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Hermaphrodite -- The Third Sex

Dear Pandit Dakshinamoorthiji Dandavat & Pranam Their is something interesting I had read in the magazine of the sunday daily The Times of India on july 9th issue in the Time Life section. A journalist has written a article, a reality, that a baby was born to a mother on 29th march 2006 at 13.40 hrs in south Calcutta without any sex organs. I got interested in the same and got the birth details as given above. I am not able to figure it out the astrological reasons for the same, i.e deformity in geneticals, as the eight house deals with genetics also. The eight house belongs to kumbha rasi & its lord is in the lagna. The eight house also has budh in it under Shatabhishak nakshatra. Can U pls help in analysing this chart for the deformity in genetics?? Is their any remedies you can suggest so that the mother of the child can do to restore normalcy of the sex organs. The mother is harrassed by the enunch community who are wanting to take away the child from the mother. Awaiting for ur analysis and possible remedies Seeking your blessings Pranam
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Dear Shri. Haresh:

Performance of Pumsavana ceremony during the 4th month of Pregnancy
is an assured guarantee against such genetical disorders. Though
there are astrological combinations that show that a chid born at a
particular instant may suffer from some form of genital defect
(which may lead to impotency, absence of virility, etc. in later
stages), it is pointless to analyze them as we would know the result
by then as in this case......Indulging in intercourse when the
breath is in Sushumna naadi (in layman's terms - when breath is
flowing through both nostrils) may lead to such progeny. Therefore,
the couple should be careful that at the time of ejaculation the
breath is either flowing entirely through the left or right nostrils
(chandra kala or surya kalaa).

Now that the child is born, instead of analyzing the chart
combinations to see why the child is born like this, I would be
rather inclined to suggest a remedy which if successful can alter
the fate of the child and bring happiness to the family.

Chanting the 10th stanza of Soundarya Lahiri 1000 times for 6 days
and tying the appropriate yantra inscribed in gold with a red cord
around the child's hips may help in enhancement of unisex
characteristics (either male or female characteristics as the case
may be). The offering should be fresh fruit. Of course, doctors
can be simultaneously consulted for any surgical procedure required
to bring out the hidden genitalia (I feel that the sex organs are
rudimentarily developed and a surgical intervention may be necessary
after genetic analysis for identifying the sex of the child).

May Divine Grace help the family in this time of distress and let
the future of the child be safe without falling prey to the HIjra

Blessed be.

Brihaspati Gayatri, Vishwamitra/Gaathina Rishi Rig Veda 6.62.6