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Mahaganapathi homam update (short & super-short procedures)



> Dear Chi.Narasimha,

> Every year when I go to my native place on vacation, I perform
> Shri Ganapathy Homam through my Kula Purohit which takes
> place about 1 Hr.Minimum which includes installation of Ashta
> Dikpalakas,Installing of Guru Devatha,etc.then putting fire using
> different types of wood,performing of Homa with Shri Ganapathy
> Moola Mantra,Chanting of Shri Ganapathy Atharvasheersha etc.
> offering of Ashta Dravya to Homam,Ghee etc.Finally Pooja will
> be performed after offering Ashta Dravya Nivedya.So as per me
> this is the correct procedure to perform Shri Ganapthy Homam.
> So why we have to cut short the methods ?

> With Shri Hari Vaayu Guru Naama Smarana,

> Ramadas Rao.

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> Namaste friends,
> The latest version of "Sri Mahaganapathi Homam Manual: Laghu
> Paddhati (Short Procedure)" is available at the link below. The
> procedure has been fine-tuned some more for a better results
> and some explanations have also been refined.
> Also, a super-short procedure with bare minimum mantras is
> included as an appendix, as per the advice of my guru. The
> short procedure taught earlier was still too complicated for many
> people and contains several Sanskrita mantras, some from Veda.
> The newer super-short procedure will allow more people to take
> advatantage of homam. One can do a quick fire worship of
> Ganapathi in 15-20 minutes using this super-short procedure.
> The section on the benefits of homam has also been enriched more.
> A new MP3 audio file that matches with the procedure given in
> the document will soon be uploaded.
> Best regards,
> Narasimha
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From: Narasimha P.V.R. Rao <>
Date: Jan 9, 2008 6:38 AM
Subject: [sohamsa] Re: Mahaganapathi homam update (short & super-short procedures)

Dear Ramadas ji,
> So why we have to cut short the methods ?
If I tell someone to make a twenty course meal and eat it, one will be able to make it only once in a blue moon. If one eats a delicious feast once every year or six months and starves at other times, what good is it? Will it give one much strength?
On the other hand, if I tell someone to boil lentils (dal) and rice and eat them with a pinch of salt, one will be able to make it everyday and eat it. It may not be too delicious, but it will taste good and will give one strength for sure.
The instruction we received was to spread a very simple Mahaganapathi homam procedure that can be done everyday by busy people of this age. Homam is a very efficient sadhana. Everything is impure in kali yuga, but fire is always pure. Worshipping Ganapathi in fire every morning has an amazing cleansing effect on one. However, any spiritual sadhana needs regularity for effectiveness.
I have performed long homas, like an 8-hour long Mahaganapathi homam and a 12-hour long Chandi homam. I have also performed short homas on a regular basis, like a 45-minute long daily Mahaganapathi homam and a 2-hour long daily Chandi homam. My experience is that a regular practice does much more to one than a one-off biggie.
BTW, the 45 minute long "short" procedure I taught in the manual is quite close to an authentic and perfect procedure. Regarding the 15-20 minute long "super-short" procedure, we too are not too excited by it. But we feel that something is better than nothing and that this will be a stepping stone to the other 45-minute procedure for a lot of people that are going to come and benefit from homam.
So many saintly souls are born into challenging circumstances in this age and a great amount of bad karmas is accumulated in the mad rush of this age. The amount of sadhana that is needed to burn those karmas is difficult to manage within the limited time most people allocate to spiritual sadhana in this age. Worship using an external fire is of great help and accelerates the process of burning karmas and cleansing self.
Some higher beings have decided that several spiritually inclined souls are to come to earth in the coming years and benefit from a regular practice of Mahaganapathi homam. They instructed my guru to spread a short Mahaganapathi homam procedure. The divine Mother also appeared to him and clarified that instruction. We are just laying the foundation as per the instruction received by us. We are just instruments in a big plan. The reason for the instruction we received may become clearer after more time.
The proof of the pudding is in eating it. If one tries a procedure given in the manual for a few months, one will know what it does.
By the way, I have no problem with people doing longer procedures at all. There are many traditions and many procedures. While we are here to spread one particular procedure, we do respect all traditions.
Best regards,
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Brihaspati Gayatri, Vishwamitra/Gaathina Rishi Rig Veda 6.62.6