Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Parasara Chara Dasa in JHL 7.02

From: pvr108 <>
Date: Oct 12, 2005 1:23 PM

> Today I was surprised to see the calculation of
> antardasas in chara dasa (Parasara) as given by
> your software.
> Generally antardasas in a mahadasa starts from
> preceding or succeding sign as the antardasa of
> mahadasa sign itself should come last
That is what Sri KN Rao teaches. That seems to be motivated by the nakshatra dasa paradigm (Vimsottari/Ashtottari).
In "Chara dasa (KN Rao)" option in my software, I faithfully used this method. However, in "Chara dasa (Parasara)" option, it is only fair that I should NOT go by Sri KN Rao's views and instead follow Parasara! Don't you agree?
When teaching Chara dasa and other rasi dasas, Parasara did NOT mention the above approach for finding antardasas.
In fact, why don't you read BPHS again and find out for yourself what antardasa method Parasara recommended for Chara dasa and other rasi dasas?!!
Just for the record, let me mention this: You will get calculations strictly adhering to Sri KN Rao's teachings, if you choose "Chara dasa (KN Rao)".

> Further variable has been introduced by KN Rao (or
> actually perhaps Vemuri ji -- assuming KNR got that particular sub-
> order from his statements and not from personal research) in his
> recommendation to use the swabhukti as the last one. Too bad,
> Parashara did not choose to help out modern minds on that matter.

Nope, Parasara DID choose to help out modern minds on the matter of  bhuktis in Chara dasa.

Parasara gave different chapters for the results of nakshatra dasas,  Kalachakra dasa (navamsa based dasa) and rasi dasas.  Please refer to chapter 50 (in Santhanam version). It is  called "charAdidashAphalAdhyAyaH" (meaning: chapter on the results  of chara etc dasas).

In this chapter, Parasara talks of bhukti (antardasa) calculation.  The relevant lines are reproduced below:

dasheshAkrAMtabhAvarxAdArabhya dvAdasharxakam.h || 90||
bhaktvA dvAdasharAshInAM dashAbhukti prakalpayet.h |

Meaning: Bhuktis are formed by dividing the dasa into 12 parts by  starting from the sign occupied the lord of the dasa sign and going through the twelve signs from there.

Suppose Gemini dasa is running. Suppose Mercury is in Libra. Bhuktis  (antardasas) in Gemini dasa will then go as Li, Sc, Sg, ..., Le, Vi.

That much is clear from Parasara. If somebody is happy with the  researches of somebody else, they may follow some other method. May  God bless them. But Parasara's words are clear enough.

BTW, there are 97 verses in this chapter and they give clear  guidelines on the judgment of Chara dasa and other rasi dasas. If  you read all that, you will discover that what Sri KN Rao taught in  his Chara dasa book is just the tip of the iceberg! Parasara gave  more elaborate methods and also laid a lot of emphasis on dasa  pravesha chakra (period entry chart - available in JHora). This  seems to be totally ignored by Sri KN Rao.

The best resource for understanding Jaimini's teachings better is  not any commentary of Jaimini Sutram by Nilakantha or someone else.  It is not even papers containing readings by Vemuri. It is BPHS.
BPHS is the best resource for understanding several of the parameters and dasas taught by Jaimini in "Jaimini Sutram"!

I honestly feel that the belief held by Sri KN Rao that Parasara and  Jaimini taught two distinct systems hampered his work. He could've  gone much further if he had not ignored Parasara's teachings on so  many techniques normally supposed to form the so-called "Jaimini astrology"!

I look up to him and consider him a great role model. What I say  above is merely an impassionate observation.

> Some years ago, when talking about navamsha or some other varga
> chart, you had indicated on one of the fora how Parashara
> the vargas and other general things and then went on to discuss
> specific rules which could apply to all charts. It certainly
> and was very helpful advice indeed. Thanks for that!

I am glad my humble advice was found to be useful by you!

May Jupiter's light shine on us,

Brihaspati Gayatri, Vishwamitra/Gaathina Rishi Rig Veda 6.62.6