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Tithi Pravesha FAQ

From: Narasimha P.V.R. Rao <>
Date: Nov 8, 2005 8:09 PM
Subject: [JyotishGroup] Re: A real-life example - Doubts
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Namaste friends,

When someone complained about too much theoretical discussion, I gave a real-life example in which some precise predictions I gave someone came true. Even that led to theorization and theoretical critique. The following mail slipped from my attention a few weeks back. Somebody forwarded it to me and let me try to address some points in it.

> (a).Can the ATP chart replace the Rasi chart in prediction?

The natal chart shows the entire life. But, if one uses a wrong or imperfect dasa system, it is easy to err in timing events. I am far more comfortable with ATP (annual Tithi Pravesha) charts as they are focussed on a one year period and are easier to judge. Whenever I have just a few minutes to spare and have to give a quick reading, I rely on ATP charts. And I am quite pleased with their reliability.

> (b) Can badhakesa cause auspicious change of place?

Yes, there are references in classics. Narayan Iyer produced a nice paper on it sometime back.

> (c) Arudha in ATP is as relevant as in Rasi?

Of course, yes. To me anyway. Arudha padas of houses show what manifests in a tangible way. That is as relevant in ATP charts.

> (d) Can the ATP Lagna Virgo rising with Sun and Ketu under
> the aspect of Saturn be treated as auspicious or harbinger of good?

Sun in lagna with Ketu and under Saturn's aspect is not at all good. I did warn the native about one specific misfortune that is possible in the year and suggested a remedy too.

> (e) Further ATP Lagna had Mars in the 8th in retrogression and Moon in debiliation.

Mars in 8th in moolatrikona isn't bad at all. From AL (arudha lagna, manifestation of self, i.e. tangible aspects of self, including status and image), Mars is in 6th and shows great success and overcoming all obstacles. Natural malefics in 6th from AL give material success.

Though Moon is in debility, he is with Venus in 3rd. Moon and Venus in 3rd in AL show good status and image during the year and good for financial gains. Venus is the 9th lord and Moon is in the 11th lord. Their conjunction in an upachaya from lagna and in AL is (was) in my judgment excellent for material status.

> ATP Lagna had no benign aspect at all and benefics were all below
> the horizon. With such a disastrous ATP2005, could you have
> predicted positive developments in one's life?

Mars in 8th in 6th from AL, Moon and Venus in AL, conjunction of A9 and A10 (bhagya pada and rajya pada), aspected by two benefics giving a raja yoga (Jupiter and Mercury) - all these made me think it was going to a good year. Only Sun's eclipse in lagna made me predict one misfortune. Moreover, if you see D-10, you'll see several nice combinations that made me predict to this native a few months back that this lunar year would start with a good opportunity.

> Here you are speaking about the D-10 of the most inauspicious
> ATP 2005. Have a close look at that ATP2005_D10: Lagna is
> between malefics, Saturn in 2nd and Mars in 8th, Ketu in 6th.
> Lord of Lagna Budha is in 6th along with debilitated Moon and
> malefics. With such a D10, you are deriving the logic that 10th
> lord in 5th will be auspicious?

First of all, ATP 2005 is not "most inauspicious". Secondly, Saturn is not in 2nd. I don't know what ayanamsa you use. With Lahiri ayanamsa, Saturn is with Venus in 3rd, giving an excellent raja yoga. Moreover, the raja yoga is in 5th from AL and shows recognition.

Out of the 4 planets in 6th, only Moon is a benefic. Others are malefics. Conjunction of malefics in 6th is good.

All these are adding to the placement of 10th lord 5th (in 7th from AL).

>    With your program, I had a look at the ATP2004-05 and by
> all known canons of astrology, the ATP2004-05 is more auspicious
> than ATP2005-06 with which you have predicted good. What are
> your comments on this fact?

Sir, this is not a "fact", but your subjective judgment. In my judgment, ATP 2005-06 is a lot better than ATP 2004-05.

Look at rasi of ATP 2004-05. Lagna has badhaka lord and 8th lord in marana karaka sthana in it. Lagna lord is eclipsed by Ketu. The 9th lord of fortune, Jupiter, is in marana karaka sthana in 3rd. Ruler of the year is Saturn, who is the 8th lord and is in marana karaka sthana in lagna.

Now look at the rasi chart of ATP 2005-06. Though lagna is afflicted, lagna lord and ruler of the year Mercury is in well-placed in 2nd and gives a raja yoga with Jupiter. AL has a nice combination.

Look at D-10 of ATP 2004-05. The 4th house of happiness has 8th lord Mer5cury. The 9th lord Moon is in marana karaka sthana in 8th. The 5th lored of recognition is in 8th. The 4th lord (comfort) Rahu is in marana karaka sthana. I fail to see why you think it is good.

In contrast, D-10 of ATP 2005-06 has lagna lord Mercury well-placed in 6th. The 10th lord is in 5th. The 5th lord joins 9th lord in the 5th from AL.

Based on all the canons of Jyotish t6hat *I* know and use, the year 2004-05 shows dissatisfaction, unhappiness and frustration and the year 2005-06 shows fortune and good breaks. The year 2004 was indeed like that and the year 2005 started very nicely.

The native got a job offer in the week that I had predicted months in advance and he sold his house pretty quickly, in the 2 weeks that I predicted and to a friend as I predicted. To those who may be interested in this case further, another prediction I had made was that he would buy a new house in the town he moved to during Venus TA dasa (2005 Dec 16-2006 Feb 24). Whether this too comes true or not remains to be seen. But those interested can easily see why I made that prediction. Use D-4.

First, you said you had some "doubts". Then you passed a judgment that I made "serious errors" and passed several harsh and possibly hasty judgments. If you just want to disprove my approach, there is no point in arguing with you. I replied because throwing some additional light on how I was thinking when I made these judgments in real-time and made these predictions can be useful to those who want to learn from this example.

May Jupiter's light shine on us,

Brihaspati Gayatri, Vishwamitra/Gaathina Rishi Rig Veda 6.62.6