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Transits in Varga charts/Shri Sanjay Rath

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Date: Nov 7, 2005 1:29 PM
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om namo bhagavate vasudevaya
Dear Vijaydas ji
You are among the few who have kept the standards high although this may have caused some heart burn..even in me sending me back to my books. For that I will always give you credit. ...frankly I have been travelling too much , thanks to you and others for the support for all this.
Are these the 11 points?
Summary of my understanding and points discussed so far.

1)Graha Drishti - Except for shadbala calculations, we generally go
by house wise aspects(approximation of longitudinal aspect).For
shadbala, we go by exact longitude and quantify.It is a known fact
that for Bhava Phala Niroopana,aspects are used based on houses.
Rath: Are house wise aspects approximation of longitudinal aspect? In that case we will be going against the various definitions of bhava. What happens if a planet is in one house in the rasi chart and then goes to another house in the bhava chart. What happens to its aspects? For example if Mars is in Lagna in Mesha in Rasi chart and then goes to 12th house in chalit or bhava chakra, will the 'special 8th house aspect in the bhava chart be to the 7th house or will it still be to Scorpio?

2)If a planet is aspecting a house without any placement - We can
only find the Drishti Kendra ie the point of maximum influence.Mars
aspecting Libra sign is a perfect example.This aspect of Mars is
based on longitudinal dispositions of the sign in which Mars is
placed as well as the aspected Sign.These are recorded/measured in
terms of degrees - multiples of 30 degree signs.Please do not mix
Navamsha,Dashamsha etc with this.Mars is aspecting the sign Libra
which inturn is assuming roles of Navamsha,Dashamasha,Kshethra etc.
Rath: I have not readthe previous posts so would not like to comment, but what I am making out of this is that if Mars is aspecting Tula rashi in the rashi chakra, then it aspects Tula rashi in the navamsa, dasamsa and all other divisional charts!!! Wow. I had never heard of this. Is this the suggestion Vijaydas ji.

3)A planet has a single position and hence a single longitude at a
point in time.Based on this position it has numerous
influences.These infleunces are understood through Vargas.Pls don't
confuse this with Grahadrishti mentioned above.There is
no ''further'' longitude needed to understand this sambandha.
Rath: I agree with this position. The recent trend of taking the proportional longitude in vargas is fascinating. But I am not discouraging that as it has to be studied at some point of time.

4)For example Varga Bala is not calculated based on longitudes.It is
based on Planet/Rashi sambandha.Each harmonic sambandha has a
specific purpose(eg Navamsha for spouse).When we relate this with
the relevant bhava in Rashi chakra,picture becomes clear.I had given
classical references.

Rath: Agree with this also and this in harmony with the previous statement.

5)Drigbala(Aspectual strenght) is calculated based on
longitude,while Varga/Planet relationships are harmonic influences.
Rath: Desire and Resources are different things altogether. The desire comes form the graha dristi or the drig bala and the resources to achieve this desire comes from the varga or divisional chart (or division...whatever you use).

6)Kshethra placement shows conjunction.This means a planet placed in
a sign is conjunct that sign.Navamsha shows ninth harmonic
influence.It means a particular planet from its place of occupation
has a harmonic relationship with another sign.In both the cases the
influence is on the sign and not on any specific longitude.Longitude
is a qualification for the planet and not amshas.
7)For example, assume that planet Venus is placed at 27 degrees in
Pisces.This is the only placement it has in Zodiac.Now sage has
defined Zodiac as having 12 signs.3 degrees forward from 27 dgrees
in Pisces and 27 degrees backward from 27 degrees in Pisces is the
Kshethra in which Venus is placed.This is the first Varga or first
harmonic influence.In other words Venus is treated as conjuncting
the sign Pisces.The whole 30 degree sector is having 1 to 1
relationship with Pisces.In other words
it is the first division.

8)20 minutes backward from 27 degrees in pisces and 3 degrees
forward from 27 degrees in pisces constitutes the navamsha division
in which Venus is placed.Parashara defined this sector within Pisces
as Pisces Navamsha(no further degrees).This 3.2 degree sector is
thus having a harmonic influence with Pisces.Vargottama Navamsha.
Rath: Hang on! Harmonic is not the translation for Vargottama. I have heard this word being used too often in the west for almost anything including relationships!!!

9)Difference between Point 7 and point 8 is - In point 7 it was a 1
to 1 or first harmonic sambandha while in point 8 it is a ninth
harmonic sambandha.This is the very purpose of harmonics.
Rath: My understanding was that D1 does NOT have a harmonic with D9 instead it has a harmonic with D13 (if there is any D13 chart)...

10)When two planets are conjunct in a sign acting as Navamsha - it
is infact showing the sambandha those planets are having with that
particular sign.To find aspects above that can only be some kind of
poetical imagination and has no rational at all(Cannot be reconciled
with Parasharas aspectual rules).
Rath: Who says so? How often have you found this to happen?? Is that the meaning of vargottama? The word Vargottama is from Varga and Uttama or the best. Now will Mercury in 27 deg Pices be in the best sign in rasi and navamsa? Is this understanding correct? Or is there another interpretation of this...have you seen my paper on navamsa.

11)If you are trying to bring furhter degrees - It is nothing but
MOVEMENT from one NAVAMSHA to another NAVAMSHA.This has not been
sanctioned by Sage and please don't make any such assumptions.This
will create further problems similar to ''TWO ZODIACS concept''.
Rath: What further degrees? Not clear about the debate. Can you give me the references or the mail links.

With best wishes and warm regards,
Sanjay Rath
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