Friday, April 22, 2005

Importance of Varga (debate)

Sri PVR Narasimha's Views
> How to use Rasi / Vargas ? See what Shri K.N.Rao says:
> Whatever is indicated by Rasi chart will definitely take place. But how and when, this depends on Vargas.

Dear Praveen, are you saying that rasi chart is not at all to be used for timing events??? If you say that rasi chart only shows WHETHER an event will happen or not and vargas show WHEN it will happen, you seem to say that rasi chart is useless for timing events. I am surprised!

If you say that rasi chart helps in timing also, then what do you mean by vargas showing the "when" part???

> You are very right in pointing the imperfections.Now you have said
> Rashi chakra is very simple - Atleast not for me.I have not even

Dear Pradeep, please quote a mail from me that says "rasi chakra is simple". Give me the yahoogroup name and the mail number.

Neither rasi chart nor vargas nor the all-powerful D-60 are "simple".

> properly.It will take many years to master.Also on one hand you say
> combination of Rashi chakra with Vargas and on the other hand -
> there is no Main chart.If rashi chakra is not the main why do you
> want to use them in combination with Vargas?.

If salt is used in all foods, it doesn't mean salt is the main thing in those foods.

Various divisional charts show various abstract environments (e.g. professional environment, spiritual enviromnent etc) in which one leads one's existence. Rasi chart is the physical existence which links all these environmental influences.

If there is one "main" chart, it is D-60 in my view. It shows the karma one needs to experience. According to our tradition, the physical existence (rasi) and various environments surrounding it (navamsa, dasamsa etc) are but a vehicle for discharging the karma shown by D-60. No wonder Parasara said everything can be seen in D-60 and gave it more weightage in dasa varga scheme than rasi and navamsa COMBINED!

> Also if Rashi chakra is not the main why do you give so many yogas
> in your software based on Rashi chakra - pertaining to all

:-) :-) My software can show all yogas in all divisional charts. Which yoga is more relevant in which chart and which yoga gives which results in which chart is left to the intelligent astrologer using the software!

> aspects.If Rashi chakra is just for physique - how will we see the
> qualities of Mahapurusha from the Rashi chakra?

There is a difference between "physical existence" and "physique". I did not say rasi shows physique alone. I said that it shows the physical existenmce.

Vargas show abstract environments and rasi shows physical existence. For example, Mercury and Venus are in 5th and 9th from Gemini lagna in my D-24 and in 9th and 10th from Virgo lagna in my D-10. They show excellent influences educationally and professionally. But both are in 8th house from Virgo lagna in rasi chart and they make me always work hard physically. I may be learning well, following my dharma and doing good things, but it all comes with physical hardship and suffering.

A hard-working engineer, an ambitious entrepreneur and a rickshaw puller in India may all have the 10th lord in 8th with Saturn and may be working hard and suffering physically due to their work. Then rasi would show that (physical suffering due to work) and D-10 would clarify the professional enviroment in which that physical hard work comes.

If you hold a different view, please do. I am only clarifying my position for the benefit of fellow students who are open-minded and inquisitive.

> Truthfully speaking, I am thoroughly muddled by all
> these confusions. I am even more confused by the Karakamsha debate. I

Dear Sundeep, Astrology does work thru sadhana. But that is definitely not all. There IS a scientific part of it too. It is upto our generation and the next few generations to establish this.

The word "karakamsa" means "[nav]amsa of [atma]karaka". There is nothing in this name to suggest that this should transposed into rasi chart. I don't really think BPHS is ambiguous. Parasara talked about houses from the navamsas of atmakaraka, amatya karaka and swa (self - lagna). If Parasara did not specify whether that navamsa position is to be transposed into rasi chart or drekkana chart or dasamsa chart for finding houses, I wouldn't call that ambiguity. When no such thing is explicitly mentioned, obviously houses from navamsa would mean houses from navamsa in the navamsa chart.

In my view, Parasara is unambiguous and yet some people created controversy. Some astrologers averse to finding houses in navamsa must have created the tradition of taking karakamsa position in rasi and finding houses from it in rasi. Some modern astrologers like Sri KN Rao were influenced by this old practice. But Parasara does not grant this at all.

Both the camps may have made correct predictions. But that could be due to sadhana as you point out. The issue is: are there some objective principles that can be reproduced? You can judge this for yourself if you read BPHS and try. Parasara gave several principles for houses from the amsas of AK, AmK and lagna. See how they work.

For example, two malefics in trines from karakamsa make one knowledgeable in mantra sastra. Take known mantrikas such as Chandra Swami and see if this principle is satisfied in rasi or in navamsa.

There is scope for a lot of objective scientific work on Jyotish controversies. Though some people attempted such work in the past, I am not so impressed by their researches. But today we have a lot of astrologers who are well-grounded in modern scientific thought. We can conduct researches that will be acceptable to the scientific community also.

I foresee great researches in the coming 30-40 years.

> As far as I know, Kalyan Varman says "bhavanaadhipaiH samastaM..." the
> reference is clearly to lord of Bhavan or Bhava. Bhavan, Rasi etc. are
> synonymous. Is there any shloka of his that mentions vargaadhip or Vargesha?

Dear Chandrashekhar ji, the word "bhavanaadhipa" can be interpreted as rasi lords. However, this verse comes after listing the lords of rasis and navamsas and before listing the lords of other vargas. So some astrologers (e.g. Pt Sanjay Rath) do not interpret bhavana as just houses in rasi chart, but as houses in various vargas. Bhavana only means a house and not necessarily a house in rasi chart. If one accepts houses in navamsas etc, they can also be called bhavanas. So this verse of Saravali can be interpreted to say that one cannot make predictions without looking at various house lords in various divisions.

May Jupiter's light shine on us,

Brihaspati Gayatri, Vishwamitra/Gaathina Rishi Rig Veda 6.62.6