Tuesday, April 05, 2005

How to predict for sports events

By Sri Gopal Krishnan
This is not given in any classical book but innovation can be be done based on
the classical books principles. The main sports events is being done is the
cricket ,football tennis and car race.

I have given the prediction for car race based on tarot cards . it is very easy
method and requires not much detailed calculation.

For the tennis matches the same principles what is applied for the cricket,
football matches can be followed.

The beginning of the match is noted and this is done based on toss or some times
even when the first ball is bowled. Both will work out.

Classification of the house-

First house- the beginning of the match, first few five over ,toss, walking of
umpires in to the field.

Second house- the roar of the crowd, communication between the players the
drinks break, the understanding between the players the altercation and light
for the games. the commentators

Third house- running between the wickets, next day in papers the head lines
news, the number of 4 and 6s .

Fourth house � the pitch the feelings of the players.

Fifth house is the luck of the players, the middle order batsman, just before
lunch break.

Sixth house- the fall of wickets, the loss of run rate and runout and injury in
the team.

Seventh house- there batting and there strengths.

8 th house � longevity of the match and past match analysis.

9 th house- the umpires and there judgements the captain of the team.

10 th house- the runs scored and overs per rate.

11 th house rewards in the game whether match is fixed or not.

12 th house � end of the match the last over the 12 th man ,players walking out
of the ground.

First House

Start of the match, toss, opening batting and first few overs of the match.

Second House

The money involved in the match, the howling and shouting of the audience, the
commentators, the communication between the team members.

Third House

The drinks & lunch breaks, the running between the wickets, the slips cordons,
the close fielding positions, dressing rooms, cellular phones, gloves and arms

Fourth House

The pitch, the quality of wicket, the participation of players, the beginning of
middle order, runs scored in terms of boundaries.

Fifth House

The luck of the team, number of sixes scored, the catches, century stand, think
tank of the team, coaching, net practice, new players and the future prospectus.

Sixth House

The scandals, bad decisions by umpires, match fixing, hurt retire of players,
misunderstanding among players, run outs.

Seventh house

The strength of the opposite team and their weakness.

Eight House

Longevity of match, completion of the match and play coming to the halt.

Ninth House

The management, coach, captain, vice captain, the spiritual side of the team -
the guru and swamis who bless the team.

Tenth House

The match process, the runs scored and the thrill of match and fall of wickets.

Eleventh House

Sponsors, the prize money, the man of the match, the media, ad revenues, the
hoarding income, ticket collection and strength of the crowd.

Twelfth House

End of match, last few overs of the match, prize distribution ceremony, batting
and loss of quickly wickets, post match interviews.

The reduced vimhshottari dasa can be used. If for one day match reduce in 50
overs divided by 12 signs so it will come approximately 4 overs.

For 5 days the vimhsottari dasa can be used.

Who will win the match is based on the

which seventh lord is strong.i use chandra and karkamsha lagna also
whose dasa and bhukthi in the last over is good.
the most important is the bhavat bahvam should be used for the time playing
second using the seventh house as the first house.

Brihaspati Gayatri, Vishwamitra/Gaathina Rishi Rig Veda 6.62.6