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US Presidential Election 2008 Prediction

From: Narasimha P.V.R. Rao <>
Date: 2008/7/23
Subject: [sohamsa] US Presidential Election 2008 Prediction

Namaste friends,

I finally got time in the last few weeks to look at the charts of the candidates for US presidential election 2008. The issue was that both had controversial birthtimes and I needed to spend some time looking at various events using multiple techniques and using various birthtimes in the vicinity of the given birthtimes, in order to convince myself of one birthtime and rectify it further.

As I have a decent level of confidence in the data now, I will venture to make a prediction. I will give all the detailed astrological analysis that went into this birthtime picking, birthtime fine-tuning and prediction process. Those who just want to read the "prediction" can directly go to the end.

* * *

Birthtime of Barack Obama

Several birthtimes were floated for Barack Obama in the past. But, when I tried to justify the events in his using a small fine-tuning of the birthtime in the vicinity of the reported birthtime, I was not successful with any time. Something or the other was amiss.

However, someone sent me the 7:24 birthtime in late June. I found it satisfactory. It explained all the events I was trying to verify. I will give a few quick comments using this chart.

Birthdata: 1961 August 4, 7:24 pm (10 hrs west of GMT), Honolulu, Hawaii, USA (157 deg 51' 30" W, 21 deg 18' 25" N).

Capricorn lagna with Saturn and Jupiter gives him pragmatism and also some optimism and idealism. Saturn in Capricorn lagna with Jupiter is a classical dhana yoga taught by Parasara and he became rich in Jupiter dasa. Aspect of Mercury and Sun on lagna and 1st/2nd/3rd lords gives some charm, finesse and eloquence. Exalted Moon in 5th and Saturn in lagna give mass following. The 10th lord Venus is in a navamsa of Jupiter and it gave him a teaching profession first. Saturn aspects 10th in rasi and is the 9th/10th lord in dasamsa and occupies 5th with Sun and Rahu. This made him a political activist, reformer and leader.

His father left his mother and his mother raised him alone. In rasi chart, 9th lord is afflicted by 8th lord. In D-12, lagna lord is debilitated in 12th from 9th lord showing abandonment by father. On the other hand, 4th lord and lagna lord are in mutual trines and are friends. From the arudha pada of the 9th lord, Rahu is in 8th with a debilitated planet and Jupiter is the 2nd lord in 3rd. Rahu-Jupiter antardasa killed father.

The 9th house in chaturvimsamsa (D-24) shows bachelor education. It contains debilitated Sun and he studied political science. During Rahu-Jupiter antardasa, he did bachelors degree. Jupiter has argala on Sun. This was also the D-24 Narayana dasa of Taurus, which aspects Sun in Libra.

The 2nd house in D-24 shows next level of education and it is owned by Jupiter. During the D-24 Narayana dasa of Cp, which contains Jupiter, he went to Harvard law school. In 1990, he was elected as the first African American president of Harvard Law Review. This was Venus antardasa. In D-24, Venus is a yogakaraka in a friendly sign in lagna. He also owns arudha lagna (image and status) and A5 (arudha pada of 5th, tangible recognition of abilities). In the 1989-90 annual Tithi Pravesha (soli-lunar return) chart, Jupiter's annual Tithi Ashtottari dasa gave this unique distinction, which proved useful later in his life. In D-24, Jupiter is the 9th lord in 9th in moolatrikona giving fortune. In D-10, he is the lagna and 10th lord exalted in 5th.

He got married in Oct 1992 in Rahu-Venus antardasa. Rahu is the 7th lord in navamsa (D-9). Venus is his dispositor and also the karaka of marriage. In the D-9 of 1992-93 annual TP chart, Mercury is in 7th and aspects 7th lord in lagna. From Moon and Venus, he is the 7th lord in 2nd. He aspects UL too. His annual TA dasa gave marriage.

He had children in Jupiter-Jupiter and Jupiter-Mercury. The two children are shown by the 5th and 7th lords. The 5th lord Mars is in Aquarius alone showing a female child and debilitated 7th lord Mercury joins Ketu, again showing a female child. Both his children are girls. The 5th and 5th lord are aspected by Jupiter while the 7th lord is Mercury. So the antardasas are Jupiter and Mercury. The dasa is of Jupiter, who is the significator of children and happens to be the lagna lord in 9th in D-7.

In 1996, he was elected to Illinois state senate. Though the election was in 1996-97, decision of Alice Palmer to endorse him was in 1995. When she lost the congress seat to Jesse Jackson, Jr, she wanted her Illionois senate seat back. When Obama refused, Palmer actually contested against him! Then Obama challeged the ballot signatures of his opponents and all applications including Palmer's were rejected. Thus Obama won the democratic primary in March 1996 unopposed. The victory over the republican candidate later in November 1996 was a mere formality. The real thing was winning the primary in 1996. In the 1995-96 annual TP chart, the 4th/9th lord Venus and 5th lord Mercury have a conjunction within half a degree in the 5th house of power! In D-10, arudha padas of 5th and 10th houses conjoin in Leo lagna and lord Sun is exalted in 9th, aspected by the 5th lord Sun. His election was in Jupiter-Jupiter antardasa as per natal Vimsottari. Jupiter is the 5th lord from arudha lagna and also owns A5.

In 1998, he was re-elected comfortably. In the annual TP chart, 9th and 10th lords Sun and Mercury are together. In D-10, 5th house has 5th lord Jupiter in moolatrikona with Mercury who owns A5 and A10. Mercury dasa gave the re-election victory.

On 2000 March 21, he lost the democratic primary for US congress to incumbent Bobby Rush. He wanted a jump from being in Illinois senate to US congress, but failed. This was in Rahu dasa as per annual TA dasa. Rahu afflicts Sun in rasi chart of annual TP chart, within half a degree. In D-10, Rahu is with Sun in 12th (i.e. marana karaka sthana for Sun). He lost power.

In Jupiter-Mercury antardasa in 2002, he came back to power by going back to Illinois senate. This time, democrats regained majority after a decade in the minority. Obama gained an important chairmanship in state senate and built his legislature portfolio. This was a very important development in his career. In D-10, Mercury is the 5th lord in 11th from AL and he aspects A5. In rasi, 6th lord Mercury, 8th lord Sun and 12th lord Jupiter are on 1st-7th axis. Viparita raja yoga is formed if only dusthana lords join a dusthana without others or if dusthana lords join in a quadrant with lagna lord. Here the second kind is formed. Both Jupiter and Mercury take part in it. In the annual TP chart of 2002-03, 9th lord Jupiter and 4th lord Venus give a raja yoga in 11th, in the 7th from AL. A5 (tangible articles reflecting on recognition), A9 (tangible articles reflecting on fortune) and A3 (tangible articles reflecting on initiative) are together in lagna, showing a year of fortune, power and initiative. He used the position to introduce new legislature and build up his portfolio for future campaigns.

He came to national prominence with a rousing speech at the last DNC in July 2004 and it was in Venus antardasa. Venus is the 5th and 10th lord in rasi chart. In D-10, he is the lagna lord in AL. Annual TP chart of 2003-04 has 1st, 7th, 9th and 10th lords together in 8th (suddenness) in rasi and also Gaja-Kesari yoga in in D-10 and the sudden success/fame came in the year.

In Nov 2004 in the same Venus antardasa, he was elected to US senate. In the annual TP chart of 2004-05, 5th lord Saturn and 9th lord Venus are in 10th. In D-10, yogakaraka Saturn is in 10th in own house. The 5th lord Mercury occupies A5 in the 5th house from AL and his annual TA dasa gave the electoral victory.

An acclaimed book by him called "The Audacity of Hope" was published in October 2006 in Jupiter-Venus-Mercury pratyantardasa. Venus is the owner of A3 (a tangible article reflecting on one's communication skills, e.g. books) and Mercury is the karaka of writing.

In his annual TP return chart of 2007-08, dasamsa has 10th lord Jupiter in 10th with 9th lord and aspected by 7th lord Mercury in own sign. Jupiter's annual dasa during Jan 7-March 9, 2008 catapulted him to the front-runner position. Rahu is the 12th lord who afflicts this combination and his dasa during March 9-April 17, 2008 prolonged the battle. Venus dasa brought his primary victory. Venus is the lagna lord with yogakaraka Saturn giving a raja yoga in 4th and in AL in rasi chart. In D-10, he occupies moolatrikona in 8th and gives sudden developments. He is in A5 and in the 5th from AL. So the victory makes sense.

* * *

Birthtime of John McCain

Though there is a 11 am birthtime in circulation, it makes no sense when checked with life events. I took the 9 am birthtime and rectified it by 8 minutes.

Birthdata: 1936 August 29, 9:08:10 am (5:00 west of GMT), 79 deg 52' W, 9 deg 22' N

Lagna is Virgo with Mercury in it. He is an intelligent and logical man. Debilitated Ketu is in AL in intellectual Gemini and he is seen as a maverick and an unconventional politician. He has vargottama lagna and has a strong individuality. Because of vargottama lagna, Sataabdika dasa applies and it works better than Vimsottari dasa.

He was married on 1965 July 3. This was Jupiter-Jupiter antardasa as per Sataabdika dasa. Jupiter is the 7th lord in D-9 and dispositor of Venus. In the D-9 of 1964-65 annual TP chart, 7th lord Mars is in 11th with lagna lord Venus. Annual Tithi Ashtottari (TA) dasa of Mars brought marriage.

In the 1967-68 annual TP chart, ruler of the year Moon is in marana karaka sthana in 8th house and he is in mrityu bhaga. This was a terrible year that started a 5 year imprisonment. Also, the 3rd house is in mrityu bhaga and his bravery was tested badly. Based on natal dasa, it was the beginning of Jupiter dasa. Jupiter is the 4th lord of comfort and in marana karaka sthana. In D-4, he is in the 12th house in an inimical sign with the 12th lord. This can show loss of residential comfort and even imprisonment. In D-10, Jupiter is afflicted by a strong Rahu in Aquarius lagna and gives Guru-Chandala yoga. So there was a big setback in career. Antardasa was that of Mars. Mars is the 8th lord and occupies A8. He can give an accident. In D-4, he is in the 8th house and can deprive of residence. In D-10, he is in 10th and can show an acceident/setback in career.

He was released on 1973 March 14. In the natal D-4 and rasi, Saturn is in 6th showing a victory and removal of obstacles. His antardasa brought the release. In the annual TP chart of 1972-73, 9th lord Venus in 10th and 4th lord Jupiter in 4th give a raja yoga and can show reaching home. Venus-Jupiter antardasa as per annual TA dasa was running. Jupiter is with Moon in Sagittarius and shows becoming famous.

The 10th lord in D-10 is Mars and show military career. Sun is the 7th lord, occupies 11th and aspects 5th. Sun antardasa started in 1977 and he served as navy's liaison to senate. This was the beginning of his political career.

In Feb 1980, he was divorced. In the annual TP chart's navamsa, 7th lord Jupiter is in 8th. From the 7th house of marriage, Venus is the 8th lord in 7th and is a maraka. He is combust in lagna with Sun. His dasa brought divorce. Dasa of Moon in 7th brought the second marriage on 1980 May 17. In natal navamsa, Venus is the 2nd lord (2nd is the 8th from 7th and shows the end of first marriage and also the coming of second marriage). Venus antardasa brought the divorce and second marriage.

He retired from navy on 1981 April 1. Venus is in the 7th house (2nd house from the 6th house of service) in D-10 of annual TP chart. In Venus-Venus, his service ended.

In 1982 November, he was elected to US congress from Arizona. In annual TP chart, 10th lord Jupiter and 9th lord Mars are together giving a raja yoga. In D-10, lagna lord Sun is in the 5th house of power and 5th lord Jupiter aspects Leo lagna from Aquarius. In Jupiter dasa, he was elected to congress. As per natal dasa, Mercury dasa was running. Mercury is the 5th lord of power in the 7th house with 10th lord Ketu.

In 1986-87 annual TP chart, 5th house has exalted 5th lord Mercury (who is the ruler of the year). In D-10, 5th lord Venus is in 9th and 9th lord Saturn is exalted in 5th. Moreover, there is Gaja-Kesari yoga on the 10th house axis. Dasa of 10th lord Jupiter gave him success in senate elections. As per natal dasa, this is Mars dasa. Mars is the 10th lord in the 5th from AL. More importantly, he gives the results of Ketu, who gives raja yoga with Mercury in 7th (5th and 10th lords together).

In 1999-2000 annual TP chart, lagna lord Moon is afflicted by 8th lord Rahu. Other 8th lord Saturn is in 5th house of power. The 12th lord of loss Mercury is with debilitated Sun and their dispositor Venus happens to be badhakesha and he is retrograde in 2nd. During the dasa of exalted Jupiter in D-10 lagna, he did well. But he ran into troubles in Venus dasa and dropped out.

In 2006-07 annual TP chart, 8th lord Mars is in 10th. During Mars dasa in summer, his campaign fell apart.

In 2007-08 annual TP chart, 9th lord Jupiter is in 5th and 5th/10th lord Mars is in 11th and they aspect each other. In D-10 also, 9th and 10th lords Jupiter and Mars are in samasaptaka. Amatya karaka Venus is in arudha lagna in the 5th house. In the annual TA dasa of Venus, he emerged as the presumptive replublican nominee.

* * *

Looking ahead to Election 2008

Right now, John McCain is running the Saturn dasa Saturn antardasa as per natal Satabdika dasa. Saturn is the 6th lord in 6th in rasi. In D-10, he is the lagna lord in the 10th house. He is in 7th from AL. He owns the rajya pada (A10). The pratyantardasa at the time of election will be Mercury's. He owns and aspects the 5th house in D-10 and exalted in lagna in rasi.

The 2008-09 annual TP chart of John McCain is cast for 2008 Sept 11 at 11:06:45 pm. In this chart, 5th lord Mercury is exalted in 5tyh. Lagna lord Venus, 7th lord Mars and 5th lord Mercury are conjoined in the 5th house of power within a 1 deg 10 min arc. This happens in the 9th house of AL (arudha lagna)! Mars owns A10, while Mercury owns A5. They happen to be in the 7th house from GL (Ghatika Lagna), which is the seat of power. Rajya sahamam falls in Gemini and Mercury owns it.

In D-10 also, lagna lord Venus, 7th lord Mars and 5th lord Mercury are conjoined in the 8th house of sudden reversals and A5 is also there. In fact, GL is also with them.

At the time of elections, Sun, Mercury and Mars transit in his 10th house.

Though 2007-08 annual TP chart of McCain is not promising and explains the lacklustre performance in opinion polls until now, it is likely that he will pick up steam after Sept 11.

Now let us see the chart of Barack Obama. Jupiter-Moon antardasa is running. Moon is in the 12th house in D-10 and has the potential to give a loss.

The annual TP chart of Barack Obama is cast for 2008 July 26 at 10:04 pm. Lagna lord and 10th lord Jupiter is also the ruler of the year and he is in moolatrikona in 10th. The 5th lord Moon is exalted in 3rd. These are all good factors. But the 5th house of power contains 6th lord Sun and 8th lord Venus along with 7th lord Mercury and 9th lord Ketu. This is not a good combination. In D-10, lagna lord Jupiter is in 8th. The 10th lord Mercury is in 6th and the 5th lord Mars is in 4th. Neither shows political power.

John McCain has a considerably higher chance of winning than Barack Obama.

* * *

Final Prediction

Until mid-September, Obama will seem to have an advantage. But, McCain's campaign will pick up steam during the second half of September and October. John McCain will win the US presidential election 2008.

When (if) the charts of Vice Presidential candidates are available, I will re-visit this prediction and see if there is any modification. But, as things stand now, I am comfortable with the final horoscopes of both Obama and McCain and my expectation is that McCain will win.

Best regards,
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