Monday, April 25, 2005

Houses in Divisional Charts

> Dear Narasimha ji
> Thanks a lot for your reply.
> For me navamsha is also a division.
> Now regarding twins -you are right - lagnas navamsha/drekkana etc is
> very important.But no bhava is needed here as well.
> As i have always said,divisions are for our lagna and planets.Can you
> think any other way of getting divisions.Lagna too has divisions as it
> is having a coordinate or degree.
> Through divisions we are seeing the kshethra,drekkana,navamsha etc of
> our lagna.
> Let us take Saravali.
> ''Following are the effects of births in the nine Navāńśas in Aries
> Ascendant: Effects of Aries Ascendant, First Navāńśa: The native will
> have a face, resembling that of a he-goat, with nose and shoulders not
> being very prominent. He will have a fierce voice, ugly appearance and
> narrow eyes. His body will be thin, but free from defects. Effects of
> Aries Ascendant, Second Navāńśa: The native will be dark in
> complexion, will have broad shoulders and long arms. small forehead,
> strong collar bones, sharp sight and prominent face and nose. He will
> be an affable speaker and will possess weak legs''.
> Here Aries ascendant represents our Tanubhava(Rashi).First navamsha of
> Aries is Aries - Thus if our lagna is within 3.2 degrees ,then effects
> are as per first navamsha.Second navasmha in Aries is Taurus - Thus if
> lagna is after 3 degrees 20 mins and before 6.40 we take effects as
> per second navamsha within Aries Rashi.
> On the other hand bhava means - we consider Tanu ,dhana,bhagya,labha
> etc in navamsha.I sincerely wish if people may start taking these
> factors for chart rectification than bhavas.
> Regds
> Pradeep


Regarding twins, you are agreeing that the divisions of lagna are important but you are refusing to take houses from divisional lagna. I fail to see how you can explain the differences between twins.

Let us try an example of twins.

(1) 15th September 1970, 1:14 am (TZ: 5:00 west)
Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA (97 W 03' 29', 36 N 06' 56')
Moon: 25Aq38, Lagna: 17Ge37

(1) 15th September 1970, 1:29 am (TZ: 5:00 west)
Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA (97 W 03' 29', 36 N 06' 56')
Moon: 25Aq39, Lagna: 14Ge20

Saravali gives some general guidelines on physical attributes, facial features and general nature based on hora, drekkana and navamsa. If you use those guidelines, you will not really see the differences between these twins. For example, Saravali says that one born in the 5th navamsa of Gemini has a wide face, large chest, big head, deception, strong shoulders etc. It says that one born in the 6th navamsa of Gemini has sweet looks, talkative nature, uneven forehead, nice body, red lips etc.

Now, how do you explain the glaring difference between these two twins using just the above?

One twin is insane and the other is brilliant and has degrees in engineering and medicine.

If you take houses in divisional charts, you can explain the differences.

BTW, many (though not all) old astrologers who use navamsa take houses in navamsa.

May Jupiter's light shine on us,

> Namaste Narasimha
> >
> > (1) 15th September 1970, 1:14 am (TZ: 5:00 west)
> > Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA (97 W 03' 29", 36 N 06' 56")
> > Moon: 25Aq38, Lagna: 17Ge37
> Please check the lagna degrees,I think you got this and the other
> one interchanged.
> > (1) 15th September 1970, 1:29 am (TZ: 5:00 west)
> > Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA (97 W 03' 29", 36 N 06' 56")
> > Moon: 25Aq39, Lagna: 14Ge20

You are right. There were cut, paste & edit errors. The birthdata is correct

It should be:

(1) 15th September 1970, 1:14 am (TZ: 5:00 west)
Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA (97 W 03' 29", 36 N 06' 56")
Moon: 25Aq39, Lagna: 14Ge20

(2) 15th September 1970, 1:29 am (TZ: 5:00 west)
Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA (97 W 03' 29", 36 N 06' 56")
Moon: 25Aq48, Lagna: 17Ge37

> Astrological analysis of tiwns always in interesting. In this case
> it is clear that Navamsa lagna changes and other divisonal charts
> lagna changes.

Yes and if you take the houses in navamsa and other divisional charts, the
picture is totally different in the two charts.

I am curious to see how people like Vijaydas Pradeep, who question finding
houses in navamsa and other divisional charts, can explain the glaring
differences between these twins.

> Take, D12 (dwadamsa), you have all grahas in the same
> rashi, except that Lagna changes. But it is the same parents. How
> does one reconcile this fact?
> Is this the answer: Natural karakas for parents or Chara Karakas do
> not change.

Good point. In fact, we don't need twins for this issue. This is true for
siblings also. If you take the 4th and 9th houses from lagna or karaka
(Sun/Moon) in rasi or dwadasamsa, siblings can show different influences
relating parents. But they may share the same parents. What does it mean?

In the case of twins, you can take natural significators and be happy that
D-12's show the same father and mother. But what about siblings? Their rasi and
D-12 charts may be totally different even if you take natural karakas. What now?
Do you want to rethink your answer?

Even father's and mother's rasi and saptamsa charts can show different
influences regarding the same child. How to reconcile this?

I will give my views on this in a couple of days, after letting others give
their views!

> I have a case where even the D9 is same but D10, D12 lagna are
> different (but graha positions are same). The two twins (Born in
> Tamil Nadu, 1978, time recored meticulously by parents) are having
> different careers, same education engineering/BE, but different
> specialization, and on top of that one twin is in USA, the other
> twin is in India. Big difference in destinies.

I am not at all surprised.

Only Vedic astrology has tools that enable us to answer the twins riddle. Yet
some Vedic astrologers refuse to accept those tools. What a pity...

I even have a case where only shashtyamsa is different and other divisional
charts are the same. They are still different persons.

> What is the appropriate dasha to use in this case? (Kalachakra
> dasha?). Can you please point me to a book, or internet site that
> explains this dasha usage?
> Thanks
> M.Sharma (Michigan)

Technically, we are supposed to use Shodasottari dasa in the elder twin's chart
and Ashtottari dasa in the younger sibling's chart. Lagna being in Sun's hora
and it being Sukla paksha, Shodasottari applies in the elder's chart. In the
younger's case, it doesn't apply as lagna changes to Moon's hora. Ashtottari
applies in both (Sukla paksha, night time birth and Rahu in a quadrant from
lagna lord). But Shodasottari is given precedence over Ashtottari when both

However, my repertiore is limited to Dwisaptati sama dasa, Chaturaseeti sama
dasa, Shashtihayani dasa and Sataabdika dasa. When I tried to use Shodasottari
and Ashtottari dasas as general purpose phalita dasas, I felt that there might
be some missing links.When I can't use the above-mentioned 4 dasas, I just use

So I will personally use Vimsottari dasa in these charts.

May Jupiter's light shine on us,

Brihaspati Gayatri, Vishwamitra/Gaathina Rishi Rig Veda 6.62.6