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Chara Dasha example

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Date: Oct 11, 2005 12:04 AM
Subject: [JyotishGroup] Re: Chara Dasha example: 4620 message posted again

Namaste friends,

In May-July 1999, I had a public debate on vedic-astrology yahoogroup with Robert Koch, a well-known astrologer from ACVA. Robert Koch was using Sri KN Rao's chara dasa. Normally, most debates are exercises in ego and stubbornness and do not result in anyone changing their mind. But this debate was refreshingly different.

After Robert presented case studies where he thought Sri KN Rao's approach worked better, I presented logic to show why Parasara's method (i.e. with the exaltation/debilitation exception) worked even better. At the end of the debate involving several examples, Robert Koch conceded that Parasara's approach was indeed better! Later, Robert Koch became a student of Pt Sanjay Rath (my guru) and became a Jyotish Guru at Sri Jagannath Centre (my guru's organization).

These days, such open-mindedness and a productive conclusion of a public debate is rare indeed.

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Given that Parasara taught Chara dasa too and given that it is very close to the so-called "Jaimini's Chara dasa", it is extremely likely that they both taught the same dasa. Given that Jaimini isn't verbose and uses 3 words to describe what takes 3 verses for Parasara, one will be better off not ignoring Parasara's words. It is relatrively straight-forward to interpret Parasara, but it is easy to misinterpret Jaimini.

Though it may not have come across in my writings, I immensely respect Sri KN Rao. He has maintained spiritual purity and keen intellectual acumen in his illustrious career as an astrology researcher and teacher and he is a great role model for me in several ways.

However, I beg to differ with him on the exaltation/debilitation exception in Chara dasa. I personally find Parasara's chara dasa more accurate than Sri KN Rao's chara dasa (though I will take Jaimini's Narayana dasa (or Padakrama dasa) over the two anyday).

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> Old message 4620... for your reference
> Satyaprakashji,
>        Here is an example how I time events without taking an
> extra year for an exalted planet in Chara  dasha.
> K.N.Rao.
> Marriage   Timing
> Jan 26,1972
> Time: 3:09AM  Zone: 5:30  DST: 0
> Chandigarh
> Longitude: 76E46  Latitude: 30N49
>        The first marriage took place in June 1998 seventh house
> and DKN
>        Divorce took place took place in 1999 Mithuna Kumbha.
>        Second marriage took place in Mithuna Dhanu.
>        I get this timing by not giving to Karka dasha one extra
> year of one year.

Now let me explain this with Parasara's chara dasa, i.e. with the exaltation/debilitation exceptions taken into account. You can decide for yourself if the logic is more convincing with Parasara's calculations or less convincing. To replicate my calculations of "Parasara's chara dasa", you can use my free software (link below).

(1) Marriage: It happened in Cancer-Leo antardasa. Cancer contains Ketu and Venus aspects it. More importantly, lord of Cancer -
Moon - is exalted in the 7th house!! In navamsa, lord of Cancer is exalted again and joins DK.

Taking Cancer as lagna (Chara dasa is after all the progression of lagna!), Leo is the 2nd house of family and its lord Sun is in the 7th house. Leo contains dara pada (A7 or 7P) too. In navamsa (chart of marriage), Leo contains arudha lagna, showing a new tangible beginning. No wonder, Leo antardasa in Cancer dasa gave marriage.

(2) Divorce: It happened in Gemini-Capricorn antardasa. Though Gemini is the 8th house, it contains upapada lagna. It can bring changes in life, good and bad. Let us see the antardasa. Taking Gemini as lagna, Capricorn is the 8th house and its lord is in the 12th house. In navamsa, Capricorn contains Mrityu pada (A8 or 8P - death).

In fact, I argue that Mithuna-Makara explains divorce better than Mithuna-Kumbha as you get with Sri KN Rao's method. Kumbha (Aq) contains Venus (7th lord and naisargika karaka for marriage) and is the 9th house from Mithuna (Ge). OTOH, Makara (Cp) is the 8th house.

(3) Re-marriage: It happened in Gemini-Pisces dasa. Pisces is aspected and owned by DK Jupiter. Upapada lagna aspects it. Taking Gemini as lagna, lord of Pisces is in the 7th house (just as in (1) above). In navamsa, exalted Venus (lagna lord) occupies Pisces. The bhagya pada (A9 or 9P) and sukha pada (A4 or 4P) are also there indicating fortune and happiness in marital matters.

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It is very easy to take positions and claim that X works fine and Y does not. However, I wonder how many people sincerely examined Parasara's teachings closely, without getting biased by Sri KN Rao's teachings. Give an open-minded consideration to Parasara's teachings.

A budding Vedic astrologer can ignore Parasara at one's own peril!

I did not, do not and will not claim to be an expert in Parasara's teachings. I only know a little and am constantly trying to improve my understanding of the teachings of great Parasara. I made mistakes and passed on incorrect teachings (e.g. drigdasa calculation) in my book and software earlier. When I realize a mistake of mine, I have no qualms accepting it and correcting it. Thus, this is not a question of ego for me. In fact, the knowledge I am arguing for is not mine - it is Parasara's. I am just playing the role of a messenger. All I can tell you based on my own experience is that Parasara deserves to be understood rather than ignored...

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BTW, the Chandi homam in our backyard went very well on Saturday. It was a great experience. Towards the end of the homam, one of the burnt logs took the form of a lion's face - one could clearly see the eyes, nose, mouth and even teeth in the log. Several people thought they saw the Mother's shape in the fire riding a lion. At the beginning, when Chandi was invoked, there was a really heavy wind for several seconds. When we had Subrahmanya Trishati Homam last week (prior to Chandi homam), we saw in fire what appeared like a peacock and a snake (

Thanks to all those who sent their best wishes. Some of you wanted the names to be included in sankalpam and we did so.

We have a free Jyotish workshop in Maynard (greater Boston) next weekend, with 4 speakers. All of you are welcome. Our monthly Full Moon night Satya Narayana vratam will be on October 16 night from 6:30 pm (eastern time) at our house in South Grafton, Mass, after the workshop concludes. I plan to do it more elaborately this time than I always do. The priests from the Kalikamba temple in Chennai, who did the Chandi homam, may also be there at the vratam and you can take their blessings. All of you are welcome to attend the vratam and take prasadam. You can send me an email or call 508-839-1218 for directions.

May Jupiter's light shine on us,
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