Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Some Future Predictions- Sri Gopalakrishnan.k.b

Date: Oct 11, 2005 8:59 AM
By Sri

hello members,

[... Edited on Request by author...]

1. the sensex will have bull run till indias budha bhukthi gets finished . this is till 10 7 2008 there can be correction over all sensex can reach even 15,000 points and above. new records will be breached many times.

2. jayalalitha will not come back to power in tamil nadu.

3. lallu will lose in bihar.

4. upa will be stable in centre till 2006 sep.

5.roger federer whom i love very much will continue to rule the roostin men tennis with sania misra continue
to climb in atp ladder.

6.suchmmy performance will be far better in the next year circuit.

7. important leaders who are old war horse of indian politics will pass away between 2006 sep -2008 sep. it
can be very well from bjp.

8.important tamil nadu leader will pass away with in next 24 months.

9. iraq sitaution will bring problems to bush.there will be strong support for pull back of troups after 2006 sep . iran will be pushed to the brink. major row will break when saturn and ketu meets in simha.whether it will be full fledged war i will analyse and post in mundane jyotish.

10. dollar will be weaker aganist euro. rupee will get stronger against dollar.

11. india will grow in economy.

12. indian sports men will have better time other than cricket.

13. saurva ganguly will step down before 2006 dec.

14.come back of sachin next year. anand in chess will reach new heights.

15, jayaendra sarawathi case will weaken as time progress he will released from 2009 sep -2011 . .

during next bye poll

congress will lose in kerela.

cpm will shaky lead in bengal and rule it once again.

i have also not gone on details of the techiques because the letter will be too long.

as far my students accusation goes i have choosen to remain silent in public and privately sort the matter
out . personally donot like to let her down in front of any one. i will openly give her the credit for 10000 sensex as her original one.

i will posting in mundane jyotish those who wish to learn dicuss mundane astrology can come there.


'The Ten Things to be Understood'

Understand that outer appearances are unreal because
they are illusion.

Understand that inner mind is empty because it is
devoid of self-entity.

Understand that thoughts are momentary because they
occur due to conditions.

Understand that both your physical body and your voice
are impermanent because they are conditioned.

Understand that the consequences of your actions are
inevitable because all the pleasure and pain of
sentient beings result from karma.

Understand that pain is your spiritual friend because
it is the cause of renunciation.

Understand that pleasure and happiness are the demons
of attachment because they are the roots of samsara.

Understand that many engagements are obstacles for
merit because they hinder spiritual practice.

Understand that enemies and obstructions are your
teachers because obstacles are inspiration for
spiritual practice.

Understand that everything is of equal nature because
all phenomena are ultimately devoid of self-nature.

These were the ten things to understand.

Brihaspati Gayatri, Vishwamitra/Gaathina Rishi Rig Veda 6.62.6