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Mahaganapathi homam [FAQ]



> Dear Chi.Narasimha,

> I am not against the method which you have given in your link.
> But my intention is when we do some traditional Yajnas like this,
> we should follow the methods given in the original Homa procedure.
> I dont want to elongate this discussion.I have given my views and
> others may differ as you said in this Kali Yuga everything is impure
> and Fire or Agni is pure.So as per me we have to follow the age
> old methods to perform this Agni Mukhena Ganapathy Homam.

> I am closing this discussion.

> With Shri Hari Vaayu Guru Naama Smarana,

> Ramadas Rao.

From: Narasimha P.V.R. Rao <>
Date: Jan 10, 2008 5:23 AM
Subject: [sohamsa] Re: Mahaganapathi homam update (short & super-short procedures)

Dear Ramadas ji,
Thank you for your comments and I will give some quick replies.
> But my intention is when we do some traditional Yajnas like this,
What is taught in the manual is *not* a "traditional Yajna". Though we sometimes use the words yajna and homa exchangably, they are quite different. A yajna is bigger in scale, has many many strict rules and is performed to achieve some specific goals and performed only occasionally. A homa can be big or small, more flexible with rules and can be performed as a spiritual sadhana on a daily or weekly basis.
My manual is only for those who want *internal* purification and upliftment in the presence of a god in live external fire every morning. If someone has specific *external* goals (e.g. getting control over a person, defeating an enemy, killing a person, achieving wealth, getting a child etc), it is doable but a lot of rules are imposed on the procedure and it is not easy to learn. I am *not* serving such people with the manual.
> we should follow the methods given in the original Homa procedure.
Well, there isn't really any single "original Homa procedure". There is a set of several procedures that are used in several traditions for several purposes. All procedures given when there are specific tasks involved have some complications and inappropriate to spread on the internet.
However, there are some simple homam procedures used in the past as a *daily spiritual sadhana* and the "short" procedure in the manual is one of them.
> Fire or Agni is pure.
And, Agni is *not* to be feared. Agni is to be loved, as he can be used as a medium for invoking divine presence to purify oneself.
Neither Agni nor the god in Agni is to be feared. If one is asking for a specific external goal, one better be prepared for punishment when something is messed up. But, when one only loves god and Agni and only wants to purify oneself in god's presence in Agni, I declare with confidence that there is *nothing* to fear. Any homam procedure one uses from the manual or elsewhere will only help one in that case.
> I am closing this discussion.
Thank you for bringing up some points which enabled me to write things that I did not get a chance to write before. It is the comments from people like you that enable me to refine the "explanation" part of the manual and answer more concerns of people! It is the kindness of Mother that there are friendly critics helping me to refine the document and thereby serve more people.
Best regards,
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