

For example, refer to Asatyavadi yoga (liar combination) given by Dr Raman in his book on yogas. It talks about malefic influences on the 2nd LORD. That makes perfect sense to me.

So I suggest giving more importance to the 2nd lord than the 2nd house in judging these matters.

Dr BV Raman's 2nd lord Jupiter himself and he is strong in kendra giving Gaja-Kesari. Sri KN Rao's 2nd lord Mars is joined by two benefics - Venus in moolatrikona and Moon of Sukla paksha. Actually, though many people don't take Jupiter's 4th house aspect, all planets have a 3/4th aspect on the 4th house from them according to Parasara. Moreover, Mars and Jupiter are in the same degree. So exalted Jupiter has a sookshma chaturtha drishti on 2nd lord Mars and its magnitude is 3/4th. Pt Sanjay Rath's 2nd lord is Mars and he is alone in Virgo aspected by Jupiter in Pisces.

May Jupiter's light shine on us,
hello members,

following is my personal view point for the second house. the second lord is shakthi aspect and the second house is the shiva aspect of life.external matters are signified by the lord and internal matters by the second house. rahu though a malefic if the person has in the second house he has brillant intution and also hypnotic speech. though with close family members will not like the way he speaks.

second lord is 8 th house will not give extempore way of talking. they will have think and respond.

a simple techique whether some girl will get along with the inlaw see the second house. if it has functional benefic influence they will be good and get along.

the lagna of thula and meena has a strange . because both these lagna look good and they can really talk rubbish when they get angry and they angry quickly.

second house has mars will get in all kind of fights . remember it is the house.whenever mars in second house iam careful of getting in to fights. they will sharp speech.

2nd house has saturn godo fellow. normally the lagna of kumbah and meena is soft in speech.

fiery and airy sign gives sharp speech.

when ever people are good in corporate politcis are bad in prediction because they have use there tougue for adharmic ways. this happens with years.

aspect of jupiter towards second house vak siddhi.

if sone one has black tougue as they will have veyr good negative predictions coming true.

depending shape of tounge lot can be predicted.


Brihaspati Gayatri, Vishwamitra/Gaathina Rishi Rig Veda 6.62.6