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Are JHL Rahu kalam timings right?

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> Dear Narasimha Rao garu,
> Namaskaram. Today a friend was visiting an astrologer and happened to mention that she wanted to leave by 3 pm. So I said Rahu kaalam ends at 3.36 (as per jhl) so don't go before that. She said no, it ends at 3.00 I am very sure and when I looked in the panchangam provided in chennai online, sure enough it was 1.30 to 3.00. Anyway the astrologer was only going to meet her at 3.30 so I felt either way she was safe.
> But on checking, JHL consistently shows RKaalam as half an hour later. Is there some reason for this?
> I look forward to hearing from you,
> Many thanks,
> Tulsi Badrinath

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Namaste Badrinath,

I am cc'ing this mail to a few yahoogroups that are read by some astrologers and some priests, hoping you don't mind.

A lot of astrologers and priests routinely miscalculate Raahu Kaalam because of a misconception.

The rahu kalam times given in panchangas for various weekdays are based on a 6 am sunrise. If sunrise is exactly at 6 am, then Raahu Kaalam on a Thursday is from 1:30 pm to 3 pm.

But, if sunrise happens at 6:35 am, then all the kaalas are shifted by 35 minutes. The day is divided into various kaalas and it is based on the sunrise. So Raahu Kaalam on a Thursday will be from 2:05 pm to 3:35 pm.

What is so special about 6 am? If India did not choose "5.5 hours east" timezone and instead chose "6 hours east" timezone or "5 hours east" timezone, then all the times in all the clocks in Chennai would be off by 30 minutes. Will these astrologers still take Kaalams based on 6 am clock time and say that Raahu Kaalam is still from 1:30 pm to 3 pm on a Thursday?

The 6 am clock time has no relevance. Sun is the epoch of the day and sunrise is important for deciding horas and kaalams.

Jagannatha hora software is correct and your astrologer friend is unfortunately misinformed.

Hope that helps.

Best regards,
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