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Congress government survival in India

From: Narasimha P.V.R. Rao
Date: 2008/7/22
Subject: [sohamsa] Re: Congress government survival in India
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Namaste friends,
As I predicted twelve days back (see below), Congress(I) party of India has just won the confidence vote and survives to go on to see another day. However, this is in my view a case of "winning a battle and losing the war"!
If Mr Singh resigned and called for early elections in Nov or so, they would have surely won. Instead, they chose to cling on to power for a few more months and will probably hold elections in March-May 2009. This will prove to be a foolish strategy and they will pay a huge price. Next year is terrible based on the Congress(I) party chart. Congress(I) will lose a lot of ground in the elections next year.
* * *
In 2007-08 annual TP chart (2007 Dec 31, 7:12:33 am IST, New Delhi), Sg lagna is occupied by Jupiter, Sun and Mercury. Dasa of 5th lord in marana karaka sthana made the communists walk out. Dasa of 7th and 10th lord and ruler of the year Mercury (July 11-Sept 5) brought new alliances and this victory. Dasa of Jupiter (Oct 8-Dec 10) is so favorable for holding elections and winning! But they are going to miss the window now...
In the 2008-09 annual TP chart (2008 Dec 19, 10:23:06 am IST, New Delhi), lagna lord and ruler of the year Saturn is in 8th house. Lagna contains 12th lord Jupiter afflicted by Rahu. Even though yogakaraka Venus is in lagna, he is afflicted by this Guru-Chandala yoga in lagna. Sun is in the 12th with Mars and Mercury. This chart does not show continuing in power at all.
* * *
The UPA/Congress(I) government has chosen to cling on to power for another 3-4 months and there are rumors of huge amounts of money changing hands. Opposition, journalists and people may wonder why nuclear deal is so important that the government should gamble everything on it and possibly spend huge amounts of money to buy power for another 3-4 months just so that the deal could be passed. People who paid no attention until now will wonder why the government obsessed about this deal. There may be allegations of foreign money "buying" the government to rush the nuclear deal through. This single-minded focus on one issue may put off the country in the midst of a rising inflation. In BJP's annual TP chart of 2009-10, 5th lord Venus is exalted in 10th with Sun and probably elections will be in his dasa. Thus, BJP may be able to whip up a wave of patriotism in the electorate and ride it to power. They may succeed in portraying this nuclear deal as an unpatriotic sell-out to US interests by a subservient Indian government and portray the government as an unpatrotic, corrupt and anti-common man government that mints money in a nuclear deal that compromises the national interest while common man continues to suffer from rising inflation.
Look at the annual TP charts of L.K. Advani and Dr Murli Manohar Joshi for the next spring!! Both show nice raja yogas. One of them is likely the next Prime Minister of India.
Best regards,
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Subject: Congress government survival in India

The communist parties have withdrawn support to India's ruling UPA coalition headed by Congress (I) party.
The birthdata of Congress(I) party is: 1978 January 2, 11:59 am (IST), New Delhi, India.
The 2008-09 annual Tithi Pravesha (soli-lunar return chart) is cast at: 2007 December 31, 7:12:33 am (IST), New Delhi, India.
Look at the annual Tithi Ashtottari dasa (meant to be used with Tithi Pravesha charts). Dasa of Mars during 2008 June 15-July 11 brought problems for the government on account of the nuclear deal with US. The prime minister wanted to go ahead and the communists were dead against it. They finally pulled the plug, withdrew support and called for the PM to prove his majority on the parliament floor. Mars is the 5th lord of power in the TP chart (data above) and he is in 7th house, which is marana karaka sthana for Mars. So there were quarrels in the coalition and a setback to the powerful position of the party. Mars is also the lord of the 22nd drekkana and 64th navamsa.
However, look at the next dasa. Dasa of Mercury runs during July 11-Sept 5. In TP chart, Mercury is the 7th and 10th lord of partnership and governance and he occupies lagna with lagna lord Jupiter and 9th lord Sun. This dasa is unlikely to make the government fall. Though there seems to be some doubt about whether UPA has enough support or not, it is my expectation that UPA will manage to stay in power through the support of old and new friends.
However, next year's annual TP chart shows big problems. I expect that Congress(I) will manage to stay in power now, that elections will be held in next spring (i.e. no early elections) and that Congress(I) will lose considerable ground in the 2009 elections.
Best regards,

Brihaspati Gayatri, Vishwamitra/Gaathina Rishi Rig Veda 6.62.6