Thursday, May 26, 2005

Dasa, Dasa Pravesha and Transit

Dear Jeyaram,
But there is one question I am not able to answer: When an event like MARRIAGE is once-in-a-lifetime to a traditional Hindu, how could the DASA(s) not point the event correctly which TP was able to point out? Are we missing something here ? Does the DASA analysis change if MOON SIGN is taken as lagna instead of SCORPIO as it is much stronger than lagna?

It is not true that dasas did not show the event. The problem is that multiple dates out of the four dates given by you can be justified using dasas. On the contrary, annual TP chart of one date really stood out.

As far as my understanding of dasas goes, there is no magical and consistently replicable formula to say that marriage is given in the mahadasa of X and antardasa of Y. There are multiple planets that become candidates to give an event and it is not easy to pick one planet confidently at the mahadasa, antardasa and pratyantardasa levels. Of course, it could just be a limitation of my knowledge. But I am much more comfortable relying on annual TP charts to make precise predictions.

Ideal application of dasas requires combining three factors - (1) natal chart, (2) dasa pravesha chart and (3) transit chart. Dasas, antardasas etc should be judged using these three factors. However, (2) is often ignored due to accuracy considerations and often we ignore (3) too (for no reason). Relying on natal chart alone to judge dasas is quite fallible. There may be 3 or 4 planets that can give marriage as per natal chart. Why does only one planet give marriage in its antardasa?

For example, I micro-rectified my own chart thoroughly and explained tens of events upto deha-antardasa level (6th level!) of Vimsottari dasa, using a very consistent methodology. What I found in that exercise is that dasa pravesha chakra is very important. If your dasa calculations are extremely accurate (which requires a superfine rectification, invariably involving many rounds of trial and error), dasa pravesha chakra will work nicely.

A lot of Jyotish we do these days is an art rather than a science. But there are scientific, systematic and replicable aspects of Jyotish. When the time comes, they will come out in the open.

> Blessed are those who are able to get
> answers from you and Sanjay ji during their formative stages in
> Astrology learning!

I am flattered, but honestly I just share my 2 cents based on my limited reading, limited experience and limited thinking. If any students think that I know a lot and that they are "blessed" to get clarifications from me, they have wrong expectations. Sanjay ji is on a different intellectual plane altogether.

May Jupiter's light shine on us,

Brihaspati Gayatri, Vishwamitra/Gaathina Rishi Rig Veda 6.62.6