Friday, August 04, 2006

SAV Question (Re: Jhora - Technical Question)

From: Narasimha P.V.R. Rao <>
Date: Aug 4, 2006 11:17 AM
Subject: [sohamsa] SAV Question (Re: Jhora - Technical Question)

Dear Ramesh, ;
"Do you plan to make any corrections in ashakavarga point calculations? There
> was a discussion sometime back about totaling error. "

There is no totalling error. Are you talking about the point someone made a while ago about JHora not adding ashtakavargas properly to come up with SAV? If I remember right, the person said something like JHora's SAV not being "sarva ashtakavarga" but being "sarva saptakavarga", as only 7 charts are totalled. That is merely that person's theory. It is not a well-accepted view.

All authors have taught adding the seven bhinna ashtakavargas (BAVs) to come up with SAV. Lagna's BAV is not included in SAV.
The point that this makes it "sarva saptakavarga" is silly. We are still adding "ashtakavargas" only. Whether "sarva" (literally, all) means seven planets or eight points including lagna is debatable. Instead of adding eight "ashtakavargas", we are adding seven "ashtakavargas". They are still ashtakavargas and not saptakavargas. Each chart considers auspicious places for the seven planets w.r.t. the eight references.

For research, I will add the option of including lagna's BAV also in SAV. However, I will caution people that this pushes the scores artificially high. The rules of 30 scores being excellent and 25-30 being neutral etc will be offset by this. For example, SAV of my rasi chart has 5 out of 12 rasis with scores of 30 or higher. They are considered strong houses. If I add lagna's BAV also, 9 out of 12 rasis have scores of 30 or higher.
In fact, many people will have too many houses with scores of 30 or higher. After all, the total of all rasis in SAV increases from 337 to 386, when you add lagna's BAV! The average score increases from 337/12= 28.1 to 386/12=32.2. Thus, 30 scores becomes commonplace. The directive from classics that 25-30 is average and 30 is good is no longer relevant.

I strongly advise against this change. Adding the ashtakavargas of 7 planets to come up with SAV is the correct approach. If there was some other discussion on "totaling error" that I missed, please forward the discussion to me. I missed it. I caught the above discussion on "sarva saptakavarga", but did not get a chance to reply then.

Sarvam SreeKrishnaarpanamastu,


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