Friday, January 18, 2008

experience with wearing an emerald..

Dear all,

My birthdata is 23:00pm, 29 June 1967, +5:30 GMT, 78E46, 22N12.
Aquarius ascendant, Mercury 5, 8L vargottama in 5. As I've posted
many times before, I continue to be in heavy debt in general. Cursed
moon (DK), going through the period of the curse from 2001-2008
according to Moola dasha, also confirmed by Narayana Dasha.

So one of the suggestions I had earlier gotten was to wear an
emerald since Mercury I believe is "Yogi" (or "Duplicate Yogi", I
forget which). I know this is not a solution to the curse, for that
I have discovered (and followed) a strong attraction to the Gayatri

When I wore an emerald (19 Dec 2007, 8:56am, San Jose, CA, USA) (5
rati emerlad, in a 22ct gold pendant, in a 22ct thin gold chain)
after doing 1 mala of the Rg Veda mantra for mercury, the following
things happened:
1) My daughter's existing cold turned out to be a very bad case of
strep throat with lots of fever and pain, was put on antibiotics
2) My son developed the same, didnt respond to antibiotics,
eventually had to be switched to a powerful one to get cured (after
several days of fever and pain)
3) My wife and I both developed the same infection, and then after
my son didnt respond, we were told that the germ had mutated so we
were probably all going to get it again
4) I got news from India that my Dad was sick (he is quite old, so
the news is significant)
5) Again got news that my in-laws dog had suddenly died overnight
(every one was quite attached to it, so it was a significant event)
After that (about 4 days) i.e. all the above events and several
sleepless nights, I took off the emerald. There was some minor
financial good news while I was wearing the emerald, but other than
that nothing else.

Opinions? Was this (sicknesses) an effect of wearing the emerald?
Due to the 8th lordship of Mercury?


From: Narasimha Rao
Date: Jan 17, 2008 8:16 PM
Subject: [sohamsa] Re: My experience with wearing an emerald.. Some analysis needed..

Namaste Sundeep,

Though Mercury is the 5th lord in 5th, he is also the retrograde 8th
lord. Moreover, he is the 8th lord in trimsamsa (D-30), which shows
suffering and punishment (use "shashtyamsa like trimsamsa"). He is
your 22nd drekkana lord too (using Jagannatha drekkana chart, which
is the correct drekkana chart for reckoning the 22nd drekkana).
Unfortunately, he does not become a benefic in navamsa (which could
have protected). When a planet owns 8th in rasi and trimsamsa and
happens to be a rank malefic in navamsa also, it is a bad idea to
wear that planet's gem.

The muhurta you picked is fine, except for chara karaka parivartana.

My advice would be to remove the gem/chain from your body, put it in
your pooja room and worship it instead. After your Gayatri japam
everyday, point your hands at the emerald and say "asmin marakate
Sree Ramachandram aavaahayaami", then offer some akshatas on the
emerald and then do japam with the mantra "Om Sree Raama Raama
Raama". That will give you much more benefit than actually wearing

Regarding heavy debts, you have Mars in 8th. Current dasa is of
Venus and Venus is in kaaraka sthaana from Mars (using Paachakaadi
sambandhas). So he advances the result of Mars in 8th
(debts/accidents etc). No wonder the debts continue to trouble. For
Mars, you can do "Rina Vimochaka Angaaraka Stotram". If you can read
that stotram for 2 hours continuously everyday for 60 days while
maintaining brahmacharya during the 60 days, it should have a
considerable impact on your debt situation. If you can commit such
an amount of time, please send a private mail and I will give the
stotra and also the procedure. One should remember that serious
karmas require serious remedies. One cannot expect to do a mantra
108 times and get rid of serious problems.

Best regards,
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Namaste dear Bharat ji,
> If you have worn this Emerald pendant solely on my advice and do not want to
> continue to wear it or do prayers to it as Sri Narasimha has suggested,
> then, as a moral duty I would like to pay you for the Emerald and buy it
> from you. As such your financial position is not good and I would not like
> to burden it by a possible wrong suggestion.
My apologies if I caused some trouble to either of you with my advice.
After worshipping Lord Ramachandra in the gem for a few months as I suggested, it may be worthwhile trying to wear the gem again.
In general, gems are trickier than mantras. Saattwika mantras are safe, while gems can have some penalties when we make a misjudgment.
I admire you for this noble stand. May you be a role model to all Jyotishis. But it is not yet clear if your judgment was actually wrong. Even if it is wrong, it is ok - even big astrologers misjudge.
Best regards,

Brihaspati Gayatri, Vishwamitra/Gaathina Rishi Rig Veda 6.62.6