Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Information request on Seemantham

Dear members,

I was looking for some information on Seemantham, its origin and purpose.

Can you please educate me on the meaning and the rituals done during Seemantham?

Is this ceremony done for the good of the child and a smooth delivery of the baby. But is it true that the stotras are meant only for the boy child? And also is the ceremony not performed for other than the first child?

Can anyone please inform me on the significance of other ceremonies like the bangle ceremony during this ritual?

This is for a friend who is expecting. Your reply will be greatly appreciated.



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Date: Aug 23, 2006 9:46 AM
Subject: [vedic-astrology] Re: Information request on Seemantham

Dear Student Souvik:
Seemantham is a ceremony done ONLY for the first
child in the womb. There is another ceremony called
Pumsavanam.....This can be done for all conceptions...This pumsavanam
should be done in the 3rd or 4th month of conception to ensure that
the child in the womb is born as a male child (it should be done in
3rd or 4th month - before the sexual organs are formed for the
foetus). Even otherwise, it can be done for the well-being of the
> child after the 4th month......Seemantham is done ONLY FOR THE
FIRST CHILD. Pumsavanam is not mandatory while seemantham is
> mandatory. If the first child is born without performance of
seemantham, ritual doctrines demand that the father of the child
should not see the child before the Punyaahavasanam (11th day or 16th
day or later according to traditions in the family). There are some
remedies to be performed if the first child is born without the
performance of seemantham. For the first child, both the pumsavanam
and seemantham are performed together in the 8th/ 9th month of
conception according to prevailing practices. The correct procedure
will be to perform the pumsavanam in the 3rd/ 4th month and the
seemantham should be performed in 8th/ 9th months. (actually, it
should be done between the 5th and 8th case, it is not
done due to any reason, as a last resort at least it should be done
at anytime till the delivery. That is why I have included the 9th
month also!)The purpose of putting on bangles is for the child's
welfare. The tinkling sound of bangles in the mother's hands and the
happiness that she gets when every well-wisher bedecks her with
bangles in a happy atmosphere is good for the foetus's
> well-being.....The child in the womb will experience happiness by
this besides getting spiritual protection....the bangles
> put on the carrying mother act almost like mantrik
> shields of goodwill.

During Pumsavanam ceremony, auspicious musical sounds will be raised
(a vedic mantra should actually be recited using veena instrument
according to the scriptures; but, rarely this is done. Instead, now-
a-days someone expert in singing sings auspicious songs.) This is
all for the welfare of the child in the womb. It is pertinent to
note that modern ultra-scans reveal that the child in the womb even
laughs, cries, and shows expressions indicating different moods! Our
ancestors have probably kept all these to aid in healthy development
of the child in all forms.

Besides these, listening to "Garbha kavacham" is good for protection
of both mother and child.

Chanting the following mantra is good for ensuring safe delivery of
the child....

"Om Himavat Uttare Paarshve Surathaa Naama Yakshinii
Tasya smarana matrena Vishalyaa Garbhinii bhavet"

Those who are troubled by complications during delivery time can get
benefitted by this.

Blessed be.

Brihaspati Gayatri, Vishwamitra/Gaathina Rishi Rig Veda 6.62.6