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Spiritual Sadhana etc.

Date: Jan 17, 2008 10:00 PM
Subject: [sohamsa] Some analysis needed..I request your Kind Attention..

Narasimha Rao <>

Dear Narasimhanji, Vedokta Namskaram,

After going through your prediction, It arouse my interest to ask you a qustion on my horoscope. Kindly excuse me for taking your valuable time.Thanking you for patience shown in reading my lengthy naration.
I am confused and lack of direction. Please throw some light upon the following horoscope details.
I have 5 grahas in exaltation and still I am strugnling a lot at this age of 53 years. Please help me to come out these bad karmic and tell me what I have to do to remedy for the present condition...
Whatever I earned I spend 65% of the money for doing puja, visiting temples, gifting to Brahmins.. That is only strength for me.Since from my childhood I use to recite Devi Patam and even now after taking initiation from respected esteemed guru, I receit Durga Sapta Sati and I continue to do.

I Can master any subject so quickly and I will almost lead so much after which I leave it as it may not produce enough income to me.
So by the way I did my Accountacy Bachelor Degree1972 - 76 with Great difficulty and as per father wish I took CA and I left unfinished1980-83.
Then I was searching for a suitable job, by the time
I learnt Astrology, so I started earning money in Astrology (1980 till now,) so I gave up Idea of searching job.

Then there was not enough income to support myself I learnt the technique of Printing and designing and DTP programme and Computer assembling and programme and trouble shooting and I was quite earning very good, but soon I have to give it up, bcaz of the technology is outpaced now.
Then I learnt Ayurvedic medicine and I was quite successful in curing challenging disease.
At the age of 42 I got marriage proposal only becase of my successful curing of 12years old disease to my wife's aunty. I got married on 25 Mar 1996.

I also don't know what combination in my horoscope make me apt successful in Ayurvedic medicine. It is still to my wonder I have cured many incurable and challenging diseases and it is not my tal claim, (people cal me Doctor). Almost my contacts of cured people is around 10000 people. Out of which a few are in very good position. But I never aimed monetary gain in this noble profession.
I gave up that also due to lack of income i.e procurement cost of medicinal herbs.
My father died on 28 Mar 2003. So he had left a house which we sold and I got a share of 25% as I have three brothers younger to me.

Due to my next younger brother insistence I invested all amount in a Clearing and farwarding business and till date, I either get the promised amount of commission nor my principal amount.

So, I started gathering strength to borrow money and started Share trading. Now I am also losing in that also and making gain heavily equally.ultimately still loss is more than income. I get quarrel often with my family people.
Please guide me in these circumstances, what should I do. i.e puja or mantra, or ritual to get maximum benefit out of my horoscope. . At this age after toying with many business, I don't know what to do.

I sincerely do puja as my father left with Maha Meru ( Sri Yantra) and Uchista Ganapathy statue and other deities in statue form . So I regularly and sincerely doing puja as it is only giving comfort to my mind.
Earlier I did Meditation and pranayama and yoga for almost 15years 1987 to 2002, tat also help me in maintaining calmess.
I met with serious accident on 25 Aug 1998 out of which I seriously hospitalised for nearly 3 months.
I give you hereunder mine and my wifes details, and expect an early solution from yourself.
Additional information::
I do conduct tours to Kasi, Gaya, Allahabad, Jammu Waishno Devi, Kedarnath, Badrinath, Hardwar and other pilgrimage places. So far I visited these places 17times and more than that.

I am being initiated with Chandi and Chandi sapta Sathi. I recite Chandi Sapta Sathi whenever My mind disturbed. I will get enough lite and direction and I will win ultimately. My father left to me (Mah Meru, Raja Rajeswari,Vallaba Ganapathy *(more than 100 years old) and an Uchista Ganapathy made of Sweetarkam, I do have statue and I am also initiated with Maha Ganapathy, Bala, Sakthi Panchakshari mantra. I regularly do these mantras except chousam days.
I started doing pooja only after my fathers' death i.e. 23 Mar 2003..

I also do daily pooja of Panchayatana and apart from Lakshmi on Jyothi(Deepa) and bairava, Varahi, Agora Veerabadra and Rudra Thirusathi with Devi Kadka Mala regularly, apart from every thursday I do Dakshinamuurthy and on Wednesday for Vishnu and on Sunday for Sooryaji special.

I also recite Rishabam Sharsaneenam----Brihaspathim Varenyam 108 times
Trayambakam ------Mirutyor Mukshiya Mamrudad 216 time
Om Namshivaya namo Omkareswaraya 324 times
Om namo bagawathey maha purushaya Sarva guna Sankyayanaya ananthaya avyakthaya Namaha
Om Namo Balabathraya Namaha;
Om Astikam Munirajam Namo Namaha
Om namo Jyothir lokaya kalayanaya animisham pathaye maha purushaya abi thimahi ithi
all 108 times
Thanking you,
Date of Brith: 08 Sep 1955
Time of Brith: 13 52 p.m
Place of Brith: Mannargudi 79 33 E Long 11 17 N Lat

Thanking you very much for your valuable guidance in advance.
Please help me to locate the problem in my horoscope.
To get income in my present Share Business If I am blessed with or
what business I can do with
mittigate losses (16 Lakhs) in money.
The loss due to bad investment. Whether is thre
any way to recover it. Tel me please if any other remedy I have to do, I I will sincerely follow it up.
And I have desire to visit, Omkareswar, Mahakaleswar,Bimasankar, Tryambakeswar, Mallikarjuna(Sri Sailam). and to cover 108 Vishnu abode. I already started last month itself of Vishnu abode. Please tell me whether I can fulfil this part within shortly..
K.V.Vighnesh Chennai
mail id:
Mbl: 9444961820

Namaste dear Vighnesh ji,
You have the 10th lord in 10th. You should use Chaturaseeti sama dasa (84 year dasa) in your chart.
In 1998, you were running Venus dasa Moon antardasa. Venus is the 6th lord and Moon is the 8th lord in 6th with 12th lord Ketu.
I feel that your dasamsa lagna should be Pi and not Ar. So I changed the birthtime to 13:47. The 6th lord Sun in lagna with Moon and Venus can explain ayurveda work, while 10th lord Jupiter in Sc can explain the astrology work.
Marriage was in Venus-Saturn antardasa (as per Chaturaseeti sama dasa). Venus is karaka and Saturn is the upapada lord in rasi and the 7th lord in navamsa.
You are running Saturn dasa. Unfortunately, there is no Rahu dasa in Chaturaseeti sama dasa and he gives his results in Saturn dasa. Rahu is quite bad for you.
He is the 2nd lord of wealth and he is in gandantha in 12th. He shows big losses. It is not a time to invest and take risks.
Moreover, Rahu and Saturn take part in Braahmana Shaapa yoga and Maatru shaapa yoga.
Durga Saptashati is the best solution to 2nd lord Rahu in 12th in gandantha.
I see that you do a lot of mantras. If one wants water, one should dig in one place. Instead of digging 10 ft in 20 places, one can dig 200 ft in one place and then one is guaranteed to find water. You were born in this family and received a lot of religious and spiritual foundation in this life. You are very lucky. But it also raises the bar for you. Gods accept a small prayer from an uneducated man, but one with a lot of resources and learning like you is expected to do heavy sadhana and then only gods are pleased. You enjoyed the low-hanging fruits in the previous lives and now you have to read the topmost branches to enjoy some fruit.
Instead of doing 10-20 mantras, you should stick to one mantra until you fully experience that mantra and the devata of the mantra. Then you can move on to another mantra. So my humble suggestion is to stick to one mantra or sadhana and maximize your efforts in it. A time should come when one completely forgets self, the body etc and the whole world reverberates with the mantra and the deity comes before/within one. Then only the sadhana is complete. When sadhana in one mantra is incomplete, why do more sadhanas?
Homam (fire ritual) is more effective than worshipping an idol or a kalasham. If you can learn Chandi homam in laghu paddhati (2 hours) and do it once in the morning and once in the evening (or atleast once in the day) for 128 days, you should see a big improvement in your material and spiritual lives.
With some heavy sadhana with Chandi patham/homam, you can recover most of your investment and minimize the loss. But, in future, do not make any risky investments. This is not your time to do such things.
Best regards,
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Brihaspati Gayatri, Vishwamitra/Gaathina Rishi Rig Veda 6.62.6